A Future Set in Sand by Always_jbj

08/05/2015 07:20 pm
Chapter 3         
Well, that was kind of sad.  I was hoping for Buffy and Spike fighting on the side of light. 

10/29/2012 02:49 am
Chapter 3         

It kinda ends to quick for me, like you stopped in the middle. I liked it, but what happens when Buffy wakes up? Will she eat Xander? Or did Spike unknowingly just land himself a vampire with a built in conscience? Currently imagining Buffy wearing pretty white dresses dusting vamps and feeding off muggers and rapisits and such, for vamps morals I think she would be 'protecting' people.

05/21/2010 07:40 pm
Chapter 3         
Loved the twists and turns of this fic.  Unexpected and suitable characterizations.  A very good read.  Thanks!
Thank you!

02/18/2009 02:33 pm
Chapter 3         

This was a very dark vision but very well written.

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

08/08/2007 09:48 am
Chapter 3         
Wow, I'd never imagine him turning her and with Xander as her first meal. Hope she isn't caught off gaurd by a soul, that wouls spoil all his plans. For a while anyway. Always love an Angel dusting. Excellent fic, thanks.

07/18/2007 05:11 pm
Chapter 3         
Rather like your ending it before Buffy rises....leaves it up to the reader to decide is she'll be souled or not. Lots of possibilities. ...:::snicker:::... so Xander gets his wish and Buffy will eat him (only not QUITE the way he fantacized....yes I am naughty!)

Lovely rewrite.

Thanks, sweetie!

Yep, I prefer to leave it to the readers to imagine how their future will be from here. LOL Xander has to be useful for something, I'm thinking 'snack' works!

05/28/2006 09:03 am
Chapter 3         

I'm special, ok! LOL
LOL.. yes, sweetness, you are!! VERY special!

05/25/2006 12:24 pm
Chapter 3         
Wow! I love it! Is there anything better than a sexy Spike and a dusty Angel... mmm, my idea of heaven
ROFLMAO... Temptation, sweetie... if you are going to use my computer to review me you need to log me out first!!

05/14/2006 03:40 pm
Chapter 3         
loved the story - so cute - I love vamping Buffy!
Thank you! lol... although 'cute' was exactly what I was aiming for... but as long as you enjoyed it.

05/04/2006 04:16 am
Chapter 3         
Unique story, and a very unique way to end it. Xander gets to be the first meal ... I like that.
Thank you!
And, yes, I think Xander will make a good first meal... lol.. he may as well be useful for something!

04/30/2006 01:18 am
Chapter 3         
loved it. cant wait for more
Thank you... but... um... that's the end.

04/29/2006 08:34 pm
Chapter 3         
wonderful! buffy choosing to be turned, angel dusting and xander a first meal. love the ffic. thank you for the fine read.
Thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed it. And yes dusting Angel was particularly enjoyable... did you notice how much he suffered?? lol

04/29/2006 04:09 pm
Chapter 3         
That was a quick undeath for Buffy. If the possible adventures of the blonds intrigues your muse, please write it.
LOL... well I imagine there is a LOT of unlife yet to come for Buffy. If the muse ever gets the urge I will revisit them... but I don't imagine that will be happening any time soon.

04/29/2006 03:31 pm
Chapter 3         
Great twist on the original story line. Very nicely done - Thanks!
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

04/29/2006 11:49 am
Chapter 3         
This went in a totally unexpected direction, but one that makes a lot of sense. I liked that Spike gave her a choice, and agreed to make sure her mom and watcher stayed safe. And I really liked the way Angel dusted, it was very innovative.
Thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Yes it was important that Spike had a willing partner and Buffy wasn't going to agree if she thought she might endanger her mum or Giles.

Dusting Angel was a lot of fun... I wanted to make his a particularly interesting (and painful) death. lol

04/29/2006 10:34 am
Chapter 3         
OMG! The end?! But...but...
Umm... yep... the end. All finished. lol.

Thank you for reading and reviewing... I hope you enjoyed it.

Maybe some day I might write a sequel.

04/29/2006 09:12 am
Chapter 3         
Very, very nice, C! Loved that it has closure while also remaining open-ended so as to allo the possibility for more.
Thanks, Slinky! I'm glad you liked it... I know it was a lot darker than I usually do but it just seemed to be so right for that point in time.

