Lovers and Lethe by slaymesoftly

09/20/2012 06:29 am
Chapters 7 - 11         
Those two are so cute, and drunk Buffy is hilarious. I never could get myself to like Chantorelle/Lily/Anne, she's kinda like a 'Bella' character.
I doubt that she ever got over her vampire fixation, or her need to have a man in her life telling her what to do. :)

Glad you liked drunk Buffy - she's fun to write. Thanks for reading!

02/16/2010 03:01 am
Chapters 7 - 11         
As always wonderful
Thank you. :)

07/03/2009 01:30 am
Chapters 7 - 11         
Excellent story! I love how you brought all the elements together. Once a groupie, always a groupie.
Thank you. I'm so glad you liked it. :)

06/10/2009 01:54 am
Chapters 7 - 11         
LMAO when Spike said "'d you learn to...?" & she said," You taught me how to make you come with..." & he said, "I should open a school...a public service...sending Slayers out able to..."
Good job all around. I should have remembered the title of this tale - then maybe I wouldn't have been so surprized at the true face of Anne.
LOL I was sort of afraid that title might give too much away. Glad to know it didn't. :)  Thanks for reading.

07/10/2007 07:12 am
Chapters 7 - 11         
Lovely, lovely story.
I really enjoyed it.
It was nice to see Buffy realize how much she really loved Spike.
I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for saying so. :)

11/28/2006 11:48 pm
Chapters 7 - 11         
Anne was just mean, glad Buffy got Spike!
Lovely story.

11/28/2006 11:47 pm
Chapters 7 - 11         
Anne was just mean, glad Buffy got Spike!
Lovely story.
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

10/25/2006 06:56 pm
Chapters 7 - 11         
I love it, Anne was a bitch, sorry for the word but its truth.

The way I got hois memories back was so sweet, the demon remembered Buffy even with the spell the bitch did.

I loved the end too, so romantic, hot and sweet, Spike almost killed her, ooppppssss, lol

Thanks, Karla. I'm glad you liked it.

08/26/2006 11:23 pm
Chapters 7 - 11         
Oh, slaymesoftly, you rock! I finished this story in one sitting, it was just fabulous. I am so relieved that you made Anne bad. I was worried about that:P Great job, but now i need to return to my life:( I'll miss your stories out here in RL!
LOL. I'll miss you and your reviews, too, Emily. Thanks!

06/11/2006 07:26 am
Chapters 7 - 11         
Great story. I liked it so far:)
Thanks - hope you continue to like it.

03/28/2006 12:12 am
Chapters 7 - 11         
You had me! I had completely forgotton about the story title - By the time I got to the part where they discover the lethe's bramble I was like....."Oh THAT'S it!" (bling! lightbulb goes on!) Spike was wonderfully written! You made Buffy a *very* funny drunk! :D I really enjoyed it! Thanks ~ Kelly
Thanks, glad you liked it. Buffy was a pretty funny drunk on the show, so I just continued the plan.

01/13/2006 12:10 pm
Chapters 7 - 11         
This fic was great! I loved the fact that Spike's demon side remembered Buffy first, hehe. And I was almost hoping that Anne got turned, just so Buffy could have a reason to stake her. :P Anyways, great story, I loved it!
All of Spike loves Buffy - Thanks for reading

11/18/2005 11:27 pm
Chapters 7 - 11         
I've read quite a few amnesia fics, but yours was different. I like how the demon remembered Buffy even though the rest of him didn't.
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

03/10/2010 01:46 pm
Chapters 1 - 6         
Fabulous read.  Thanks! 
Thanks for reading. :)

07/03/2009 12:43 am
Chapters 1 - 6         
Glad you had the green eyed monster confrontation. Lily/Anne is STILL the juvenile vampire groupie.
Oh, she definitely is!

06/10/2009 12:39 am
Chapters 1 - 6         
     I feel so torn - you've really made Anne a likeable woman.
Just wait.....

12/02/2005 02:15 pm
Chapters 1 - 6         
I love it! Wonderful wonderful story. -Lisa

10/19/2005 04:57 am
Chapters 1 - 6         
This is a fantastic story! I was feeling really bad for Anne for a bit...but now I'm all on board with the breaking them up. Buffy's going to do something stupid...i just know it.
LOL Well, she's a little smarter than she used to be - but not much!