Future Imperfect by Lilachigh

05/26/2015 12:05 am
26 Into the Dark         
Fell right back into this as if it was just yesterday. Thanks for updating!
I'm actually ashamed of for how long I have been writing this story.  Like most of mine, i know the end, I just can't get them there quickly!

05/25/2015 08:11 pm
26 Into the Dark         
Is the rescue party going to need to be rescued? So daft of Shanny and Angel to go off alone. Can't wait...
Thank you for reading.  Personally, I think everyone needs rescuing in some shape or form!  Probably including me for taking such an age over this story!

02/05/2015 03:01 pm
25 Big Decision         
Oooh! Exciting! Time for Shanny to face her fears.... and for Buffy to stop cosseting her and support her in doing so.
Thank you for commenting. Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

12/04/2014 01:11 am
24 Darkness         
I'm so glad ypu're working on this story again. I had to go back and read a few earlier chapters to remind myself what was going on.
The fact that it's not slayers who have abducted the twins is intriguing. Who are those women then? Are they demons? Or are they perhaps guardians? Or something else entirely? I am flummoxed.
Wondering at the significance of the little key and where Joyce sent it.
Poor Shanny, she's so desperate, so scared and so helpless..... 
Thank you, delighted to know someone is still reading the story.  I have been working on it for years now!  Other stories got in the way but I am determined to concentrate on FI now.  Shanny may be desperate, but helpless.  Well, I'm not so sure....

sister cuervo
01/07/2013 12:55 pm
Chp 22 A Sort of Betrayal         
What a fascinating idea and so well done.  I am enjoying the twins and their strange talents so much. 
Oh yes, there will be a reckoning with Buffy and her Little Miss Slayer attitude.  Am glad that Shanny is seeing some love from Buffy.
I hope you are well on the way to recovery from your eye surgeries.
Hi and delighted to find someone still reading this much neglected story.  I hang my head in shame every time I open the folder because it is such a long time since I began to write it.

Other work got in the way - We Will Remember Them fried my brain for months and I wanted to finish Business as Usual.  I now have nearly completed Santa Claws - well, I think I am near the end! - then back to the twins!

Do hope you will hang in there and wait for me!

04/23/2012 03:45 am
Chp 22 A Sort of Betrayal         

Angel hasn't changed his hair after all these years?  Hee.  Very interesting that all the slayers kidnapped the twinkies.  Can't wait to find out what they want.

04/22/2012 07:59 pm
Chp 22 A Sort of Betrayal         
Oh, so glad to see an update! Spike and Buffy will have some things to work through, won't they? But they will, I'm sure. Meanwhile, it's all about bringing back the twins. I'm glad to see Billy, at least, wants to come home.

04/22/2012 07:13 pm
Chp 22 A Sort of Betrayal         
Yay! Update!
I just love the twinny talents!
More please...

02/23/2012 04:11 am
Chp 21 Charks         

Buffy - still a dumb butt.  Nice way to pull in some tension on the two love birds.  Really glad you're working on this again.

Thank you. Ashamed it has taken me so long to get my act together over this story!

01/28/2012 02:07 am
20 The Gift         
I am really glad that you have decided to get back to this story - and WAY more glad that your eye sight is getting better - that is the real important thing.

You know you are one of my favorite FF writers and your Agnes is a series that I have enjoyed from the start - hope that we can get more when you get your Anges mojo back.
What a very nice thing to say!  Thank you so much.  Glad you liked this chapter.  Am busy working on story and have just updated another one that has been languishing, Santa Claws.   You might like to treat that as a new story!

01/25/2012 03:52 am
20 The Gift         
Oh my....

01/23/2012 03:32 am
19 Green Eyed Monster         

Hi Lilac - glad to see you've started work on this story again.  And very cool that Spike realizes it's Billy they want!  Looking forward to more chapters and hope you're feeling much better. 

Thank you so much.  Yes, much better and am busy working on this story and Santa Claws which I am also updating.  You might like to pretend that is a completely new story!

01/22/2012 08:16 pm
19 Green Eyed Monster         

Just spent an enjoyable hour or so reading through the whole story as it is so far.  I love the way you write the characters, making it possible to sympathise with each individually (yes, even Angel!), but also making them be such a dysfunctional collective!  Honestly, I want to bang Buffy's, Spike's and Shanny's heads together!!  Billy and Joyce are the real heros of the story of course, and they're so easy to warm to - great characterisation. 
Please finish the story! 
And... Buffy and Spike sneaking upstairs for an afternoon quickie while the kids are playing in the garden?  Some things never change... they are so totally absorbed in each other!  

Thank you so much for reading.  I know I've lost a lot of people because of long delay in updating.   I'm so glad you can see what I am trying to convey - that everyone is to blame, as so often happens in life.  No one is without fault and they are going to have to work that out before they can sort out the mess!   Or not!

01/21/2012 03:55 am
19 Green Eyed Monster         
Welcome back!  Nice to see an update.  Everything sure is a mess with our group, eh?  I hope they can all work together to get the kids back.
Hooray!  Someone is reading the story stilll!    Thank you.  Nice to be back.

12/31/2010 04:39 pm
Chp 18 Not Playing Games         
Please tell me that you haven't decided against finishing this wonderful story.  I am dying to see what the First Slayer wants with Joyce.
 Hi, no I certainly have not abandoned Future Imperfect.  It got neglected because We Will Remember Them took up so much of my time and brain!   But it is now the first thing on my list for the New Year.  I just hope people won't have forgotten it completely!

11/04/2008 03:50 am
Chp 18 Not Playing Games         
Great chapter - everyone is mad at everyone else.  LOL at Billy telling Joyce she's going to be grounded.
 Yes, this family is on the edge, in more ways than one!   And grounding a witch who can take you anywhere you want?   Not going to happen!   But then the twins are still only 9 and parental authority is still a factor in their lives.  Of course, which parental authority they might choose to follow is another question.  Çue Angel....

11/01/2008 12:41 am
Chp 18 Not Playing Games         
Uh oh. Evil cliffhanger! No more trips or visitors for you now! You must stay home and write.
 Your name didn't appear on your review so can't call you by it!   Thank you anyway for reviewing.  Yes, I sit here working away, not eating or drinking - well, perhaps not!   Seriously, I felt bad at not updating this story sooner. Will do better in future. Promise.

10/31/2008 05:44 pm
Chp 18 Not Playing Games         
Wow, the intensity of the situation is off the charts! The mix between the family drama and the supernatural threat has me on the edge of my seat. Thanks for the new update, loved the chapter!
 Thank you so much for sticking with this story, especially as I have been so bad in updating regularly. I blame Agnes Pringle!   I will try to do better in the weeks ahead, especially as this disfunctional family is making me very nervous!   First Slayer versus Joyce Summers Green?  Hmmm, close match.

10/30/2008 07:32 pm
Chp 18 Not Playing Games         
I'm so glad your not forgetting about this story!  Great Chapter!  I can't wait for more!  Thanks for updating!
 Thank you for sticking with the story.  I hadn't forgotten it, but Agnes and WWRT sort of took over my mind!  Hope to update them all more regularly, especially with the bad weather arriving!

