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05/29/2016 04:32 pm

12/04/2006 09:07 pm
great ending to a great fic, i thoroughly enjoyed it

02/11/2006 08:06 am
Thanks for the Spuffy love story and the dusting of Angelus by Spike.

02/02/2006 06:31 am
Rereading this story still hits me. Wow. This was an excellent one.

12/04/2006 09:05 pm
angel deserves to be dust, doing something so horrible...spike had to defend himself...another excellent chapter, love, on to the last

12/04/2006 09:03 pm
oh right....angel let harmony come in there and attack him...and now he's trying to stake him? what a creep...i hope buffy gets back in time to help him!!!

12/04/2006 09:01 pm
Evil Vampire Logic his descriptions of angel, very well done...another excellent chapter

12/04/2006 08:58 pm
Bite Marks         
he needs to understand that she really loves him...but then, *she* needs to understand that, chapter

04/17/2009 06:23 pm
Lather, Rinse, Repeat         
Love Buffy's move to right the situation.  At least it shows some measure of understanding despite her previous disgust.

12/04/2006 08:57 pm
Lather, Rinse, Repeat         
well i hope this is what spike needs, after the whole harmony fiasco...great chapter

04/17/2009 06:13 pm
Agree with your take on vampires, sex and power. 

08/07/2008 04:40 am
Was hard to read, kept in code with what else I've ever read about vamps so that part was cool.  I 'm back to thinking Buffy is a hard hearted wretch--holding him off when she could have made contact before.  Angel is major prickdom as usual for my thinking.  Thanks for all your hard work--it's been a very inviting story. 

12/04/2006 08:55 pm
spike can try all he wants to say it wasn't rape, but his reactions say otherwise...spike has always been much more human than most vampires, and his reactions are as well....he's gonna need her to be much more understanding than she's been up til now, though, if he's gonna get past this...

04/17/2009 06:08 pm
I am laughing because those boots were made for dusting. 

12/04/2006 08:53 pm
glad buffy dusted her...hope he can make her understand that it's what he had to do in order to get power back away from harmony...great chapter

01/27/2006 10:12 am
Errr... I really enjoyed the story until now. Two of the chapters are the same chapter. "Putting it back together" and "Dominance" .And I think something is missing becouse there is big gap in the story line between chapter 10/11 and 12.
Will you check it up? I would like to read further but with this missing chapter - not so much fun.
Hey, thanks for letting me know that the chapters got messed up. I've fixed it now, and the correct chapter 11 is now posted so the story should make more sense.

12/04/2006 08:51 pm
Putting it Back Together         
oh man how is this conversation gonna go? great chapter, love

04/17/2009 05:55 pm
Tough Love         
This situation with Harmony certainly upped the ante.  She really does not have any control over her demon.   She is like any fledgling..impulsive and leaping without thinking of the consequences. 

12/04/2006 08:49 pm
Tough Love         
oh man i hope buffy doesn't get the wrong idea...poor if the whole thing with his hands wasn't bad enough!! poor baby...i just can't say that enough

12/04/2006 08:48 pm
Tough Love         
oh man i hope buffy doesn't get the wrong idea...poor if the whole thing with his hands wasn't bad enough!! poor baby...i just can't say that enough

04/17/2009 05:45 pm
Spider-Man, Does Whatever a Spider Can         
Uggh!  Devious Angel! Hate him.

12/04/2006 08:44 pm
Spider-Man, Does Whatever a Spider Can         
oh man...she should be so much more understanding...poor spike, he's gotta be so confused and hurting right now

12/04/2006 08:40 pm
Drying Off         
buffy's so mean...can't stand the way she's acting to him...poor spike...

04/17/2009 05:31 pm
Spike's Shower         
Well, at least both used water to wash away tell tale evidence.   Why is Buffy being so distant?

12/04/2006 03:12 pm
Spike's Shower         
poor spike...this is breaking my heart for him, poor thing...why cant she be a little more understanding? another great chapter, love

11/19/2006 05:12 am
Spike's Shower         
Ok, that chapter broke my heart.

04/17/2009 05:23 pm
Buffy's Shower         
I take it you are not a fan of "dumb violent stuff"?  But then you took the right tactic...critiquing the fight scenes...a fave pastime of mine. 

12/04/2006 03:09 pm
Buffy's Shower         
grrr...still mad at buffy, poor spike!!

12/04/2006 03:06 pm
Home Sweet Home         
okay buffy, now that's just mean...i can't believe her, getting off on the fact that he cant right now!!! grr...poor excellent chapter, though, very much enjoyed it

04/19/2008 02:39 am
Catching Up         
Much better than the previous chapter Spuffywise.

12/03/2006 04:57 am
Catching Up         
another wonderful chapter, very much enjoyed how buffy admitted how she really felt to him, instead of being too hard on him...hate angel though, and hate the excuses she made to angel...looking forward to reading more later

04/19/2008 02:32 am
This chapter was a bit too Bangel for my tastes.

12/03/2006 04:50 am
she needs to take spike with her too...poor guy...wonder what he's thinking about what *shes* thinking right about now...if that made any sense at

12/03/2006 04:47 am
What? How?         
that was a typical buffy reaction to the shock of seeing him and the anger at his not telling her he was alive...but i wonder where spike went too... on to more