Santa Claws by Lilachigh

12/07/2016 11:15 am
Chp 20 Showdown         
Great reading your story again  -  Like your Anya very much and your OC's.  
A belated thank you!

12/23/2013 09:39 pm
Chp 20 Showdown         

Bitter sweet ending. Hopefully Xander will realise what he has with Anya now she's gone and stop obsessing about other people. Loved it.

Thank you so much for reviewing. Glad you enjoyed the story.

12/23/2013 12:13 am
Chp 20 Showdown         
Ding-dong, it's au revoir Willow... though I think she got off lightly, a good boiling in oil wouldn't have gone amiss!  Of course our lovebirds had the ending they deserved. Thank you!
So pleased you enjoyed it.

12/23/2013 12:04 am
Chp 20 Showdown         
That was completely unselfish of Anya. I'm so proud of her. Willow isn't just addicted to the magics. She's nuts, completely off her rocker! How dare she try to change the whole world to fit how she thinks it should be. i hope Xander can get through to her. Anya deserves some happiness. So does Tara.
Unfortunately, Willow always seemed unstable to me, which i know is not a popular viewpoint!   But glad you liked my take on Anya.  I was going to put much more in about consumerism and Christmas but it seemed a bit heavy-handed!   Thank you so much for continuing to review.  Now i can set my sights on finishing Future Imperfect!   

Happy Christmas!

12/22/2013 11:36 pm
Chp 20 Showdown         
So glad that Buffy was finally forced to accept that it was Willow screwing with them. I feel sorry for Anya. She's made a huge sacrifice, but I think time away from Xander will actually be very beneficial for her. Rather like at the end of 'Selfless', she has to find out who she is on her own. I don't know whether Xander will be able to make Willow see sense, all his life he has let her be the one in charge and has acceptedand forgiven everythng she does. Hopefully his new wisdom as Santa will help him.
I'm glad Eric is back where he belongs with his family and that Buffy & Spike can take a breather from drama and just be. Feel a tad sorry for Tara though...

By the way... You do realise that this story is crying out for a sequel, don't you?
Oh no!  You used the dreaded S word!   I'm delighted you enjoyed the story, but please,   I now have requests for sequels for Never Alone, Forever and a Day, the Arabella stories and I have to still finish Future Imperfect and think about A Nice Little Business which follows Agnes Pringle's life in England.

I think I have to concentrate on FI  at the moment and hopoe you like that story, too.

And a very Happy Christmas and my thanks for reviewing.

11/28/2013 03:06 pm
19 Pressure         
  You did a good job of selling confusion,  everyones thoughts are all over the damn place here.

  The Scoobies are definitely unlikeable in this story , not that I have a problem with that.  I had a really hard ti.e likeing Xander Willow and Giles at various times throughout the series, and reading what I have of the comics didn't really change the rather sour viewpoint I had on them by the time the series ended.  It's not that I don't like them as characters, I just think that watching BTVS for the first time in a marathon style left me with a lot less love for most of the ancillary characters than most long tim fans have.    I think there was just less time between episodes to forgive the characters when they were acting like idiots.

  Alright, that was long for no reason. I'll be looking forward to seeing how you end this wierd story.

11/27/2013 10:11 am
19 Pressure         
How Anya puts up with such a spectacularly dense Xander is beyond me, he really is a toad.  And now Spike and Buffy are facing off  -- YIKES!
It's all down to love, of course!   She loves him, faults and all.  Better get back to sorting out Buffy and Spike!   Thank you for taking the time to review. Much appreciated.

11/25/2013 10:47 pm
19 Pressure         

Poor Anya, you really feel for her, having to cope with all those pesky human emotions. Still, she's definately got a better grasp of human kidness than Xander. So hoping Tara's witchiness picks up on whatevers messing with B&S'. Things are looking desperate. Super update.

Thank you so much. Delighted you are enjoying the story.  Will update again very soon.

