To Save a Lady by slaymesoftly

12/07/2018 02:50 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
Great to read this one again - 
I'm glad it held up for you.

06/07/2016 12:39 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
I've just been back for a re-read. Still one of my favourite Time Travel Spuffy stories.
Still wondering what Dru has in mind for Giles... and how the Spuffy relationship alters future events.
Every once in a while I remember that the potential for a far future story is implicit in the Epilogue to this fic. But I seem to forget about it before I can do anything about it.

01/22/2016 08:04 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
Fun piece, especially for the genuine touches of Victorian class and sexual culture. Good voicing, and (as usual) excellent plotting.
Thank you. It was fun to write, so I'm glad you enjoyed it.

01/16/2015 07:25 pm
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
It was great reading this story again - It's one of my favorite of your works - I love how you used the Iniative machine to send them back to England and their encounter with the Angelus, Darla and Dru.  I liked all the elements you used - the subsidiary characters were just enough to make them interesting without taking over the story of Buffy and Spike.  
Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's one of my favorites too.

12/14/2013 12:39 pm
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
I didn't leave a review when I first read it, because I was so hungry for your next stories. Now, however, after having read them all, I can say this is one of my favourites. Great description of Victorian England, lovely Spuffy, fantastic characterisation (even if slightly ooc in case of Dru). Enjoyed it from start to finish and hope you do revisit it some day to find out how the Dru-Giles thing developed and explain the effect of blood exchanges on Buffy,
You tend to leave your stories not completely concluded, but luckily you go back to some of them (even after many years - "The Gentleman...", so I hope this will be one of those.
This is one of my favs too. I'm glad you like it.
 I don't wrap my stories up completely for several reasons: #1 - my goal when writing them (usually) is simply to get Buffy and Spike through whatever obstacles are in the way and into a relationship.  Sometimes it's just the barest acknowledgement that they are beginng a relationship, and sometimes it's pretty well-defined and secure. But life will obviously go on from there, I'm just not going to follow it. . #2 - real life has no ending (until you die) and rarely does everything wrap up neatly, so there will always be possibilities out there in the future that cannot be known or included in one fic. Hence, in this one, leaving the suggestion that Dru could come back for Giles (which I suspect I will write someday...) and that Buffy's life may be extended in some fashion. #3 - if it's a terribly long fic already, or just a shorter one that has ended in a good place, I do like to leave some room to revisit that world someday and write a sequel.  (In all honesty, that's not usually intentional, but it does work out that way a lot. lol)

01/22/2013 03:41 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
Loved it!!! 
Yay!  Thanks for telling me.

10/14/2012 04:09 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
I am coming to the BtVS universe very late, but find that I am enjoying the fanfiction immensely. You are my very favorite and I loved this story! Please keep writing.
Thank you. I hope you enjoy your stay in the Buffyverse!

07/09/2011 03:17 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
Oh, and the story's pretty good too... 
Thanks.  I like it.

07/09/2011 03:16 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
Giles and Dru?  mmmmmmmm....  Mr. Muse finds that so very exciting...

Runs off, grabbing pen and paper on way to garrett...

Hee! Go for it! Lord knows I've done nothing with that dangling situation...

06/29/2011 12:59 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
Sorry about that last post v v.  What i was trying to say was Love Love Love this fic.  I have been away from this ship for so long, then i started re-watching the series and remembered how wonderful the Spike/Buffy dynamic is.  Got me wondering if any good fic still existed, and one my very first try I find this lovely gem.  Thank you for reminding me what good fic can be. 

Welcome back!  I'm so glad you enjoyed it.  If you've been gone a long time, you have a whole bunch of awesome stuff written in the past several years that you can get your Spuffy fix with.  Have fun.

06/29/2011 12:55 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
just getting this out of here, cause it bugs me and I think I haven't answered a review.

01/31/2011 11:17 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         

This is such a great Spuffy story - it was a pleasure reading it again your treatment for all the characters was excellent and I enjoyed their time in England. 

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the reread. It was fun to write and is one of my favorites.

12/02/2010 06:56 pm
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
Great story! So original! I never read some plot during the past in William's life so well set in that atmosphere...Spike and Buffy devolop the love in a lovely way...and you have given lot of beautiful details as Buffy deffending his poet, how the rutinary life goes, how important is the Slayer believe in herself,etc.
All my congrats! I enjoy a lot reading you!
Thank you,. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

12/02/2010 07:56 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         

06/22/2010 04:36 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
Lovely tale!  The appearance of Drusilla finding Ripper was a surprise though.   And I like your inferred message regarding the claim.
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was one of my favorites while writing it.

