As it Should have Been by Lilachigh

03/29/2015 09:49 pm
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Gotta say I love As you were fics simply because I agree with you on there are so many problems with the plot part of it.  my biggest one being Spike would have never called himself the doctor after what happened on Glory's tower.  Anyways, thanks for the well written fic
Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it!   And I so agree about Spike calling himself the doctor!

08/18/2009 05:54 am
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I'm very excited that I'm not the only one who thought the idea of Spike calling himself 'The Doctor' was ludicrious. I mean, Doc cut up Dawn and because of that Buffy died- the only thing Spike's less likely to use as ab alias is 'Angel'. Seriously.
I personally always went with the he was holding the eggs for a friend without realizing what they were. Probably for money that he would then get to Buffy so she could quit her horrible job (he did say he could get money).  That seems more in character than international arms dealer. lol.
Anyway, loved it!
 Glad you enjoyed the story. I agree with you that it made nonsense of the whole storyline for Spike to call himself Doctor!   Captain, General, even Professor,  I could have just about accepted. But never Doctor!  Watch out in an upcoming Business as Usual chapter when we discover the real reason behind the eggs!

BecomingChosenGirl13 (JULIE)
01/12/2008 08:16 pm
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Hate the ep too... Love story,though. You made this episode a lot less painfull to watch, usally avoid anything season sixish because of the pain and the watery eyes... Anyone wanna team up and kick Riley in his privates???..
Glad you enjoyed this version of the episode.

05/14/2006 06:29 am
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what a bastard! riley is so mean..

04/13/2006 10:03 pm
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Interesting! I never did believe that Spike would sell those eggs to foriegn govs...but hey, you knoe those Buffy writers..they couldn't let him look to good, could they? Bastards.
Exactly what I think! Thank you.

03/24/2006 11:29 am
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Sad that it still ended on a sad note, but at least she realized that he wasn't this "doctor".
thank you for review. I hate this episode soo much, I needed to rewrite the end.

03/06/2006 06:15 am
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I REALLY love this rewrite!! Excellent!!!... and it makes so much more sense than Spike having the eggs on purpose. I always thought Riley was behind the eggs being there... although my theory runs more towards tricking Spike into it in some way. Either way I can't believe that Spike would willingly risk either Buffy or Dawn by having dangerous demon eggs in his crypt or allowing them to be in Sunnydale at all.
Thank you. You’re quite right. The whole egg plot is silly in that episode. Just a device to make Buffy break up with Spike.

03/05/2006 10:48 pm
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Nice. I like your version better That Spike would call himself 'doctor' is to me highly unlikely, as you said: why would he call himself the name of the demon that helped kill Buffy? That Riley planted the eggs in the crypt was a nice twist. You won't by any chance post a sequel? -Buffy's apolgy?
Thank you for reviewing.

03/05/2006 06:54 pm
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Fitted perfectly with cannon, and tied up a whole lot of loose ends. Why *would* Spike call himself by the same name as the demon who was responsible for Buffy's death. Stupid Riley; I'd love to get my boot in his bland face. VeryVery good job, really enjoyed it :]
Thanks for reading my story. Nice to know you thought in worked out okay.

03/05/2006 06:54 pm
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Fitted perfectly with cannon, and tied up a whole lot of loose ends. Why *would* Spike call himself by the same name as the demon who was responsible for Buffy's death. Stupid Riley; I'd love to get my boot in his bland face. VeryVery good job, really enjoyed it :]
Exactly, why would he? Never made sense to me.

03/05/2006 06:31 pm
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Very nice! I like this twist to the episode. It even fits in with the shot scenes and would explain Buffy's expression at the end. I also like how you had her going to find Spike at the end.
Thanks for the review. Glad you think it works well.

03/05/2006 08:07 am
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it is much better than the original. the episode really never fit. thanks for the read.
thank you for review. Appreciated.

03/05/2006 04:10 am
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I like this one MUCH better! Yeah, the whole "doctor" thing had occured to me too. I wonder why they ever put that it there. That seems very much a Riley-like thing to do.

Oh and the ending line, "The fact that she never once thought, “I don’t love him,” wouldn’t occur to her until it was far too late." Thats awesome. What a great way to wrap things up!!
Yes, Riley was never stupid. Devious, but not thick. He taught at college, after all.

03/05/2006 02:29 am
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Loved it! I always thought it was weird how Riley acted when he showed up! Too bad she didn't mark up his face so that his wife knew what he was up to as well! If Buffy couldn't have the happiness that she deserved then why should he?
Sometimes “uncaring Buffy” can be quite caring, even to those who’ve hurt her.

03/05/2006 02:20 am
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Hmmmm. Better ending but, as usual, Spike gets f***ed without getting kissed.
Tried to stay in canon as much as poss.

03/05/2006 12:46 am
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Still sad, but not as bad as the show.
I felt it had to mirror the show’s feelings but make sense as well.

03/05/2006 12:44 am
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wonderful! great little twist!
Thank you so much for reading.

03/05/2006 12:36 am
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That was great!  I always hated that ep, myself.  It was really flawed.  Your interpretation, was flawless.  Great job.  
Thank you for such a kind review.

03/05/2006 12:18 am
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wow!! what a spectacular ending to that episode! like it so much better than the original! is this a one-shot or are you going to write more? please write more, i love it!!
Well, I only saw this as a rewrite of the ending to the episode in question. Don’t set me loose on SR.!

03/05/2006 12:13 am
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Beautiful and sad. fits in very well with canon. Loved it.
Glad you liked it.

03/04/2006 11:56 pm
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Entirely satisfactory! It works for me.
Good. And thank you.