11/24/2013 11:31 pm
19 Pressure         

Pease update soon.

I hope to do so very soon. Thank you for your interest.

11/24/2013 11:30 pm
19 Pressure         
Ooooooooooooooooh! Hurry up, Xander & Anya! Do whatever you're going to do quickly, before it's too late!
Glad you are enjoying it.  Updating soon,

11/24/2013 08:15 pm
19 Pressure         
I think Xander needs to take a look at this. It's one thing for Buffy and Spike to not be a couple but they are about to fight to the death. Willow you really messed up this time. If they all live and get clear of the spell she put on them there will be hell to pay. Maybe Anya needs to leave Xander. Maybe that will be enough to get him to concentrate on his own love life instead of Buffy's. He has a great girl who loves him for some unfathomable reason and yet he can't give her his full attention and love because of his obsession with Buffy.
Thank you so much for your comments.  Glad you are enjoying it.  Will update again soon - I hope!

11/05/2013 09:41 pm
Chp 18 Intervention         

Looks like Willow hasn't given up. Let's hope Dawn will put two and two together and come up with twisted Willow. Super update. 

Thank you so much.  Updating very soon.

10/23/2013 06:57 pm
Chp 18 Intervention         
She just can't help herself can she? Willow has to meddle in things that are none of her business. She changed the energy and emotions in them enough to mess up the spell. Just because Xander chose to stay in Santa land? Everyone has to be punished because Willow isn't happy? Poor Anya no one can see her trying help.
Thank you for reviewing.  Yes, Willow is not in a good place at the moment and I'm not sure that Anya is the right person to help!

08/31/2013 10:24 am
17 Alarm Bells         
I really enjoyed that look at Willow's creepily warped mind, she makes such a brilliant baddie,  Xander is just a git.  Battle ahoy, I hope!
No sympathy for Xander here then!  Glad you are enjoying my evil Willow.

08/30/2013 08:50 pm
17 Alarm Bells         
I hope whatever Anya is going to do will be enough to protect Buffy, Spike, Eric and Tara. Because Willow is out for blood. Maybe Xander will open his eyes now that he's Santa? Shouldn't he be able to see into the heart of everyone to see if they are naughty or nice? Because right now? Willow isn't so nice. She's dangerous, deadly and amoral.
Thank you for reviewing.  Is Xander the answer?  I think he's always been the problem, so perhaps so.

08/30/2013 08:13 pm
17 Alarm Bells         

The more I read this the more chilling Willow becomes, she seems truly lost to evil. She and Tara are as night and day now. Excellent update.

Yes, Willow has been twisted out of shape and I'm not sure what will save her at the moment.

11/28/2013 02:39 pm
16 Parenting         
  I am not even going to try to figure out the logistics of your demon world.  Two halves make a whole is what I got out of that chapter, I am going to accept the math and move on.

07/04/2013 08:48 am
16 Parenting         

Great solution, hope it works

I wouldn't bet on it!

07/03/2013 11:44 pm
16 Parenting         
It's a good plan. But will Willow let it happen? She's done everything she can to stop them from finding the cure. If she finds out about this before they get it done bad things are going to happen. I feel sorry for Eric. He's stuck. He isn't fully human and he isn't a full demon either. He needs to go with his only remaining parent to have any kind of life.
I quite agree with you about Eric.  He's always been a problem that Buffy and Spike rather overlooked.  And you might have read my mind about Willow!  Things are going to get tense!

11/28/2013 02:31 pm
15 My blood...their blood...         
I kinda thought that was Erics mom.  

04/10/2013 09:50 am
15 My blood...their blood...         
En masse they certainly are scary critters but at least now Eric might be able to help Spike sort things out!
Last chance, I feel.  Thank you so much for commenting.

04/10/2013 01:06 am
15 My blood...their blood...         
Something tells me someone's got their wires crossed...