11/04/2008 03:42 am
17 "Need the Child"         
Great chapter with the twins.  Angel is such a jerk. 

07/23/2008 06:02 pm
17 "Need the Child"         
OMG i'd almost forgotten about this story. Glad you didn't.
 I never forgot it, just that Business As Usual rather took up a lot of my time!  But I'm going to try and share the hours out equally between all my stories from now on!

07/23/2008 07:49 am
17 "Need the Child"         
The mystery surrounding the First Slayer's appearance is very intriguing, I can't help but wonder if the child in question is Joyce and not Shanny though. The scene inside the bubble was also interesting. Loved the update!
 Delighted you are still enjoying the story after such a long delay.  The family connections are complicated; their relationships to each other even more so.  One or two people have told me that it is wrong for Angel to like one child more than the other, but I don't think it is so unlikely.  Angel cannot see beyond the resemblance to Darla at the moment.

07/22/2008 08:54 pm
17 "Need the Child"         

oh, that was a great chappie!!!! i can't wait to find out what happens next!!

 Thank you so much. Will be a short delay as off to on holiday for a week. But hope to update on my return.

07/22/2008 05:57 pm
17 "Need the Child"         
Great chapter!  I love this story!  i can't wait for more!!!!
 So pleased you enjoyed this chapter. Sorry for long delay in updating. Blame Agnes Pringle!

11/04/2008 03:34 am
16 Not Perfect         
Poor Spike, angsting for years.  Good thing Buffy knows the cure - a good slap.  Shanny is such an interesting messy character. 
 Yes, sadly Buffy's response will always be more action than thought!  Thank you for reviewing.

07/04/2008 02:31 pm
16 Not Perfect         
Exciting!. Moore, Please!!.
 So glad to hve a review for this story. I know I am being slow in updating. Been busy writing a story for the Mayor Ficathon on LJ !    Hope to return to FI very soon.

01/30/2008 02:51 am
16 Not Perfect         
what a wonderful chapter. thank you.  buffy being more  forceful and honest about her feeling in way i never seen, then you end the chapter with the first slayer "ready to attack." fine addition to a very good tale.
 Thank you. This is an older Buffy, of course.  I think she's learnt to open up a bit more over the years. At least with Spike.

01/22/2008 01:41 pm
16 Not Perfect         
Now who could that be?????

Man I can't wait for the next update!!!!!

great chapter!
Thank you. So pleased you are still enjoying the story. I hope to post a little more regularly from now on. Crosses fingers!

01/22/2008 04:09 am
16 Not Perfect         
Oh no - something evil at the back door. Loved the Spuffy scene. We see why Buffy has to smack him once in a while. He's a doofus. Loved it.
Evil? How do you know? Maybe it's just someone collecting for the local goodwill shop?

01/22/2008 12:31 am
16 Not Perfect         
Wow! That Spuffy confrontation was beautifully profound. Buffy is not a woman of many words, but I absolutely loved how she opened up to Spike... the scene was simply wonderful! The Shanny scene was also great, I enjoyed the insightful glimpse into her head. Can't wait to read more! Fantastic chapter!
So pleased you are still enjoying the story. Yes, I felt Spike had pushed Buffy just one step too far! You really do not compare your wife to your mad ex girlfriend!

11/15/2007 04:43 am
Chp 15 One to Go         
thanks for the update - sorry to see that Spike and Buffy had the miracle child that turned into such a troubled parent-child relationship. Unfortunately, it is very often that ultra high-profile or extremely dedicated to their profession people do have troubled relationships with the children.

Sad, but also kind of nice and interesting, to have be presented with a troubled "Spuffy Children" in a story - hope you will be able to post another update soon -
thank you so much for reviewing. Yes, I’ve always thought any child of Buffy and Spike would have problems,no matter how much they loved it and so would then have problems with their own children! I also wanted to show that everyone sees the same situation from their own point of view - as I suppose we all do too often!

11/12/2007 05:27 pm
Chp 15 One to Go         
I liked the contrast between Shanny's opinion of Angel and Angel's actual thoughts reguarding her children.
You also did a great job with with the Shanny/Spike/Buffy scene, you really made me feel Spike's pain when Shanny voiced her thoughts about Angel. Can't wait for Buffy's upcoming reaction to Spike's statement. Wonderful chapter!
Glad you enjoyed the chp. I’ve been trying to show how we all see things from our own point of view, never the other persons, no matter how much we love them. But some time soon, if Joyce has anything to do with it, they are going to have to start working together!

11/12/2007 02:24 pm
Chp 15 One to Go         
What what????? NO please explain!!!!!! update soon! great chapter!!!!
thank you. Spike is getting himself into a state! Insecurity is the name of the game.

11/12/2007 01:28 am
Chp 15 One to Go         
Loved the way Billy bounced off the bubble - he's still just a boy. Great chapter. Buffy should clop Spike on the head now before he gets a chance to think anymore.
When Spike starts to think, things go wrong, a trait his young granddaughter has, sadly, inherited!

06/01/2010 02:15 pm
Chp 14 Points of View         

09/23/2007 11:13 pm
Chp 14 Points of View         
I feel a distinct need to slap Shanny silly - how can she be so hurtful to Spike? Grrr. Love the story.
Sorry that Shanny irritates you but fathers and daughters! - she loves him too much and can’t show it. He loves her too much but she refuses to acccept it.
Hope you enjoy next chapter. I hope to post soon.

sister cuervo
09/18/2007 02:46 pm
Chp 14 Points of View         
Outstanding! A truly facinating adventure and one I hope will be continued.
thank you so much. Not too many people are reading this story but luckily those of you who do seem to be enjoying it. Will try and update soon. If I don’t update Something to Sing About I will be lynched!

09/17/2007 11:54 am
Chp 14 Points of View         
Great update - nice solution by Joyce plot advance -
glad you enjoyed it. thank you for reviewing. Always appreciated.

09/15/2007 01:50 pm
Chp 14 Points of View         
Well, Shanny's introduction into the mix was definitely interesting. The contrast between looking at things through the POV's of both Buffy and Shanny was heartbreakingly fascinating. Neither seems to understand where the other is coming from, and they're both so used to not communicating that they can't fix things. The new developments surrounding the twins are also intriguing. Loved the chapter!
thank you so much for reviewing. Yes, lack of communication is at the heart of this story, isn’t it? But then so much of Buffy and Spike’s world is like that. The twins are going to cause chaos!

09/15/2007 01:23 pm
Chp 14 Points of View         
Oh boy I'm thinking her plan to bring them in the bubble is going to be a disaster of epic proportions. It's so odd to see everyone's internal reactions to what is going on, and understand that their confusion about their roles and actions is what causes all the difficulties in their ability to communicate. If they could just be honest with one another it would solve a lot of problems. Of course with Angel and Spike the problem becomes being too honest about the wrong things, as I doubt it helped to have Angel say Spike and Buffy are living in a shack.
Your comments are exactly how I felt when I wrote this chapter. I thought it was essential to show all the points of view and how misunderstood everyone is!

