Lord of the Rings: The Battle of Time by rayning_stars

09/20/2006 02:45 am
Chapter 4: The Second Hand Rewinds         
I don't know if you have any intentions of finishing this, but I would really love it if you did! I just found this story on a search and it seems to have a lot of potential, not to mention two of my favorite worlds. Please update soon!
At the moment, this story is on hiatus. I tend to do all my writing in random bursts, and right now all my muse wants to do is draw. I can't promise anything, but I do have plans to continue.

02/23/2006 04:47 am
Chapter 4: The Second Hand Rewinds         
very entertaining read, thanks

01/25/2006 02:15 am
Chapter 3: The 411         
Ooooh... starting to get interesting!! I'm wondering where Spike is gonna fit in though... Havnic demons only answer to their master... I'm wondering (and hoping this isn't the case, 'cause let me just say, him going bad again isn't good... erm... being redundant now) if Spike is the leader. Without being redundant again, God I hope not. Update soon though, please!! I really want to know what happens!
Don't worry, Spike's a good guy. He doesn't even know much about the apocalypse, just that Buffy's going.

01/19/2006 08:57 am
Chapter 2: Forget Me Not in Time of Need         
I love this crossover and want more soon please.

01/15/2006 04:13 pm
Prologue/Chapter 1: A Call to Arms         
I thought that was amazing, I'm never sure if I want to read BTVS and LOTR crossovers because I rarely think people could give both stories true justice. But I am very enticed by the start of yours. I hope to read more soon.

01/15/2006 03:57 pm
Prologue/Chapter 1: A Call to Arms         
Please post more soon! I know there is more but I hope there are some chapters that are new to me!

01/15/2006 02:48 am
Prologue/Chapter 1: A Call to Arms         
Hmmmm... so far I'm intrigued! Interesting beginning; hope an update comes soon so we can all get a bit more info on this situation. I think your characterizations are good, definitely. You might want to consider making the chapters longer to provide a bit more of the story; I know this is just the prologue, but it just seemed kinda short to me; didn't give a lot of background. However, it did accomplish the purpose of getting me interested, so good job there! Update soon!
Well, I've already written the first five chapters, but I'll start making them longer from here on.