04/09/2013 10:19 pm
15 My blood...their blood...         
When things go wonky they really go wonky don't they?! Maybe now they can get some straight answers.
I hope so, too!   They won't do what I want them to do.

11/28/2013 02:24 pm
14 "I have a plan"         
  This fic as bonkers, I have no clue what in the frilly heck is going on from one chapter to the next.  Sometimes I find myself reading your story as straight forward narrative, and sometimes I think I'm reading satire and other times the fic reads dark and wierd like an outer limits episode.  Oh well, reading on.

   PS.  I have no doubt your European or British or somewhere those places adjacent.

03/16/2013 12:37 pm
14 "I have a plan"         

Ahhh cliff hanger, all we need is both of them to become infected. Not good....Super update.

Thank you!  

03/13/2013 04:14 am
14 "I have a plan"         
Oh yeah Willow's in full on bitch mode. Her crayon buddy is gone and she really doesn't care who she hurts right now. She's all about spreading the pain. But that's nothing new. Willow always does this. She doesn't know how to deal with loss or grief. So she lashes out on those she feels are being inconsiderate or responsible. And innocents get caught in the crossfire.

11/28/2013 02:15 pm
13 Anger Management         
  Ahhh, the whether he wants to or not" had to do with Spike.  The Way it was written made it seem like the 'he' you were talking about was the someone who could help them.  Was that clear? (I read and review on a tablet and anytime I want to type a response the screen resets to the top meaning I am typing blind.

01/30/2013 07:12 am
13 Anger Management         

Oh wow. What an extraordinary plot line this is. Evil santas who become xander santa with anya mrs claus and now were-spike. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Thank you for commenting. Glad you like the story.  Will try and update again very soon.

01/27/2013 04:17 pm
13 Anger Management         
How could it go wrong????  We are talking scooby magic here...

01/26/2013 02:34 am
13 Anger Management         
Well that's not good. When will they realize that Tara has more talent than Willow. Willow just has more power. Tara's been learning about magic since she was probably in diapers. Willow's all flash bang and most of her spells go wrong.
So true.  But where will they go from here....?

11/28/2013 02:05 pm
  Hmm, I can't for the life of me think of who the "someone who can help us' could be.

01/27/2013 01:46 pm
Oooh this is the implacable Buffy we love to see.  Go, girl!!!
She's got her determined face on!

01/24/2013 08:47 am

Yay, Willow's been outed. Maybe now they'll be able to sort Spike out. Great update.

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.  I appreciate it.

01/21/2013 06:00 pm
Well done, Dawn! Now for some action!

01/21/2013 05:15 pm
I hope this comes to bite Willow in the ass. Hopefully Eric or Spike do the biting! Give her a taste of her own medicine! She really was a control freak at this point. Things weren't going her way? She'd make them. But then again she always tried to do that anyway. Real friends don't do that to each other. Maybe this will make Buffy take a hard look at who her friends really are and who really cares about her.
Friendship is a very two way street.  This one, to me, has always been based on jealousy, pride and neglect.  No matter how hard Willow tries to change, she will always be the "popular girl's best friend".   A recipe for disaster in later life.

08/02/2012 02:33 pm
Chp 11 Demon Spells         
Hope Spike doesn't give up, it's just not like him.  In fact no one's communicating!   AAAAARRGGHH...
So nothing new there then!  No communication was rife throughout the whole adventure!

06/24/2012 08:07 am
Chp 11 Demon Spells         

Oh, I just love this story! Willow is being so awful. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all turns out for the best--gotta have those happy endings!

Thank you - so glad you are enjoying the story.  Yes, Willow is not at her best in this story, but I always felt she was wracked with jealousy!

06/23/2012 12:53 am
Chp 11 Demon Spells         
I don't know why I've never seen this story before - but I have just read straight through and I LOVE IT!
I love Eric, he's so sweet. Xander and Anya should totally adopt him. I hope Dawn plucks up the courage to tell either Tara or Giles on Willow, if she can't face telling Buffy - or perhaps Eric will ask Buffy about the spell?
More soon please!!
I don't blame you for not knowing this story.  It is so old - I am ashamed that I have never finished it, but it is now on the top of my list to do so. Glad you are enjoying it, though.  I think Dawn will definitely play a part in sorting everything out.