Except, as you say, Angel and Spike understand each other only too well! And I suppose compared to his luxury penthouse with swimming pool, they are living in a shack!

09/15/2007 05:55 am
Chp 14 Points of View         
love it. that should be very entertaining. wonderful chapter and great ending.
thank you! Yes, not sure how the adults are going to react to being controlled by a nine year old!

09/11/2007 05:05 am
Chp 13 Just Children         
Hope that you can bring us some new chapters soon - I really am enjoying your work and this story very much - Very sad affair for both Buffy and Spike and their daughter -
Glad you like this one. Yes, it is next on my list to be updated! Trouble is, once I start, I have to go on with it because Shanny and the twins are incredibly sticky characters and won’t sit and play quietly until i am ready for them!

04/15/2007 04:21 am
Chp 13 Just Children         
excellent - Love the Spike-Angel fighting. Just like old times.
Some relationships never change, do they?

04/14/2007 02:58 pm
Chp 13 Just Children         
This is not going to go over well at all. There will be to much anger, hurt feelings and worry for them to have a rational conversation about things. I liked the peek inside Spike's head and just how much it meant to him to be able to have Shanny. He was clearly devastated that he isn't close to her and really wants to make up for things with his grandkids. You can still sense his fears about being second best when it comes to Angel too with regards to the women in his life. I wonder who was whispering in Billy's head, or who's whispering he was hearing in his own.
Thank you for your comments. Yes, obviously Spike and Angel have a history that goes back long before Buffy. But now they might just have to work together. And Shanny is going to be vitally important. If they annoy her - well.....

04/14/2007 04:32 am
Chp 13 Just Children         
The situation with the twins is intriguing, and scary. I'm glad Billy isn't picking up what the adults are saying, this would be a horrible way for them to find out David isn't really their father.
Gotta say I'm happy Shanny is on the scene. The interaction between Shanny and her parents should be interesting. Wonderful chapter! Congrats on your wins!!!
thank you for reading and reviewing. Much appreciated. Yes, the twins are discovering that magic is not all about having your own way. Shanny and her parents are going to have to work together. Oh, that’ll be fun!

04/13/2007 11:37 pm
Chp 13 Just Children         
if angel had half a mind, he would have known he would make things worse. spike wallowing in his insecurities and his daughter, who could or would not handle things, takes exception to their arguing. excellent read.
thank you. Poor Spike; would he ever be completely and utterly sure of Buffy even after twenty odd years?

04/13/2007 10:12 pm
Chp 13 Just Children         
Great update. And now things should get really tense! Talk about your dysfunctional familes! LOL
There was no way this family could ever be anything else! But don’t give up on them just yet. We’ve a way to go and blood is thicker than water - in many ways.

04/13/2007 10:05 pm
Chp 13 Just Children         
Even years later same ol roles... thats just sad... I feel for Buffy feeling like she has to put up wtih Angel the way she does... I feel sorry for Spike all his insecurities come back out again... Poor guy should feel secure by now and deserves it. Not an Angel fan... so better to say nothing at all.... I really hope the kids are alright but i am betting they are getting more information than they ever dreamed of getting... and good Shanny is here finally! Now if she will only keep her head ...
Can we rely on Shanny to keep her head? Hmm, her kids are missing and her parents are having an argument with the detective she hired who turns out to be her mother’s first lover! Yes, all the ingredients for a happy family scene!

Pam S
04/13/2007 09:38 pm
Chp 13 Just Children         
Glad Shanny showed up.. its time ..

Enjoyed the update.
thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated. I Shanny is going to cause a lot of friction.

04/13/2007 09:18 pm
Chp 13 Just Children         
Wow! What an enterance. She realy is sPike's daughter, isn't she? Amazing fic.
glad you’re enjoying it. yes, there’s an old saying, Tigers breed true!

04/15/2007 04:14 am
Chp 12 Mistakes         
Love the story Lilac - the twins are great. Poor Spike, still jealous after all these years.
Glad you like it. yes, I don’t think he would ever completely believe his luck or stop having divided loyalties to Angel.

02/24/2007 07:17 am
Chp 12 Mistakes         
I'm curious about why Spike can't see joyce and Billy. It does seem like they keep making the same mistakes regarding their kids.....that sending them away is going to make them feel anything other than unwanted and useless. While I can understand why Buffy would try and keep the peace I wish she would listen to Spike about how there's more to Billy than she's letting herself see. Seems like the lot of them are having issues following their gut instincts.
Absolutely and thank you for such an interesting review. You have hit the nail on the head. None of them are working from instinct, but all from what they think parenting is about. it’s going to get complicated!

02/21/2007 02:40 am
Chp 12 Mistakes         
Good to see jealous Spike rear his head - not that Buffy would care about the house and car. The twins are terrific characters.

Shanny shuddered; she’d tried not to hug her dad again. - that was too cold for words. Can't imagine Spike putting up with not getting a hug from his little girl.

Is Angel up to something wicked?
Thanks for reviewing. Angel’s role in this story is an odd one. When grandparents start vying for their grandchildren’s love it can get really nasty!

02/20/2007 08:35 pm
Chp 12 Mistakes         
Magic gone wrong? Wonderful! And it turns out that Shanny, Angel, Spike and Buffy are all terrible parents!
Yes, parenthood isn’t high on their list of achievements. They all love too much!

02/20/2007 02:37 pm
Chp 12 Mistakes         
Those little stinkers! There all the time, listening in and knowing that everyone is worried. They didn't hear Angel say that they were his grandchildren as well? or read his mind? I hope that before this is through. Shanny completely understands that her parents sent her away because they loved her and wanted her safe and not because they didn't want her or care about her. Thanks LH for posting another great chapter, love this fic.
thank you so much Verda. Always pleased to have your opinions on my stories. I think that kid like, the children are only half listening to the adults and so getting in a dreadful muddle. Not that Angel, Buffy and Spike are doing much better!

02/20/2007 03:35 am
Chp 12 Mistakes         
Great chapter! I just love this story! I hope you update soon!
thank you so much. Hope to update soon, but must get chp of Forever and a Day done first! Dratted wips. Must finish one soon.

02/20/2007 02:03 am
Chp 12 Mistakes         
You broke my heart with the part where Buffy yelled at Shanny for burning Spike and she stopped hugging him. Our heroes aren't covering themselves with glory in this one, are they?
No indeed. Had a long debate on my LJ about Buffy and motherhood. I think this is a prize example of what I was trying to portray - that Buffy reacted to her daughter in a very adult way sometimes. To her it was all about teaching what happens with vampires and crosses, never dreaming of the harm she was doing to Shanny.

02/20/2007 01:53 am
Chp 12 Mistakes         
maybe billy can do to angel what he, apparently has done to his sister and himself. a not being seen or heard angel is a great thing. very good read, thank you.
Thank you for taking the time to read and review.