I'm very glad you liked the ending...because, yes... finished! I might (time permitting) revisit it at some point in the future when I DON'T have a million wip's but for now it is definitely finised. lol.

04/29/2006 09:02 am
Chapter 3         
I enjoyed your story and wouldn't mind a sequel. What will Buffy be like when she wakes, and what about poor Xander? How will Spike treat her, and what will she think about him? Come on, you know you want to.
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I MIGHT do a sequel... at a much later date (when I have finished all my wips).
Xander?? He's breakfast!

04/29/2006 09:01 am
Chapter 3         
Whoa, sweetie that was awesome!!! Ok, I've got to say this: sequel!!!!!!! Wanna know what's gonna happen on those adventures, if Spike falls for Buffy, etc. Of course, I'm not gonna pester you for one...just an idea. Great job, chicker!!! *hugs*
Thank you! I am rather happy with it and am so glad you liked it.

Sequel?? I'll take it into consideration... but for now I think I have more than enough or those evil wip things!

08/05/2015 07:02 pm
Chapter 2         
I choose to believe that all that moisture underground meant his old bones couldn't hold onto their substance... 

And I was wondering why Spike would fight with her... then you killed Dru and I knew that Spike was 110% in the fight.

02/18/2009 02:25 pm
Chapter 2         
Thanks for the addendum.  That's a surprise that Buffy threw caution to the wind in embracing Spike whom she had not met before.   
I'm working on the theory that she was caught up in the moment and the relief of not having died and she just reacted--had she stopped for half a second to think about who she was hugging she wouldn't have done it.

08/08/2007 09:34 am
Chapter 2         
Love them fighting together. It's a beautiful thing. He's a master and he can kill her with pleasure, can't he now? Damn, only one more chapter to go. Great work.

07/18/2007 05:02 pm
Chapter 2         
Didn't see that end coming but it is appropriate for Spike at that time. Bitey boy! LOL

Thank you!

What can I say? Evil vampire!! lol

05/14/2006 03:37 pm
Chapter 2         
Wow cannot believe the Master dusted Dru! I loved the fighting by his side thing
Yes, poor Dru... the Master signed his death warrant by doing that!

04/28/2006 07:21 am
Chapter 2         
I'm really liking this so far!

After the bitey at the end, I'm anxiously awaiting the next chapter.
Thank you. I'm glad you are enjoying it.

04/28/2006 06:51 am
Chapter 2         
Whoa, that was fantab!! And that twist in the end....sweetie, more! Gotta find out what's gonna happen next before I completely freak out.
LOL more soon, sweetie.. I am just trying to finish off a particularly trying fightscene and then it is all done... hopefully tomorrow (if I get time to sit down and write) or the day after at the latest.

04/28/2006 06:50 am
Chapter 2         
Now that was unexpected. Excellent chapter, C! Can't wait to see what happens next.
Thanks, Slink! The next chap is nearly done... I can see the light at the end of the tunnel *fightscene* LOL.

04/28/2006 12:35 am
Chapter 2         
great read, but a very evil place to stop. evil cliffies are become epidemic.(must be red wulf's fault.) thanks for the fine read.
LOL... I think it is a House of Bloodshed trait!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.

04/27/2006 10:50 pm
Chapter 2         
Oh my gosh ... evil way to end the chapter. Did Spike expect that to happen? Is he just tasting or killing? Oh my ... more more more please.
I don't know what you're talking about, I would NEVER end a chap on a cliff-hanger! LOL

All will be revealed in the next chapter... which will be up as soon as I can get this rotten, stinking fight scene to work!! The rest is all written.

04/27/2006 07:20 pm
Chapter 2         
Yikes! Good fight scene with the Master, Spike and Buffy. Is Spike going to kill or turn her? Evil cliffie there. More story please.
Thanks I'm glad you liked it... especially the fight scene as it was what took so long... and it is another fight scene that is holding up the next chapter... I just can't quite get it to work the way I want it to!

04/27/2006 04:20 pm
Chapter 2         
oh dear now what. This is so well written
Thank you! *blushes* I am so very glad you like it.

04/27/2006 02:20 pm
Chapter 2         
Evil cliffhanger! I really love this story.

Personally I'm hoping for VampBuffy, one of my favorite plot devices. Evil VampBuffy is by far the best.