11/28/2013 01:50 pm
Chp.10 Let Him Go         
  This is a very weird and deceptively dark fic you've got going here.  Reading on.

07/02/2012 04:01 am
Chp.10 Let Him Go         

Ooo Willow you jealous bitch.  Can Buffy punch her in the nose?

03/16/2012 10:40 pm
Chp.10 Let Him Go         

Just want to say that I look forward to reading this one - good to have new Lilachigh work to read - hope you are feeling great -

11/27/2013 03:24 pm
9 Morning Blues         
It was pointless telling Buffy that life wasn’t fair for anyone; she only ever saw things from her point of view.
    Wow, that was a ballsy thing for Willow to think no?

  I still don't completely understand what is going to happen here, but work calls.  Thanks for the story and have a good day.

02/05/2013 04:12 am
9 Morning Blues         

Oh man I hate it when Spike is being all noble. 

02/13/2012 11:00 am
9 Morning Blues         
Great to see this update --  I think I'll have to read the other chapters again though to fully appreciate it!
Yes, sorry for long delay. Will try and do better in the future.

02/11/2012 05:46 am
9 Morning Blues         
I always thought this was an unusual story.  I'm glad to see my first new chapter in some time.  Thank you for continuing it, Lilachigh!
Thank you for reading!   I'm trying to keep it updated regularly from now on.

11/27/2013 03:14 pm
Chp 8 One Wrong Word         
  Ok, you are obviously heading in a definite direction because you are just a zipin' along here.  I have zero clue what's going on.

02/05/2013 04:04 am
Chp 8 One Wrong Word         

Hm - pleased doesn't seem to be exactly the word 

07/02/2012 03:53 am
Chp 8 One Wrong Word         

that was an evil twist. 

09/22/2007 07:13 am
Chp 8 One Wrong Word         
Really enjoying this. Do hope there will be some more... Ethan Rayne as Santa, eh? *chortles*
So pleased you enjoyed the story so far. You have made me feel guilty about not updating for such a long time. I will pick it up again as the colder months arrive! Promise!

04/16/2007 10:50 pm
Chp 8 One Wrong Word         
Please finish, It's a cross between actual mythology and Large cats... which of course I love.
You make me feel very guilty. I have neglected this story shamefully. I meant to pick it up again at Christmas but RL got in the way. As soon as I finish another wip, I’ll go back to it. Thank you for reading and glad you are enjoying it so far.

08/04/2006 06:07 am
Chp 8 One Wrong Word         
okay, thoroughly creeped out now...they have to fix this somehow...creepy little kid doesn't seem so cute now...have you abandoned this lovely fic because it's so good...please say there's more
Sorry for delay in replying. No, I haven’t abandoned it, but it keeps getting put to bottom of the update list! Hope to get back to it soon. Glad you’re enjoying it.

03/15/2006 04:09 pm
Chp 8 One Wrong Word         
I really like this story. Hope there will be an update soon!

02/27/2006 08:04 am
Chp 8 One Wrong Word         
Yikes! Buffy's going to have a house full of cats! Maybe Eric should bit Dawn and feed her mice. Would that make her happy? More story please.
Now, now, poor Dawnie. She’s going to get left out again.

02/27/2006 06:57 am
Chp 8 One Wrong Word         
great update,unexpected and fascinating twist. thanks for the fun read.
Thanks for great review. Glad you’re enjoying the story so much.

02/27/2006 02:47 am
Chp 8 One Wrong Word         
Wow-what an imaginative twist! Can't wait to see where you're going with this.
Thank you for review. This story has a mind of its own!