02/19/2007 11:12 pm
Chp 12 Mistakes         
Wow! Things sure are getting ugly between the adults, the fireworks are bound to get even more explosive when Shanny and David get there.
I enjoyed reading Shanny musings, her opinions about the twins were really interesting. Loved the closing scene, can't wait to find out what's going on with the twins. Wonderful chapter!
Yes, putting Shanny in amongst the other three is going to cause all sorts of problems. Poor David! Poor twins!

02/19/2007 10:17 pm
Chp 12 Mistakes         
I don't blame Spike for being worried. No matter how powerful they are they are still children and there is alot of evil in the world.

I kinda feel like smacking Buffy for listening to Angel. Angel should never have just shown up, he should've told Shanny who Connor was or if he felt he had to tell Buffy and Spike , call first.
I agree about Angel, and I think his presence is going to make Spike extremely angry.

01/22/2007 09:45 pm
Chp 11 Nothing - Ever         
very good read, all reactions are simply right. especially billy's. thanks for the read.

01/21/2007 03:28 am
Chp 11 Nothing - Ever         
I'm really enjoying how the reunion between Spike, Buffy, and Angel is playing out so far. I just love all the drama, and the fireworks. Can't wait to find out what Billy is gonna do. Fantastic chapter!
thank you. Hope to update soon.

01/21/2007 02:34 am
Chp 11 Nothing - Ever         
I wasn't surprised by Spike's reaction to Angel saying they share grandchildren. Their relationship is to complicated for this to be a simple revelation, if finding out your grandchildren have a different father than who you thought is ever a simple revelation. I wonder how Billy and Joyce will respond to the idea that someone is trying to take them away from their parents, particularly because Joyce was just adament about wanting to go home. Angel really is deluded if he thought Buffy was still holding onto the cookie analogy when clearly she moved on and the cookies had been for someone else. He really needs to get a clue before Buffy lets Spike attack him
Thank you for such a nice detailed review. Glad you’re enjoying the story; not many people are reading it, but I love writing it! I think Billy and Joyce are going to cause all sorts of problems very soon.

01/21/2007 01:08 am
Chp 11 Nothing - Ever         
feel the tingle in his fingers - ooo, Angel's carrying a torch for somebody besides Buffy. Heh heh.
Well, I’ve always believed that!

01/20/2007 10:35 pm
Chp 11 Nothing - Ever         
So Billy looks like Darla? Wow, all this time had him pictured more like Spike of course. Loved watching Billy pester the ant's, just like a boy. Spike's ever the protective father. Don't blame him for wanting to tear into Angel. Great reaction to seeing Spike again. He may alway's have hated Spike but couldn't deny what he felt at times for his beauty. Excellent chapter LH, thanks.
Thank you for reading and reviewing, one of the few who are! Yes, Angel and Spike are going to have a lot of problems dealing with the shared grandchildren!

01/20/2007 07:54 pm
Chp 11 Nothing - Ever         
Hope the twins won't do anything rash like run away.
thanks for reading. I wouldn’t rely on the twins to do anything sensible!

01/21/2007 01:02 am
Chp 10 Were they blind?         
Boy is Spike going to be thrilled when he finds out he's sharing with Angel. Not.

Is Joyce going to other dimensions or making them up as she goes along? Interesting. Love the twins.

12/31/2006 08:18 pm
Chp 10 Were they blind?         
Angel's a jerk, trying to one-up Spike because he got to Buffy first. No wonder Spike pulled a vamp face.

12/31/2006 12:38 pm
Chp 10 Were they blind?         
I just finished all ten chapters, and the story is wonderful! I love your original characters, the family you've created for Buffy and Spike are quite an interesting bunch. Can't wait to find out what happens next!
Thank you so much for reading. I was beginning to think that no one was interested in this story - which I love writing, by the way! Hope you enjoy the rest when it comes along. And a Happy New year to you and yours.

12/30/2006 10:50 am
Chp 10 Were they blind?         

12/30/2006 05:25 am
Chp 10 Were they blind?         
Conner's alive, well that's something at least, but what is he going to do if he's told? What of poor David, does he know the the children are not his? I can't remember. Billy looks like Darla with Spike's eyes, kinda weird. This is such a mess, I like it! This is totally going to freak Buffy and Spike out. Thank you for the update, glad you're working on Strip Snap. Interesting chapter, you know how to keep us on our feet LH.
You have hit the nail on the head. Connor and David, the two people that everyone is going to be blithely overlooking for the next couple of chapters! Except for the twins! Thanks for reviewing and liking the story. I just wish more people would give it a read. Sighs! But perhaps it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

time of change
12/29/2006 11:31 pm
Chp 10 Were they blind?         
This chapter is yummy. It's got that dreamy, before-the-storm feeling, and I love that you use weather as a foreshadowing for the shit-storm coming up.
Thank you for your comments and pleased you picked up on the foreshadowing. There’s definitely a tornado of emotion on its way!

12/29/2006 09:25 pm
Chp 10 Were they blind?         
I wonder how the response will be when the three are all in the same house. And if Angel will tell them about being the kids grandfather as well. That's if Billy doesn't figure it out and reveal the information first. It's telling that Billy got two contradictory responses when he focused in on his Dad, because there's the biological father out there in the world somewhere. Loved the kids thinking about the grandparents needing to lie down in the middle of the day.
thank you so much for your kind, detailed reviews. I really enjoy reading them and you make some very interesting points. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

12/29/2006 08:06 pm
Chp 10 Were they blind?         
Billy looks like Darla! Oh boy, this is going to be really good.
I think it quite possible that looks could skip a generation! How Angel reacts will be interesting!

Cool. :-)
06/01/2010 01:38 pm
Chp 9 Inside his head         

William the Bloody
04/19/2009 10:42 am
Chp 9 Inside his head         
Ok So I saw that one coming since there was mention of David not being the father. Actually even before that.

07/22/2008 07:58 pm
Chp 9 Inside his head         
oh. my. gosh!!!!! thats kinda funny, when you think about it. connor probably wouldve married her too. then angel and spike and buffy would all be family! they are, really, through joyce and billy... love that twist! (i had considered the possibility of the dad somehow being related to angel, but laughed it away and totally forgot about connor!!!!!)
btw, i love your story. would review all the chappies, but i just wanna finish reading all that's up!!!
 Thanks for reading and hope you are enjoying the latter chapters. Let me know!  I think for Connor it was a fairly silly evening with a girl he thought was much, much older than Shanny actually was.  But the family connections are getting very tangled, aren't they?

12/31/2006 08:10 pm
Chp 9 Inside his head         
Ewww, Angel's son.

12/30/2006 05:03 am
Chp 9 Inside his head         
OMG! Conner? it was Conner who treated her like that? But he doesn't have any of the qualities that the twins do. He's the product of two vamps, much like she is, the slayer's demon coming from a vampire herself. Wonder where the children get their special abilities from then? So these are Spike, Buffy, Angel and Darla's grandchildren, this is just so freaky, Can't wait to see what Angel's going to do about this. Is he going to tell her about him or wait until he finds out why she want's to find him. Is he still alive? Wow, what a twist. Love it that Billy can use mind control on his sister, since she's the one more out of control then he is, not as level headed, thinks things through, definately not like his grandfather Spike nor his grandmother, for that matter. Still hate that Shanny thinks so little of herself, I wished she'd trully be able to feel how much she's loved by her parents. To see into their hearts, maybe that would finally give her some peace. Great chapter LH, happy to be catching up on it, thanks.

