Roller Coaster of Love by slaymesoftly

08/27/2012 02:00 am
Chaps 1 - Epilogue         
Hot and so romantic!
Thank you!

01/19/2012 09:57 pm
Chaps 1 - Epilogue         
I'm glad you thought so.

03/10/2010 04:01 am
Chaps 1 - Epilogue         
 Another story of yours that I have loved.  I really do love the way you write.  You really do capture my idea of buffy and spike.
Thank you. I'm glad you like my version of Buffy and Spike. :)

02/13/2008 03:28 am
Chaps 1 - Epilogue         
Thanks for sharing such a fun story!
Thanks for reading it! :)

09/08/2006 07:55 am
Chaps 1 - Epilogue         
lol...loved this little fic, the ending was perfect...great job :)

09/08/2006 07:53 am
Chaps 1 - Epilogue         
3 -- ethan..should have known :) great resolution to the questions...glad they beat him...loved buffy's offering to feed him to :)
Yep - if there's magical chaos, it's usually Ethan!

09/08/2006 07:48 am
Chaps 1 - Epilogue         
two -- hmmm....creepy fairy..wonder where the tunnel his method of *distraction* :)
Oh, to be distracted that way! lol

09/07/2006 02:41 pm
Chaps 1 - Epilogue         
ONe -- lol...this story cracks me up...the ending to chapter one was great, very much enjoyed it :)

02/13/2006 07:35 am
Chaps 1 - Epilogue         
Well, that was an enjoyable read. I was just going through your stories to see if there was anything that I haven't read yet and I came across this one. I can't believe I missed it. I'm with Buffy, I'm not a fan of rollercoasters either. You couldn't pay me enough to get on one. I was hoping to find out why she was so afraid of them, but I'm guessing she just had a bad experience when she was younger. I also understand Xander's fear of clowns. They're just damn creepy. I wouldn't mind getting on a rollercoaster though if I could go with Spike. He has a good way of distracting! Great story=)
Yeah, I'll bet Spike could even get me onto a ferris wheel...*shudders*

11/18/2005 12:14 am
Chaps 1 - Epilogue         
I really loved this story, although I think that now I'm scared of clowns again (I'd just gotten over that!). :P
LOL - I'm so sorry! It was one of the requirements in the challenge! Thanks for reading it. I hope you aren't too traumatized.

09/28/2005 01:27 pm
Chaps 1 - Epilogue         
gorgeous story! :)
thank you