02/27/2006 01:03 am
Chp 8 One Wrong Word         
Each kid comes with thier own set of problems and quirks and on the Hellmouth I guess those quirks run on a supernatural direction.
Well, Eric surely does have his own problems, but then if Xander hadn’t called Sweet, he’d have his own Dad to help him with them!

02/26/2006 11:34 pm
Chp 8 One Wrong Word         
LOL, pooor Eric

11/27/2013 03:02 pm
Chp 7 Green eyes         
  Hmmmm, ok I have no clue what is going on, Is everyones behavior being effected or is it just Spike.  Is he actually being affected or is he just dealing with his demon.   Hmmmm, well maybe I can get a few more chapter in before work.

  I do have a question however.  Are you from North America or Europe?. I can usually tell pretty easily, and to me you do write mostly European, but occasionally that'll slip and you sound more north American.

02/05/2013 03:53 am
Chp 7 Green eyes         
Of course there's a contract, Slayer. I expect you have one, too. But dear Rupert probably never let you know. Itll be filed away somewhere in the Council headquarters. 

This is cryiing out for a sequel. 
This is cry   T
Oh please don't mention the s word!   Glad you're enjoying the story.

07/02/2012 03:49 am
Chp 7 Green eyes         

Oh boy - more evil!

08/04/2006 06:03 am
Chp 7 Green eyes         
hmmm...something freaky's going on here that's effecting all their emotions and stuff...wonder what it is...more now

02/02/2006 07:27 am
Chp 7 Green eyes         
now that's a cliffhanger. lovely update. thanks

02/02/2006 01:25 am
Chp 7 Green eyes         
This is really getting weirder. Does Eric have anything to do with what's happening to Spike? Can't wait to find out.

02/02/2006 01:19 am
Chp 7 Green eyes         
Yikes! Is Spike a shifter now? How long will it be necessary to put up with the ever whiny Dawn? I think Santa is a great job for Xander. More story please.
Thank you for your review. I think Dawn is to be pitied at the moment. I can, for once, see where she’s coming from in this story. I’ll try and do another chp soon.

02/02/2006 12:01 am
Chp 7 Green eyes         
oooh, interesting turn! And here I thought it was almost over!
So did I, but suddenly the whole Eric story appeared in front of me.

02/01/2006 11:50 pm
Chp 7 Green eyes         
Oooh - a silver werewolf!!
Well, a silver something, perhaps!

11/27/2013 02:46 pm
Chp 6 Consequences         
. I remember up to this point althougg I'm sure I've read a little farther ahead in your story.

  I like this change for Xander, even though it seems like it may not be all good.  I just think that his chaeacter in particular was badly in need of a role within the group that may not have been there for him.
I mean after all this time he had to have been well sick of being gopher/handyman.  I kno that his friendship was important, but after a few years of all the rest of the core scoobys contributing tangibly with the world defending/saving and him not, that would have to have worn on him.

07/02/2012 03:44 am
Chp 6 Consequences         
I expect you have one, too. But dear Rupert probably never let you know. Itll be filed away somewhere in the Council headquarters.   - Hee, Giles has got some esplaning to do. 

08/04/2006 05:59 am
Chp 6 Consequences         
okay that last little bit gave me chills...adorable little boys are not supposed to growl...i feel so sad for xander..wonder what will happen next...great chapter

01/08/2006 05:25 am
Chp 6 Consequences         
OK, I've been nice, I've been patient, but where the bloody hell is the rest?? Please tell me you aren't saving it till next Christmas??
Thanks for review, wulf, I’m writing as fast as I can but have to many sequels on the go. Wish I was organized enough to finish one story before i start another.

01/03/2006 08:53 pm
Chp 6 Consequences         
loved this chappie, so glad that I could get it posted for you...can't wait to see what Eric really is....

01/03/2006 09:02 am
Chp 6 Consequences         
Oh, I love it! And I can so see Xander as Santa Claus! But poor little Eric. -Lisa

01/03/2006 08:07 am
Chp 6 Consequences         
*gasp* i knew there was something about that kid.. he was too.. i dont know.. but it was not normal...
thanks for review. Hmmm, Eric, I wonder.....