04/28/2010 09:07 pm
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
Hi there! Just finished this story and wanted to let you know how much I truly adore it. I'm not usually a fan of time travel fics, usually sticking to stories that take place in Sunnydale for the most part but when I saw you took them back into Spikes real past I had to see what happened and I'm so glad now that I read it! The characterization of Dru really threw me for a loop because it was such a great twist on the character and her devotion to Spike that she allowed him to go and be with Buffy instead of trying to take him back..almost made me wonder if she'd gotten her own version of a soul along the way because the Dru we saw on tv I doubt seriously would have been so 'gracious' about things, if you know what I mean lol. Simply a wonderful fic all around, as everything of yours I've read is, but this is by far my favorite.
I'm so glad you liked it. It happens to be one of my favorites too.

01/31/2010 06:22 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
That was fantastic. keep up the good work!
Thank you . I try.

12/21/2009 10:21 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
Great to read this one again - I was really needing a Good Spuffy fix  -
Glad you could get it here.

10/19/2008 06:06 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
This really is my favorite story of yours. Thanks for treating Dru fairly, and for giving Buffy and Spike a real happy end.
I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's probably my favorite story too.

12/22/2007 03:33 pm
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
I'm so happy I got to reread this - it is definitely one of my favourites.
Thank you. It's one of my favs, too.

02/12/2007 06:08 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
WOW! That was amazing. I could definitely see a sequel, maybe? I would like to see Dawn enter the pic. Find out about when Spike and Buffy figure out about the immortality issue. Also, what happens between Dru and Ripper?
Thanks - this is one of my fav fics and I will have to revisit it someday in the future to see how everything is shaking out for Giles and Dru.

01/22/2007 12:59 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
Great story

11/29/2006 10:20 pm
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
I liked that Dru marked Giles, it made my laugh. Glad it ended well.
Lovely story.
Thank you - I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

09/22/2006 05:29 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
Oh I just love this fic. Spike having to relive his life as William, Buffy getting to know the real man, Angel getting staked at last, Riley getting his just desserts and lots and lots of Spuffy lovin'... just perfect. Thank you.
Then there's that teasing little hint at the end... so where's the sequel explaining the effects of the claim on Buffy's lifespan then?
Hee! I did leave it open -room to expand several themes - but it's not in the works right now.
I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for reading.

Azabeth Knight
09/21/2006 01:42 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
This is a beautifully written story which enjoyed from beginning to end. Nice and angsty with believable characterizations and driven plot. Can't wait to read your next story
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. Most of my stories are archived on this site.

09/09/2006 01:37 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
I loved this story. It was great!!! Sequal, PLEASE!!!! ^_^
LOL Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

06/19/2006 03:04 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
how sweet...excellent ending, with a bit of an open-ender there...giles would make an excellent vampire i think
Bit open-ended, yes. Dru might be on to something, don't you think? Thanks for the consistent reviews.

06/19/2006 03:01 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
24: awesome chapter, very well done...i thoroughly enjoyed this fic, very well thought out with good characterization...and dru came through in the end...excellent story

06/08/2006 09:03 pm
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
I just read your story all the way through and enjoyed it very much, especially the bit back in time.

Although I was taken a back at the mention of shoe polish their last night in London, because I missed the initial mention of the shoe polish to tone down Spike's hair so he too could blend in to the era. I would have enjoyed the bantor and description of that scene.

Since I finished reading late last night I think I was too groggy to understand the portrayal of Dru's actions at the end. Was that a set up for a sequal?
Hi anony, Thanks for the comments, I'm glad you enjoyed the story, it's one of my favs. I had to sneak the shoe polish in when my beta reminded me that Spike's hair would have been a bit of shock to everyone, so I just added it to a chapter as a throw-away line to explain why everybody wasn't asking about his hair.

Not sure what I'm going to do about Dru - obviously, with the hint that Buffy will live longer than normal, and Dru's mark on Giles, she could pay another visit well into the future and I could do a whole other story based on that. But I have no plot bunnies for it right now, so no immediate plans to do so. Just wanted to leave the fic with some things not resolved, just like in real life...

05/07/2006 12:38 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
Oh yeah! My guess is immortality to the Slayer (woo hoo).

I rather like Dru and Giles (would that be Diles or Driles or Gru or Giru???) if Giles could keep his soul...we wouldn't want another Angelus!

Lovely from start to end. I couldn't stop reading so have spent the entire day in the Spuffy bliss that only comes from wonderfully written stories by gifted writers.

I'm so glad you liked it. It's one of my favs. Thank you for the regular reviews - I don't know why I only was notified about one of them.

