Touching Moonlight by slinkypsychokit

Thx. :-)
06/27/2010 07:19 pm

12/27/2008 03:13 am
You writ nice--even when I was 16 there were times to explore and what you have here is just about that--the voices of the beloveds were nice, the thought asides were spot on.  You moved the action nicely and came to a pleasing end. 
That is, actually, the nicest review I have ever received for any of my work.  I am...well...speechless.  Thank you for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed it.  It is truly the folks who review that sometimes urges the writers to write.


05/08/2007 01:41 am
Yup, more like R rating. Anything before S3 is under aged. Thought it was funny how she'd rather have an apocalypse then face Cordy, so is the life of a slayer, thanks.

08/05/2006 11:24 am
Well done. Just enough, not to much. Spike's definately not Angel. Glad you chose to show the difference. Thanks for the read.
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed that!

06/16/2006 11:33 pm
I enjoyed your story.

04/06/2006 12:44 am
Well, I liked it quite a bit! Thank you for sharing it with us!
You're very welcome, m'dear! I enjoyed writing it. Actually, I enjoyed being the instrument through which the muse wrote. I'm just the hands.

04/05/2006 09:30 am
It was still a good fic, even without the graphic pwp. {Smiles} Still stirring. {smiles again}
Thank you,hon. It's good to know that, though it's not full on X-rated porn, people still liked it.

04/05/2006 02:41 am
"beautiful" tale. thanks for the fun read.
You're welcome!

04/05/2006 12:24 am
lol, you pornatastic yet age concious smutty fic writer you
I needed smut! **blinks at the so-far-smutless IAW**

I just...and they were...Eep!

**runs and hides**

04/04/2006 12:46 pm
Excellant sotry my sweets. Happy stephy sigh
I think I'm getting more and more stunned with every new review. Makes me wanna smother them all in smooches and fic!

04/04/2006 12:46 pm
and yet...beautifully done! Thank you.
Thank you, Jack! With such overwhelmingly positive response; the kind words from everyone who is reviewing it, I feel as though I'm really getting ready to dive head first back into this verse. I kinda miss it. (Plus, Athenewolfe keeps asking for it.)

04/04/2006 12:35 pm
I really enjoyed this. You managed to do a whole lot without a huge amount of detail and I like that it didn't go any further with Spike and Buffy it actually added to the hotness factor for me because of where it stopped.
In the end, I just couldn't handle it. Yes, I had the voyeurism and purposefully kept it up to the readers' imaginations as to what Cordy and Doyle were doing. To have been graphic would have a squick factor that I'm just not ready to deal with. As for Buffy and Spike, the Spike in this verse is very much unlike canon Spike. This is his future mate and he knows beyond a shadow of doubt that she is still a child in so many ways. He knows she is innocent in matters of physical love. When it's time, it'll be special and not standing in a graveyard twenty yards from a couple of exhibitionists.

04/04/2006 11:07 am
Phew - lovely meltdown for a Tuesday morning!!
Why, thank you, madame! I enjoyed writing it, and can't even begin to describe how stunned I am at such positive response. It's just...WOW!

04/04/2006 07:29 am
Amazingly hot for soft-core porn. Thank you for sharing the birthday present with us.
Yeah? Hot? Really? I was sooo nervous. I'm pretty much gobsmacked by the amazing reviews it's getting. Thank you!

04/04/2006 06:07 am
very hot even though you say "lite", and sweet as well

As you can see, there was no throwing her down and rutting like rabid weasles on rufie-overdose. So, lite.

And, for once, I wrote a non-bitey. Never thought I'd be capable of that. Think my muse is getting a bit missish in his old age.

I'm so delighted that you huys are enjoying this! It always makes me nervous when I post.

04/04/2006 06:05 am
Pretty good - can definitely understand about the age thing Really, what the hell was Whedon thinking with all the Bangel crap!? - Grown man "falling in love" with a 15 year old girl and having a romantic, and later sexual, relationship with a 16 year old. How the hell did all that even get past the network's censores?
Really, what the hell was Whedon thinking with all the Bangel crap!? - Grown man "falling in love" with a 15 year old girl and having a romantic, and later sexual, relationship with a 16 year old.

He was thinking?

Glad you enjoyed it.

04/04/2006 05:58 am
Beautifully written. Thank you. Hope there will be more.
There'll be a lot more, I promise. The only reason I've not been updating MB is because there would be too much confusion in a story that separates into two distinctly different timelines. The best I can do is get it all finished and post all chapters from one timeline, then all chapters from the other.

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

04/04/2006 05:52 am
Oh . . . oh. . . holy shite. . . You've been holding out on me. So not fair. Meanie. This is delish. . . naughty and, just enough to get your motor running. And hey, its fine with the age appropriateness, since I have a feeling, he would have been the vamp to hold back because of her age (maybe not let anyone else near though). Great ficlet sweetie.
:/ :-/ No, not holding out...playing close to the vest? I finally got sick of the muse poking me when I tried to get some sleep. He wanted this written, so written it was. Plus, Moving Backwards would have never been posted if not for Holly making me do it. Seemed a fitting gift for her b-day.

As for the other...Yes, Spike held back because of her age. When it's time, especially her first, it's going to be special.

04/04/2006 05:39 am
very good without being too much (considering the whole age factor)...and the voyeuristic thing ad me squicked at the warning, but turned out to be incredibly this little fic, thanx for writing it
It may surprise you, but those types of scenes bother me, under normal circumstances. I needed it to be there, but there was no way I was gonna go into anymore detail than I did.

As for the underage thing. I was just too uncomfortable with myself writing a scene like that. It was for that reason alone that Spike never tried to take it any further. It's also the reason I always hated Angel. He was a dirty, manipulative bastard that got his "moment of true happiness" from sex with a minor. What the hell was Whedon thinking?