01/03/2006 06:17 am
Chp 6 Consequences         
Xander as Santa! Didn't see that coming until almost the last second. Somehow I think Eric might find himself being adopted....Nice update. I hope you get the log-in problem sorted out soon.

11/27/2013 02:36 pm
Chp 5 Breaking Through         
  Alright, tired now. Ever review I start to write becomes a manifesto.

  I'm just gonna asay I dig it and go to sleep.

11/27/2013 07:41 am
Chp 5 Breaking Through         
  Alright, tired now. Ever review I start to write becomes a manifesto.

  I'm just gonna asay I dig it and go to sleep.
Thank you so much for all your reviews.  It's so good to get opinions about my stories - the more the merrier.   Wonder if you have come across my We Will remember Them.   I think you would like it.

I also have a long wip  Future Imperfect that deals with Scoobies and their future lives.  This is the story I will be working on as soon as Santa Claws is finished!

Thanks again.

07/31/2012 12:06 am
Chp 5 Breaking Through         

So glad it was just SC and the bad mojo because I love Anya and want her to be happy with Xander.

Delighted to see you are enjoying this story.  I am hoping to continue with it very soon.  RL keeps getting in the way!

07/02/2012 03:37 am
Chp 5 Breaking Through         
Most humans are miserable at Christmas, I’ve noticed.   SOOOO TRUE

08/03/2006 07:25 am
Chp 5 Breaking Through         
excellent resolution to that problem...but...they cant kill santa because it will end the world...right? *bites nails* more please

01/01/2006 05:04 pm
Chp 5 Breaking Through         
Just read from start to finish and I love it! More soon, please. -Lisa
Thanks for review. Will update story soon, I hope.

01/01/2006 10:21 am
Chp 5 Breaking Through         
See how their love is all-powerful? Nice and scary.

11/27/2013 07:31 am
Chp 4 Red Mist Closing         
  Another good chapter.  I like it when fics treat the core Scoobys a little differently.  I am rewatching the series with my niece and I just started season 7.  It really feels lime the writers stopped knowing what to do with the group after season 5.  Instead of continuing their growth the writers tore them down, and then inexplicably returned them to pretty much status quo by the end of the series.  (Buffy herself flatlined at a certain point and stayed there.). 
  I feel like part of thier mistake was never letting the characters own up to past mistakes in a real way.

  Alright that was way off track,  I just dig where I remember this going.  It's a shake- up.  It's what the characters needed and I never really felt.  Even through the comics I did manage to read.

02/05/2013 03:14 am
Chp 4 Red Mist Closing         

Wow Xander finally figures it out!

07/31/2012 12:02 am
Chp 4 Red Mist Closing         

Really hooked now! Grrr, Xander's such an idiot.

08/03/2006 01:56 am
Chp 4 Red Mist Closing         
oh, xander....and spike cant fight xander, can he? oh no...but on a brighter note, they've probably found the kids! on to the next chappie

12/31/2005 08:42 pm
Chp 4 Red Mist Closing         
Xander is an A1 jerk.

11/27/2013 07:08 am
Chp 3 One Little Step         
  Hmmm, I liked that little curve you thre in there with the will-be-done spell still somewhat active.  It takes a bit of the harshness away from Giles departure. (though I know the show had no choice in the matter.). 

  I am starting to remember details now and I am excited to get where I think I remember your story going.

07/30/2012 11:54 pm
Chp 3 One Little Step         

Love the way Buffy 'came out'. Loving this. 

07/02/2012 03:27 am
Chp 3 One Little Step         

Can't wait for the Xander - Buffy blow up over Spike.

04/02/2012 08:16 pm
Chp 3 One Little Step         
Superb! No really.  You just fixed so much of went wrong with Buffy.  My heart is a flutter.  Cheers!