12/22/2006 11:27 pm
Chp 9 Inside his head         
Somehow I knew it would have been Connor. Just to add an extra leel of issues to the situation. I wonder what Angel will say to her, and if he will share what he knows with Buffy and Spike.
thank you so much for all your interesting reviews of each chapter. Forgive me for not replying to them all but tearing around trying to get away for Christmas. I am updating this story first thing when i get back in New Year. it is first on the list of many! I think Angel’s reaction to the situation will be almost as interesting as Spike’s!

11/17/2006 06:52 am
Chp 9 Inside his head         
that was a fantastic twist. very good read, thank you.

11/14/2006 07:28 pm
Chp 9 Inside his head         
I wasn't expecting that twist. You're good! So who got what from the shanshu?
Well, Spike got to age along with Buffy and to father a child. He remains a souled vampire and can still be killed by all the usual methods.
Angel - as far as we know so far - got to remain a souled vampire who doesn’t age but cannot be destroyed by sunlight, staking, etc. Whether or not he is immortal is another question!

Spikes Slayer2
11/14/2006 12:37 pm
Chp 9 Inside his head         

OMG that was sooo unexpected!!

11/14/2006 03:57 am
Chp 9 Inside his head         
Connor the demon.. handle that Angel

11/14/2006 02:38 am
Chp 9 Inside his head         
Connor's the father! Now that's one heck of a twist. Now Angel can be called Grandpa for more than one reason.
I know. It’ll be fun!

11/14/2006 12:45 am
Chp 9 Inside his head         
OMG is that a twist or what? I love it. If you haven't patted yourself on the back for that bit of writing, please allow me. But, don't leave us hanging...more soon! pretty please?
Glad you enjoyed the chp. It wrote itself, I just felt I was needed to get it onto paper.

11/14/2006 12:41 am
Chp 9 Inside his head         
Wow! Big unexpected twist on that one! Great story.
Thank you. Glad I surprised you.

11/13/2006 11:25 pm
Chp 9 Inside his head         
Very interesting -wasn't expecting that, but just a little ewwy : ) Can't wait to see where it goes.
Not as ewwwy as some of the suggestions I’ve received!

04/19/2009 10:25 am
Chp 8 Not Like Her         
So yeah this is a hell of a story. Damn fine. Got me all emotional for Sanny. For the twins. For Buffy and For Spike. Life is so hard, but Joyce did get something right Buffy is a remarkable person as well as Spike. Shanny needs to know she was and is loved by her parents. Well I am going to read the rest just thought I would leave a comment
 Glad you are enjoying the story.  I hope to update it again soon.  it will be on my LJ first and then on SR if this site is not back up and running by then.

Yes, Shanny needs to know she is loved, but the scars run very deep. Being the child of a Slayer and a Vampire is never going to be easy, especially when you don't have any powers of your own.  At least Dawn knew she came from something weird!

12/31/2006 08:03 pm
Chp 8 Not Like Her         
Poor Shanny, nearly as dumb as her mother. Can Angel beat up this punk who had sex with a fifteen year old girl? Even Angel waited until Buffy was 17.

12/22/2006 11:19 pm
Chp 8 Not Like Her         
It's clear Shanny has some pretty deep issues with her parents, and a lot of her actions in life have come from trying to get a reaction or punish them. I hope she takes the time to actually talk to them so she can help her children and begin doing the work to heal her family.

10/09/2006 11:59 pm
Chp 8 Not Like Her         
excellent read, thank you. shanny definitely inherited buffy's odd way of looking at reality.

10/09/2006 02:37 am
Chp 8 Not Like Her         
I feel so bad for Shanny, she has never come to terms with what she believes was her abandonment by her parents and part of it is not knowing that they did try to call her on her birthday. It’s like she is emotionally still locked into her teenage years. I really like how well you do the emotional aspects of everyone. I am looking forward to more of Shanny’s story. Thanks so much for the update, I really enjoyed it.
Shanny is such a complicated girl, and only 24. She sounds older but is still very young. I think we have a long way to go with her journey - and the twins’, too, of course.

10/07/2006 11:31 pm
Chp 8 Not Like Her         
Guess she does have her own reason for feeling the way that she does about her parents, no matter how wrong she is about them and their love for her. So she has pictures of the demon who was her first lover. Wonder if Willow could do a revealing spell to see what he is. She already has the DNA from the children, of course she'd definately know that they aren't David's children then. It could give Shanny some answers to her questions. Thanks for the update, LH, Great read.
Thank you for reading and reviewing. Always interesting to hear what you have to say about the chp.
Hope it won’t be too long before I update but must get another chp of Strip Snap done first!

10/07/2006 02:03 am
Chp 8 Not Like Her         
I feel so sad for all of them, Shanny believes her mom and dad don't love her at all, the twins are so independant it's heartbreaking, and Buffy and Spike barely know what to do. Update soon.
I’ve never written such an angsty story before. But it’s just turned out that way. Glad you’re enjoying it.

10/06/2006 11:11 pm
Chp 8 Not Like Her         
Wow, this is a really excellent story. I just discovered it and have to congratualte you on such an interesting concept. It's a great depiction of the complex set of feelings the characters are struggling to understand. I love Shanny, Joyce and Billy. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next. Thanks!
Thank you so much for such a nice review. Makes the writing of the next chp much easier. Glad you like the little family I’ve given Buffy and Spike.

10/06/2006 08:58 pm
Chp 8 Not Like Her         
I love the chapters from Shanny's pov. She is a very interesting person. There are so many spuffy baby fics but other than this one, i've read none that deal with the emotions of a kid of two supernatural people. Very thoughtful.
Thank you for reading and commenting. This started out as the twins’ story, but I soon realised theirs is tied up in Shanny’s. Glad you’re enjoying it so far.

12/31/2006 07:57 pm
Chp 7 Power Play         
Summers girls keeping up the birthday tradition.

12/22/2006 11:13 pm
Chp 7 Power Play         
They had better be real careful with a little boy that can read their minds in the house. it seems like there is some resentment between Buffy and Willow because Willow got to be a part of the twins lives, not to mention Shanny's, when Buffy and Spike were kicked out. Since it seems like Shanny didn't even know who the father of her children was I'm thinking they migh need to involve Angel if they want some real answers.

08/30/2006 10:24 am
Chp 7 Power Play         
I loved the look at what was going on in Buffy’s head from Billy’s point of view and with his understanding of things. Great take on Willow and her actions. Thanks for the update, I really enjoyed it.

08/29/2006 06:54 am
Chp 7 Power Play         
lol an angel? lol hilarious!!

08/29/2006 02:21 am
Chp 7 Power Play         
I love the concept of this story, and I can't wait for more!
Glad you’re enjoying the story. Hope to update very soon.