Can't wait for more.
Thank you! LOL... yes, it was a fun place to leave it, wasn't it!?

Hopefully the next chapter will be along soon.

04/27/2006 12:05 pm
Chapter 2         
I hope that's only a sip he's taking!
Thanks for reviewing! *evil grin* You'll just have to wait for the next chapter to find out.

04/27/2006 11:24 am
Chapter 2         
Oh my gosh! After all that, he bites her?!
LOL... well he IS evil!

04/27/2006 10:45 am
Chapter 2         
Okay, that was an evil cliff-hanger. :nod: This was a fantastic chapter, I love how Buffy and Spike worked together to defeat the old man. And I am really looking forward to the next chapter and the answer to the evil cliff-hanger.
Evil cliff-hanger?? Would I do that? LOL.

Yes, the Master needed to be taught a lesson... and Spike and Buffy were just the ones to do the teaching!

08/05/2015 06:47 pm
Chapter 1         
"what's left?"


02/18/2009 02:06 pm
Chapter 1         
Oh, slinky sexy Spike how I do so love hime.  Poor Buffy.  The things they put into her head early on.  
Predatory Spike is definitely sexy! lol

Thank you!

08/08/2007 09:21 am
Chapter 1         
Been reading S1&2 all night. glad you had more then one. Love your writing. Always a joy to read.

07/18/2007 04:54 pm
Chapter 1         
You know...I always wondered why Angel (who FIRST read that prophecy) didn't just go kill old bat face himself to spare Buffy instead of just heading home to wait word on her demise.

I think Spike would have acted just like this had he been there.

Off to finish this one.....excellent retelling, hon.

Um...because in S1 he was not only a self-centred, manipulative arse he was also a coward? LOL

Thanks, sweetie!

05/14/2006 03:34 pm
Chapter 1         
I like this introduction of Spike into this place in the BTVS world - nice!
Thank you.. I always love Spike in 'predator mode'.

04/15/2006 04:16 am
Chapter 1         
great start always! Love the all confident 'big bad' spikey.

Cant wait to see where you take us

Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying it. I love Big Bad evil Spike too... he is a lot of fun to write.

04/14/2006 09:25 pm
Chapter 1         
interesting beginning. spike can even motivate a depondent slayer. thanks for the great read.
Thanks! The best way to get Buffy out of a funk was always to piss her off... and from the moment they met Spike was always good at pissing buffy off when he wanted to! lol The enxt chap should be along soon... it is with my beta at the moment.

04/14/2006 10:30 am
Chapter 1         
OMG!! Another great story, I can tell. Oooh, this is a great intro, sweetie, and I can't wait for more!!
Thanks, sweetie! I'm so glad you are enjoying it! Chapter 2 is with Amy now so as soon as she gets time in her very busy schedule to go through it I'll pop it up.

04/14/2006 08:10 am
Chapter 1         
Did he charge her up enough to dust the bat faced git before he drowns her? More story please.
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. More soon.

04/14/2006 08:01 am
Chapter 1         
fabulous beginning! I love what you're doing with this episode. It always seemed to me pretty silly that Buffy just walked into it too. Looking forward to more!
Thanks! I'm glad you are enjoying it... I do hope you like where I take it!

The rest of the fic is all written except for one scene in each chap that just don't want to write. Unfortunately they are important scenes or I'd just write around the bloody things.

04/14/2006 04:30 am
Chapter 1         
Very interesting I am really looking forward to where you take this.
Thanks! I hope you continue to enjoy it.

04/14/2006 02:24 am
Chapter 1         
Ooo ... love the start to this. Can't wait to see more of it. {bounces eagerly}
Thank you! I hope to have more soon.

04/14/2006 01:47 am
Chapter 1         
Oh, very interesting so far. I can't wait to see what Spike's gonna do. And if Buffy stands up for herself this time.
Thanks! I hope to have the next chap done soon... *nudges muse* I just have this one little scene to finish!

04/14/2006 12:27 am
Chapter 1         
Intersting start, cant wait to read more!
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

just sue
04/14/2006 12:13 am
Chapter 1         
Yummy! Love the slant this one is taking. Looking forward to more, hun. Hoping it's soon.
Thanks, sweetie! I hope the next chapter will be along soon... it is all done except for this one little scene that just doesn't want to be written *sigh*