Undeniable by Chelle

05/30/2009 04:11 am
This is like the defination of bittersweet. Wow.

05/24/2006 02:42 pm
oh wow....my heart is in my throat and tears are streaming down my face...very beautiful little interlude....the dialogue was flawless...loved the joke about buffy kissing angel...every bit of it...excellent story from start to finish

03/22/2006 07:45 am
Oh man ... how sad of an ending since we know that he died in the Hellmouth. Very beautiful night before that you gave them both though. It was rough to get through to both of them because of their past, but you wound it around to make it work. Kudos.

03/21/2006 10:06 am
Very nice, much nicer then what we got from the show.

03/19/2006 02:46 am

03/19/2006 01:37 am
again with the tears...especially since I know whats coming! Sob Sob

Thank you for writing this

03/18/2006 02:35 am
Good story.I always thought that the two slept together the night before the battle.(My favorite moment was Whining!Angel in the cemetery,followed by Sleeping! Spike holding Buffy.)In my head,
they always conceived a child.(A little girl named Taryn Joyce or Willa Joyce,or a little boy named William Alexander.)I write some fan fics that I don't put on any websites,and they're mostly angsty.Don't you find that when you're writing an angsty story you get caught up in the angst, and manage to depress yourself accidentally?This sometimes happens to me.Do you watch "Bones" or "How I Met Your Mother"?I started watching both shows for David and Alyson.I'm a Booth/Brennan shipper,a Lily/Marshall shipper,and a Robin/Barney shipper.I have this How I Met Your Mother/Buffy crossover in my head where magical people were mysteriously dying,so Willow escaped to an alternate universe and took on a new name:Lily.She created a spell that gave her a new family.Except Willow/Lily fell in love with Marshall and decided to stay.

03/17/2006 11:58 pm
Aw. Nice. In a sad way, of course.

03/17/2006 11:03 pm
I just hate that Spike had to "semi-die" trying. If only Joss could have given me this glimpse. Love the story.

03/17/2006 05:27 am
I liked your characterizations of Spike and Buffy, great interaction between the two. Wonderful story!

03/17/2006 04:21 am
i just love the way you write...it's so real...the emotions are portrayed just as they would have been...perfectly done again

03/17/2006 03:45 am
very good read. might have been better if it had happened your way. thanks
Awww, thank you!

03/17/2006 03:34 am
Very sweet.
Thank yoU!