08/28/2006 11:43 pm
Chp 7 Power Play         
excellent read, thank you. red always was envious. david should have gone to jail, not a wedding. love "Why would Granny not want to think about an angel?" thanks, again for the fine tale.
I’ve been thinking about it, and of course in the year this is set, the laws might have changed!

08/28/2006 09:41 pm
Chp 7 Power Play         
What surprises me the most is that David had sex with a fifteen year old. What was a twenty year old doing dating her. It's not like he didn't know her age, she'd been with Willow's parents long enough to know how old she was. Some drunk demon I can understand, but David? No! Spike and Buffy sure have a lot to deal with and I can't even begin to imagine what they're going to do to help the twins and repair their relationship with their daughter. Thanks for the update. Great chapter, wonderful read.
Well, no one’s perfect and I think David just got carried away one night. Also think that Shanny “helped” him get carried away because she already knew she was pregnant. There is a strong streak of implacability in this girl - if there is such a word! But glad you’re enjoying the story.

08/28/2006 09:37 pm
Chp 7 Power Play         
Good take on envious Willow. This is a great story. Can't wait to see where you take it. Sharpen that pencil and get to work.
Thank you for all the reviews. Will try and update soon. It is red hot in my brain at the moment!

08/28/2006 07:03 pm
Chp 7 Power Play         
Gonna tell us who he was? thanx for the enjoyable update.
We’re working towards it. Thanks for reading.

08/28/2006 05:14 pm
Chp 7 Power Play         
Admittedly Joyce scares me too. I wonder who the mystery guy was and hope that Shanny makes a real time appearance soon. I'd love to know more about her life. Good update.
Thanks for reading and reviewing. Much appreciated.

12/31/2006 07:51 pm
Chp 6 Instincts         
everything was sort of messy and untidy in there - no kidding. hah hah. and who the twins real father is? Whoops.

12/22/2006 11:06 pm
Chp 6 Instincts         
I'm very cruious about who their father is too. Seems Shanny went all out in her teen rebellion and the effects are still lasting today. I wonder what it will take for the twins to be open with their grandparents and for them to rebuild a better relationship with their daughter.

07/31/2006 12:41 pm
Chp 6 Instincts         
Wow so many interesting things in this update. Billy's ability to mind read is a scary talent. I feel sorry for Shanny, she really has her mother's gift of hiding her true feelings, wanting normal even if she is not sure what that is, and most importantly non- or miscommunication and keeping secrets even if they might be harmful and it looks like Joyce has inherited the keeping secrets and non-communication gifts as well. I really hope that not only will Spike and Buffy be able to help the kids they will be able to reach Shanny also and help her let go of her anger, maybe the first step is getting the truth about the twins parentage. Thank you for such an interesting update, I really enjoyed it.
You’ve hit the nail on the head! Shanny is, of course, very like Buffy in wanting a normal life. And although this is the twins’s story, it is turning out to be Shanny’s as well. And when the truth comes out about their father - well, I’ll be hiding behind the sofa!

07/24/2006 04:26 am
Chp 6 Instincts         
very good update. seems their "normal" daughter has been keeping secrets. rhanks for the fun read.
Oh yes! It’s going to get nasty!

07/24/2006 04:24 am
Chp 6 Instincts         
All caught up now. Wow that was a lot of information.Feeling really bad for Xander, trying to love his life but can't quite do it because of Anya. Yes Buffy is very lucky that she got to spend her life with her soulmate. So I'm guessing that Shanney got pregnant on her fifteenth birthday? or sometime shorty after that. No wonder Billy doesn't what to tell anyone about his abilities since his sister gets into trouble because of hers. He's a very intelligent boy. Love all the backgroud that you're giving us. It's a vrey complicated story you've got here. Very interesting. Another wonderful chapter. Hope you can update soon.
thanks for reviewing story. Hope you continue to enjoy it. I feel desperately sorry for Shanny, although some readers find her annoying!

07/23/2006 07:24 am
Chp 6 Instincts         
I love this story! It's so original and detailed. I honestly don't know what's going to happen, but I can't wait to find out!
Thanks for your comments. So pleased you like the story.

07/23/2006 06:16 am
Chp 6 Instincts         
Good story,but I still hate Shanny with a passion. The way,so far, that it makes it seems like she treats her own children...yes, she had a rough childhood. But don't go f-ing up your own children's childhood. Right now, unless you have some good twists coming, I'm rooting for a vamp to have a nummy Shanny Snack and the twins to stay with the grandparents.
Don’t you feel even a little sympathy for Shanny? The twins seem to be dealing with the situation better than their mother! And perhaps that’s scary in itself.

07/23/2006 04:56 am
Chp 6 Instincts         
Whoa! Go Spike with the intuition...interesting twist - Can't wait to hear what the answer is.

07/23/2006 03:12 am
Chp 6 Instincts         
they dont know?!? oh my..

07/23/2006 02:16 am
Chp 6 Instincts         
I just hope that Buffy really listens to Spike about Billy. I am just so glad that the kids did have somewhere to go. I think Spike had a really good point when he stated that Shanny always wanted normal and her kids are anything but. Love the chapter.
thank you for reviewing. Your points are quite right. Funny how Buffy can’t see that Shanny only wanted what she did before Spike.

12/22/2006 10:58 pm
Chp 5 Explanations         
I wonder what it is about Billy that makes Spike feel he's more dangerous than Joyce. It seems like he might have hidden talents, what with Joyce realizing she can't go to different worlds without him, but there has to be something pretty big he hasn't revealed yet. It seems like no matter what they did with Shanny it didn't have the effect she was looking for. They couldn't be normal for her, and when they tried to give her normal she saw it as abandonment. It must have been a very hard life for her to live, hiding her feelings all the time.

08/28/2006 09:22 pm
Chp 5 Explanations         
Ok, Billy. Spike's on to you.

07/24/2006 03:50 am
Chp 5 Explanations         
I can understand that she wants a normal family but she can't and when her parents try to give it to her...she thinks they don't want her. Sometimes parents can't win. can't wait to see what's going on with Billy, he's keeping some secret maybe even from his sister. Great chapter. Thanks.

06/22/2006 02:21 pm
Chp 5 Explanations         
Billy dangerous! How? Tell us please! Update soon, real soon.

06/04/2006 08:25 pm
Chp 5 Explanations         
easier to understand shanny's relationship with her parents now. thanks for the fine update. "billy is far more dangerous...."that should be an interesting explanation.

06/04/2006 02:49 am
Chp 5 Explanations         
I really like the additional background that you gave on Shanny. Her parents trying to do their best by her and give her what they think she wants by sending her away to a normal life instead makes her think that they don’t want her, that because she doesn’t want to fight demons she’s not good enough for them. This helps explain a great deal of why she might feel that her parent’s, in particular her mother, doesn’t love her. Between Joyce’s thought that she didn’t think she could go anywhere without him and Spike’s intuition that he is far more dangerous then Joyce, Billy has me very curious. Thank you for the update, I really look forward to them.