08/03/2006 01:39 am
Chp 3 One Little Step         
oh wow...*that's* not good...he had to send them away before he told them that part? interesting touch about the spell-that-wasn't...great chapter

12/31/2005 12:51 am
Chp 3 One Little Step         
Buffy certainly seized the moment to come out!

12/29/2005 01:25 pm
Chp 3 One Little Step         
love it. thanks

11/27/2013 05:22 am
Chp 2 An ancient enchantment         
  I dug that you kinda got into Xanders culpability in the dancing deaths. It's one of many threads left dangling throughout the series run.

Into every generation one man is born to be Santa Claus. When one dies - ”

”Another one is Chosen!
  That line there made me laugh out loud.

  I think I may have read this a couple years back, though I know that you have written more chapters since then.
  I am looking forward to seeing where this is headed.


07/30/2012 11:50 pm
Chp 2 An ancient enchantment         

Loads of potential plot strands here. Can't wait to see where you are going to go.

07/02/2012 03:23 am
Chp 2 An ancient enchantment         

Wow - I didn't expect Buffy to actually tell Xander what happened as a result of his stupidity.  I hope that will turn out badly. 

08/01/2006 02:46 pm
Chp 2 An ancient enchantment         
that theory of santa is quite interesting...i like it better than the one in the show...can't wait to see what happens next

11/27/2013 04:57 am
Chp 1 Going Alone         
    That was a good opening chapter.  I'm interested, It sets up the story and moved along at a nice pace and read shorter than it was.  I enjoyed that.

07/30/2012 11:44 pm
Chp 1 Going Alone         

Very much liking the Buffy Spike dynamic and dialogue.

Appreciate you taking the time and trouble to comment. Thank you so much.

07/02/2012 02:51 am
Chp 1 Going Alone         

Loved how you made Buffy be cruel to Spike and how he tricks her into tagging along. 

04/02/2012 08:01 pm
Chp 1 Going Alone         
Wow... Even though the thought of children going missing is horrendous and sad, it's good to know in this universe there might end up being some justice and possible rescues.   

Also, I do like the idea that Xander's spell had some real consquences and not just nameless, faceless victims.  (Scoobies always got off too light in the Joss universe imo.) 

Off to read more.  Cheers! 
Thank you so much for commenting. Sorry for delay in replying but have been on holiday.  Hope to get down to serious writing this week.  Glad you liked the thoughts about Xander's involvement with Sweet.  I hated that no one bothered about man who died.

10/25/2008 05:41 am
Chp 1 Going Alone         
I loved it! It was great!
 Goodness how very nice to get a review for this older story!   You do know it is still a wip, don't you?  I must admit I am deeply ashamed of my neglect for this tale.  I meant to finish it last Christmas and now another Christmas is coming up and it still isn't finished.  Perhaps if you read it and like it all that will inspire me!

08/01/2006 07:31 am
Chp 1 Going Alone         
awww...that poor little sad...i feel so bad for poor spike, too, getting all not invited to christmas with buffy and family...she's so mean sometimes...can't wait to see what happens next

12/29/2005 09:16 am
Chp 1 Going Alone         
Very nice. Am enjoying this so far. LIked that Anya was the one who made it clear that Father Christmas existed. And Spike's tale of "his" experience with FC was hilarious. I can just imagine Dru trying to help with the dolls. And besides Hoffy killing Halfrek, I always enjoyed his humor. Very cool and really how insightful you are to extend the Willow's S4 spell to S6.... it really is amazing when you look at it like that. But I have to wonder what Hoffy saw and was going to say to Dawn????
Thanks for such a nice long review. I think ou can see the spells all the way through the rest of the series, intentional or not.

12/23/2005 01:47 am
Chp 1 Going Alone         
This was a interesting start. I felt bad for Eric. Can I adopt him?
thanks for review. Will be posting more after Christmas as time has caught up with me.