Losing Heaven by kimbclar

07/25/2006 10:31 pm
Nightmares and Notifications         
I love the story so far! Please write more!
I'm glad you liked the story. I've finally updated all the chapters so far with the betaed version. I plan to work on the next chapter this week. Hopefully, my beta willing, I'll have it up next week.

03/25/2006 11:51 pm
Nightmares and Notifications         
I'm loving this fic! Just wanted to let you know and encourage you to continue. Also, can you email me please? I need to talk to you!
I'm glad you liked the story and I dropped you an email.

03/25/2006 02:22 pm
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cool chappy, KC!!
Thanks Mary! Loved your newest chappies as well.

03/25/2006 08:59 am
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This is a great chapter and Giles's bloody hell was the perfect ending for the chapter. I love Anya how she stood up and pointed out the mistakes, and Tara for still being reasonable. Willow and Xander still have a problem accepting responsibility for their actions, and that too is perfect for their characters. You are doing a really great job of your characterization, along with a fantastic story. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Thanks! I really appreciate the compliments. I've tried to keep the characters true. Not so much with Season 6 & 7 but really who Buffy & Spike were becoming at the end of Season 5. I try not to think to much on the horror that was the last two seasons of my favorite show.

03/25/2006 07:43 am
Nightmares and Notifications         
Bloody hell is such a good, all-round curse; it covers such a lot of situations. At least Buffy has Spike to help her through the resurrection this time. Poor Tara. More story please.
I know I love a good bloody hell. But I also like git, wanker and bint. Maybe I can work them all in on the next chapter. It'll be like a contest. How many British curses can I use?

03/19/2006 09:54 pm
No Longer Afraid         
This is a great chapter. I love how Buffy recognized where her fear of falling in love comes from, and how she even admitted to herself why she was with Riley. Her telling Spike how she feels about him and deciding that she was going to put her feeling before her fear of rejection was great. The rest of the chapter was hot and sweet, and felt right for them to connect in such a way. Thanks for the great update.
So glad you liked it. I actually think that Buffy was realizing alot of this before she died and of course she had several months in heaven to come to terms with her feelings. I never liked the way Joss wrote her after her return. He made her a two-demensional character which she never was before. Oh well, hopefully this story will make it all better.

03/16/2006 09:48 pm
No Longer Afraid         
It just occured to me, they COULD have comfort sex. It's not like they don't need it. But that usually has far less lust in it.
Not always true.

03/16/2006 09:24 pm
No Longer Afraid         
Poetic license only goes so far. It doesn't go far enough that someone in a state of shock, grief or depression retains their libido. Buffy humping Spike right out of heaven is a bit too much.
To each his own and my muse demanded sex. As you said in your second post it could be comfort sex. Sex happens in the unlikelyiest (sp?) of situations and lust/love overcomes the best of us despite circumstances or perhaps when we're at our lowest is when we most need to connect on the most basic of physical levels. And remember this is fiction so suspend your disbelief.

03/16/2006 08:19 pm
No Longer Afraid         
Great chappy, KC. Love it.
Glad you liked it because I definetly enjoyed writing it.

03/15/2006 02:07 pm
Forever Sounds Perfect         
Hallelujah - Buffy sees the light!
Thank God! I couldn't stand how Spike and Buffy treated each other during Season 6. Hopefully this story will make it all better.

03/14/2006 01:12 am
Forever Sounds Perfect         
I like that Buffy seems much more aware of what she wants, and what she needs, and that she really sees Spike. That’s something that always bothered me is that Joyce, Dawn, and Tara, to different extents, were the only ones that could ever see Spike for who he was and who he could be. Update soon please.
Me too! I was especially disapointed with Buffy's reaction to him in Season 6 after how she treated him at the end of Season 5. One of Joss's many inconsistencies.

03/13/2006 05:57 pm
Forever Sounds Perfect         
Such a wonderful end to the chapter. All these new powers, how interesting. So far, I like your season six much better ;-D
Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

03/13/2006 04:52 pm
Forever Sounds Perfect         
Spike may have the perfect therapy to get her body working again. More story please.
Oh yeah, Spike therapy. Just the thought gives me the tinglies.

03/13/2006 02:36 pm
Forever Sounds Perfect         
Hey no fair! You ended the chapter before the Spuffy loving! Nah, just kidding, the chapter was perfect and it is really nice to see Buffy putting herself first for once instead of being denial girl and worrying about what everyone else thinks!
Exactly. Buffy saves the world and then she has to kowtow to the Scoobies. I think not.

03/13/2006 01:50 pm
Forever Sounds Perfect         
aww i like this story.. i think its great..

03/13/2006 07:23 am
Forever Sounds Perfect         
sweet chappy, KC
Thank you.

03/13/2006 07:22 am
Forever Sounds Perfect         
COOL! I like the thought of buffy being magically inclined as well as Slayer-powered! Though I'm dreadfully sorry she had to go through what she did to get it. I always enjoy seeing stories where the author shows that buffy has been seriously affected by her resurrection (and not just explain the change away as some kind of cosmic sunbrun!)
Glad you like it. I was never to found of the "cellular tan" either.

03/14/2006 01:06 am
Thank You         
I really liked the line ‘I got this huge welcome home gift but no one bothered to leave an instruction manual.’ This is getting more interesting with what Buffy can sense. I like this Buffy that is standing up for herself against her two ‘best friends’. I also love that Anya and Tara still see and understand far more then the others, and realize that a mistake was made.

03/13/2006 02:33 pm
Thank You         
Great update! I love how Anya and Tara understood that maybe they hadn't done the right thing and were thinking about Buffy and what she needed instead of their own wants! Off to read the next chapter!
Tara and Anya are two of my favorite characters. Expect more of them in this fic.

03/12/2006 03:31 am
Thank You         
oh i love it you need to update please
Glad you liked it. I'm on Spring Break this week so hopefully I'll have more time to spend on my fics.

03/07/2006 05:32 am
Thank You         
I like it, KC. Lovely. More please.
Thanks. I'm glad you like it. I've got some other WIPs to work on at Twisting the Hellmouth but as soon as I update at least one of those I'll be back to this. I love your fics by the way so I really appreciate you taking time to read mine. Especially love Broken Betrayal.

03/14/2006 12:54 am
Why Would Someone Do This To Me?         
Really great concept and a really great start. This is a great season to play with.

03/05/2006 03:32 am
Why Would Someone Do This To Me?         
Great start! I can't wait to see where you take this and what other new powers that Buffy has!
I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.

03/04/2006 01:55 pm
Why Would Someone Do This To Me?         
great chapter
Thank you!

03/04/2006 02:26 am
Why Would Someone Do This To Me?         
MUST HAVE MORE!!! Really a wonderful start. I can't wait to see Buffy's new powers and hope she give the Scobs the heave-ho Please update this story.
I'm glad you like the chapter. I'm busy working on chapter 2 which I hope to have up in the next few days.

03/03/2006 12:23 pm
Why Would Someone Do This To Me?         
What's with the new power? More please.
More soon. You'll have to wait on the new powers. I'm working on chapter 2 right now but the explanations will be slow in coming. Don't worry Buffy & Spike are just as frustrated.

03/03/2006 09:34 am
Why Would Someone Do This To Me?         
I like the beginning of the season 6. Looking forward to more.
Thank you. I'm working on chapter 2 and hope to have it posted in the next few days. Hope you keep enjoying the story.