Harry 4Eyes
06/03/2006 07:29 pm
Chp 5 Explanations         
Yup have to agree with Spike, there is something creepy about Billy. As they say it's always the quite ones.

Poor Shanny, it's bad enough they named her that but she didn't exactly get the best upbringing did she? Wonder who she married though? Someone from the council but who I wonder, or if he it is important.

Anyway good fic
Update soon
Spike and Buffy’s child would not have had a normal upbringing. They did their best, but loving her was probably not enough.

06/03/2006 08:32 am
Chp 5 Explanations         
Excellent well written story with great plot and characters that I hope you will write more of soon. Except why does Shanty have brown eyes when her parents have green and blue ones? That does kind of bother me a lot.
Thank you for reading and apologies for long delay in responding. Have checked and double checked with the eye colour gene pages on web. To be honest, I think you can have a brown eyed child because brown is dominant. I wanted Shanny to have brown eyes for good reason which will become apparent later on! If I’ve got it all wrong, then everyone will have to pretend!

06/03/2006 03:17 am
Chp 5 Explanations         
oh god.. he really scares me.. its always the normal ones..
yes, appearances can be deceptive. They’re all in for a difficult time with Billy and Joyce.

12/31/2006 07:36 pm
Chp 4 Inheritance         
Spooky and no wonder Shanny is a mess.

12/22/2006 10:50 pm
Chp 4 Inheritance         
I know Buffy and Spike were doing all they could to save the world, but it seems like their daughter got lost in the shuffle. Maybe they should have let Dawn take her so she would be away from danger, even if it meant they didn't get to see her as much. Very curious about who the lady in Joyce's dreams is, and how the twins will react to the news that their grandfather is a vampire.

08/28/2006 09:16 pm
Chp 4 Inheritance         
We need a prequel here with Shanny. Drop everything.

07/24/2006 03:07 am
Chp 4 Inheritance         
So Joyce is a slayer? but she's so young to be having those nightmares poor kid. Wonder what Billy is. Excellent chapter.

TIme of Change
04/17/2006 06:04 am
Chp 4 Inheritance         
What a haunting chapter! I love it.

TIme of Change
04/17/2006 06:04 am
Chp 4 Inheritance         
What a haunting chapter! I love it.

04/15/2006 10:14 am
Chp 4 Inheritance         
Joyce tell buffy about the woman now!!!!!
Kids never do, though, do they!

04/15/2006 05:35 am
Chp 4 Inheritance         
love the insight into Shanndy's life and I get to see why she feels the way she does. But the twins don't know whow they are messing with. Can't wait for them to find out about their real family heritage.
Sorry for delay. Got so behind in replying to reviews. Really bad. Thank you for review. yes, I think Shanny would have had a rotte life.

04/15/2006 03:58 am
Chp 4 Inheritance         
That's amazing that theoretically Joyce doesn't know that her slave-for-life grandfather is a vampire. The talk should be interesting. Who is the painted lady? More story please.

04/15/2006 01:35 am
Chp 4 Inheritance         
Yay!You updated.I still hate Shanny.I think the twins will be okay with it.Update soon.

04/15/2006 01:16 am
Chp 4 Inheritance         
Secrets of this magnitude are never good. Buffy has the right idea of telling the twins the truth. Thanks for the great update, it help me understand Shanny better. Something like that happening when you are six will definitely scar you.
Sorry for not replying sooner. Been LJing too much! Glad you see where I’m going with the Shanny story. I feel it is so important to understand her if you want to understand the twins.

03/04/2008 08:51 pm
Chp 3 The Biggest Bad         
Grh argh!, they sent my review when i didn't press the button!:-S. Love Billy he's such a cutie! *mommy, when i grow up i want a baby just like him*. Hate Shanny, though. She's quite the Dawn!.
 Sorry to hear you hate Shanny.  I don't personally think she's another Dawn.  She has serious parent conflicts, but then I think they are justified.  I've never thought a child of Buffy and Spike would have an easy ride through life and this one is so "normal" it makes your teeth ache.  Even Dawn was bright green energy to start with!  

But Billy does grow on you, doesn't he. Although having little Joyce around might make life difficult!

03/04/2008 08:46 pm
Chp 3 The Biggest Bad         

12/31/2006 07:31 pm
Chp 3 The Biggest Bad         
Billy's going to be a little devil, isn't he? Really like the twin characters.

12/22/2006 10:44 pm
Chp 3 The Biggest Bad         
It's so funny to see so many of their characteristics played out in their grandchildren. I feel bad for Shanny because she clearly lived a hard life, but even worse for the twins because it seems like they also have been exposed to things way past what they should know. I wonder how Spike and Buffy will respond to having such precocious children around.

08/28/2006 09:10 pm
Chp 3 The Biggest Bad         
After Kennedy had died in the first weeks of the European Demon War Could we have a flashback to savor that moment?

I knew it, Billy is a little devil.

07/24/2006 02:40 am
Chp 3 The Biggest Bad         
Poor Joyce, thinking that she's bad, feeling isolated, if it wasn't for her brother, she'd have no one. At least she has her grandparent's. This is really good, I like the possiblities. Thanks for the read.

04/11/2006 12:08 am
Chp 3 The Biggest Bad         
Good chapter.I think I hate Shanny.Billy is a teensy creepy.
Update soon.

04/01/2006 01:45 pm
Chp 3 The Biggest Bad         
Oh my god I like Billy
wulfie, everyone else thinks he’s creepy! Ah, yes, it’s you!

spikes slayer2
04/01/2006 12:15 pm
Chp 3 The Biggest Bad         
omg?! he is so creepy.. i fhe know all about it then why isnt he a 'powerful man-witch' (lol) himself?

spikes slayer2
04/01/2006 12:15 pm
Chp 3 The Biggest Bad         
omg?! he is so creepy.. i fhe know all about it then why isnt he a 'powerful man-witch' (lol) himself?
thanks for review. Just been able to get back on this page to answer people! Hope to post next chp in LJ soon and then on sites. All might be revealed, but then again, might take a couple more chpts!

04/01/2006 04:09 am
Chp 3 The Biggest Bad         
These twins are too clever by half. BTW, will we find out who Shanshu married? Is she married to someone "normal" who hates all the demons and witches and vampires? More story please.

04/01/2006 12:20 am
Chp 3 The Biggest Bad         
Woo hoo! This off to a rousing start. Is it new? Or just new to us?
Yes, brand new story. Meant to be a one off - the first chp can be read alone - but like most of mine, I gave in to pressure and decided to make it a long one!

04/01/2006 12:19 am
Chp 3 The Biggest Bad         
Hmm, getting interesting.
Wonder what's Billy's mettle? Don't you think Buffy's a tad young to have grandchildren that age? Was Shanny a teen when she had the twins? I'm jealous...56 3/4 and not a grandchild in the near future although my older son is finally engaged.
I worked out Buffy’s age very carefully. She’s about 47/48 during this story and yes, Shanny had the twins when she was very young, as you will see as the story progresses.

04/01/2006 12:08 am
Chp 3 The Biggest Bad         
Thanks for the fabulous update. It is so interesting learning about Buffy's and Spike's past, and the things that have brought them to where they are at. I am looking forward to learning more about Billy, particularly with that ending.
Thank you for reviewing and for following the story so closely. Perhaps their relationship with Shanny isn’t everything people would want, but I feel it is realistic.

03/31/2006 11:21 pm
Chp 3 The Biggest Bad         
shivers instead of concealed smiles from spike, not good. very informative update. thanks for the read.
Yes, I get worried too about Spike and Billy.

01/14/2008 04:50 pm
Chp 2 Growing Pains         
I haven`t got the time to read all of it now, since i have 100 things to do, but this looks great!!. I can`t wait to read all of it..
Love, Julie..
 Be glad to know your views when you get time to read more.

12/22/2006 10:36 pm
Chp 2 Growing Pains         
It seems like Joyce is a witch, which begs the question of who or what her father is. It makes more sense why Shanny would have ill will towards her parents, since they were always fighting and not providing her with a measure of stability. You have to love Spike being enamored with her from the first moment he saw her, simply because Joyce reminds him so much of Buffy. They are going to have to take care that the little ears don't hear them since it seems Joyce is quite the snoop.

08/28/2006 09:04 pm
Chp 2 Growing Pains         
Interesting start. Nice to know Spike keeps bleaching his hair.

07/23/2006 11:22 pm
Chp 2 Growing Pains         
Sorry, couldn't finish yesterday, couldn't get back to the website the rest of the night, stupid fatal error. Thanks for the backstory on their daughter. Where did she get brown eyes from? Is she not Spike's? Too bad her life convinced her that her children where better off away from them, more likely to have a "normal" life. Really liking this story. Thanks for the read.
Thanks for reading. Lots of people have commented about the brown eyes. I’ve decided to go in and change them because, although my genetic research tells me it is possible - although unlikely - it is worrying readers and has no bearing on the story.
Glad you’re enjoying it.

03/15/2006 02:15 pm
Chp 2 Growing Pains         
Intriguing - such a cool idea.
Thanks for review. Trying to update soon.

03/14/2006 05:47 pm
Chp 2 Growing Pains         
Interesting backstory! Really intrigued by this one.

03/14/2006 01:00 pm
Chp 2 Growing Pains         
I love this and you write beautifully. Good flashbacks as well - keeps the flow of the story going. More please.
Hopefully very soon. Thank’s for your comments. Much appreciated.

03/14/2006 11:44 am
Chp 2 Growing Pains         
lol i love little joyce.. she's so cute... granny buffy and um.. Shanny, is her name cause like that cause of the shanshu..?

03/14/2006 01:53 am
Chp 2 Growing Pains         
Great chapter, I loved how the back story was told, and to have little Joyce walk in at that particular moment was very realistic. And having her floating two feet off the ground was very fun. Please update soon.
Thanks for review. Will do my best to update soon. I have too many stories on the go at once!

03/13/2006 10:46 pm
Chp 2 Growing Pains         
this is going to be a fun read. so glad it is continuing. thanks

03/13/2006 09:01 pm
Chp 2 Growing Pains         
I really enjoyed this chapter. It's sad how Shanny was scared when she was little. Probably why she didn't want her kids around Spike and Buffy. Poor thing. Hopefully now they will make up for lost time.
I’ve always thought being Buffy and Spike’s child would not be that good a thing.

03/13/2006 07:57 pm
Chp 2 Growing Pains         
Very, very interesting. Can't wait for more.

03/13/2006 06:20 pm
Chp 2 Growing Pains         
So the Joyce brat is floating into other people's conversations. Interesting powers she seems to have. Is she a slayer/witch?
Should find out in next episode.

03/13/2006 04:35 pm
Chp 2 Growing Pains         
Well Joyce is going to put them all through some major changes. Love the back story with Shanny. Great update.
I reckon they’ll certainly know she’s there - and watch out for Billy, too!

03/13/2006 04:18 pm
Chp 2 Growing Pains         
I like it, Lilac. great chappy
thanks, Mary. Glad you liked it.

12/22/2006 10:28 pm
Chp 1         
Very interesting. i wonder what happened to make their daughter decide to cut them out of her life, and why in turn she decided to sent her children to live with them. Seems little Joyce has a bit of slayer in her blood, while Billy seems like Spike before he was turned. It will be interesting to see how they respond to Joyce's questions.

08/28/2006 08:57 pm
Chp 1         
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Chp 1         
I'm intrigued! What's going on? reading on...(dashes off)

02/24/2006 04:18 pm
Chp 1         
Cute story! It would be interesting to see what would happen next! Could Granny and Grandad control the lil hellions?
Well, Granny and Grandad won’t be as old as people keep thinking they will be, so I’m expecting all sorts of trouble!

02/24/2006 02:36 pm
Chp 1         
That was really good.

02/24/2006 12:09 am
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I totally agree with you! this must be a really long fic!!!
Glad you liked it. Am thinking about continuing.

02/23/2006 03:05 pm
Chp 1         
Now that was just a great story. And leave it to Spike and Buffy to have a family that just continued to grow in "their" old world. Loved the story.
Glad you enjoyed it. Will be writing continuation soon.

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Chp 1         
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Thanks for review. Yes, I reckon I will write the rest of this very soon. Shanshu had a very difficult childhood!

02/23/2006 11:11 am
Chp 1         
This is lovely, and I didn't have and trouble understanding it. Subtle and charming.
Thanks for review. So pleased you understood it. I keep rereading first chp and can’t see what people find hard, except for lack of first names, perhaps. Next chp will be easier. Promise.

02/23/2006 10:14 am
Chp 1         
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Well, I’ll hopefully get to next chp soon and asuage your curiosity.

02/23/2006 06:16 am
Chp 1         
huh? great story.. i think it would make a good longer story so that we can see how all this happened.. little bt confusing at the end but otherwise quite good..

02/23/2006 04:55 am
Chp 1         
Tee hee...well no wonder their daughter's pissed with a name like that! LOL! Oh yes, this deserves continuation and then some. Nicely done.


02/23/2006 04:14 am
Chp 1         
excellent standalone or excellent first chapter.thanks for the fine read.
Thanks for reviewing. Think I will write on. The plot suddenly exploded in my head. Messy!

02/23/2006 03:33 am
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OK???? intersting. i would like to see this go further yet it could say like this.
Thanks for review. This started as a one off, but now the plot is begging to be written.

Time of Change
02/23/2006 03:12 am
Chp 1         
Very interesting. I'm thinking Shashu broke her parents' hearts with her dream of being normal.
Glad you liked it. You’re quite right. There is a lot of explaining to do but in Buffy’s case, I think it’s a case of deja vu!

02/23/2006 02:09 am
Chp 1         
Huh? The narrative from the little witch was interesting but there certainly could be more. How would you get Spike and Buffy into this fic?
Don’t worry. It will be very Spuffy but with a certain amount of angst as well.

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Glad you liked it. Will write new chp soon.

02/23/2006 01:38 am
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Thanks for review