10/24/2005 10:50 am
Chapters 24 - Epilogue         
Hmm, does that mean she won't age? I just read this whole thing now and I'm really! I stare at this computer way too much. I definitely enjoyed this story, especially when they were in the past. You wrote that very well. I admit that some of it was hard for me to get through, but I think I managed pretty well. Good job, as always=)
Thank you, Tammy. I enjoyed the past stuff the most too - but had to bring them back eventually.

04/28/2010 10:50 am
Chapters 19 - 23         
Is it odd that I kinda feel a tiny bit bad for Dru here? lol She's all alone now...unless she decides to make herself a new 'toy' while she waits out Buffy to try and get Spike back. Gotta sting a bit to lose almost all of your family at once and watch the one you love walk away with his new mate. Excellent story thusfar, sad to see I'm almost at the end now.
LOL Well, she's not having a good week, for sure, but she might be all right.

06/19/2006 02:54 am
Chapters 19 - 23         
23: what an excellent chpater! good ending for angel, too...i agree, angel and angelus are one and the same..glad they both got out with minimal damage
Nothing vamp/slayer healing can't handle.

06/19/2006 02:47 am
Chapters 19 - 23         
22: oh no!!! buffy! i knew it was gonna get bad!! spike has to find her and help her...except with the dream and all...oh to read more

06/19/2006 02:44 am
Chapters 19 - 23         
21: wow...this is gonna get pretty scary i can tell..wondering about buffy's dreams and to read more now

06/19/2006 02:38 am
Chapters 19 - 23         
20: wow..i actually feel kind of bad for riley, but at the same time kind of serves him with fire and all that... another excellent chapter..reading on now

06/19/2006 02:26 am
Chapters 19 - 23         
19: i admire spike, taking it so well while she lets riley down easy...i'm just glad he's not chipped anymore, in case riley gets any ideas...great chapter
You know Riley has ideas - they just aren't going to come to much...

05/07/2006 12:16 am
Chapters 19 - 23         
Yes, I can see Dru waiting to outlive Buffy to get her Spike back but I don't think he'll ever be the Spike she knew and loved.

Wonderful installment. Can't say I'm sorry about Angel/us. If TPTB need a new champion they always have Spike. *G*

That they do...

07/09/2011 02:00 am
Chapters 14 - 18         
damn, woman, you know how to keep a person in suspense!


11/05/2009 07:47 pm
Chapters 14 - 18         
Here I am thoroughly enjoying this story AGAIN!  I read it a long time ago and just rediscovered it.  So see?  People are still enjoying your old stories as well as the newer ones!!!

(The nice thing about not having reread it for a while is that I've forgotten a lot of details, so it is kind of like reading it for the first tiem--although I definitely remember that wonderful slap-down you had Buffy give Cecily at the party!)
I'm glad it holds up for you on rereading. It is one of my favorites.  Thanks for letting me know that you enjoyed it.

11/29/2006 08:17 pm
Chapters 14 - 18         
Ohh, making me excited at the end. I'm curious, wanting to know if Buffy and Spike got home.
Great chapters.
Thanks! I hope you like the rest of it.

06/19/2006 12:19 am
Chapters 14 - 18         
18: wow...this is so exciting, cant wait to see what happens! and how angelus is going to come into it again! excellent chapter!

06/19/2006 12:14 am
Chapters 14 - 18         
17: why does buffy have to be so dumb about things? come on, girl! he's the one! forget about stupid riley and stupid angel! grrr!

06/19/2006 12:05 am
Chapters 14 - 18         
16: they *should* have contradicted him! riley makes me so mad! grrr! he's gonna cause trouble, i know...and i think angelus got molly...this story is getting better with every chapter
Yeah, pretty sure Riley isn't going to take it well... Thank you - I'm glad you're still liking it.

06/18/2006 11:56 pm
Chapters 14 - 18         
15: wow was that ever intense...and points for creative use of the mirror ... great update

06/18/2006 11:50 pm
Chapters 14 - 18         
14: xander's gonna screw things up if he's not careful...but i love his (still snarky) but slightly less hateful attitude toward spike in this fic thanx for another great chapter
Xander's pretty much messed up already, hasn't he? LOL On the plus side, he's the reason they are having this chance to get to know each other better.

05/11/2006 07:36 pm
Chapters 14 - 18         
I just loved the bit where Spike told Buffy he loved her, it was romantic.

07/08/2011 08:11 pm
Chapters 7 - 13         
You do know you're addictive, right? 
It's Spike - he's irresistible.

06/22/2010 01:01 am
Chapters 7 - 13         
So romantic (sighs wistfully)...

11/29/2006 04:04 pm
Chapters 7 - 13         
Lovely chapters, loved the way Buffy took care of Angelus in the end.
Thank you - I'm glad you liked it. I'm very fond of it, actually.

06/18/2006 05:41 pm
Chapters 7 - 13         
13: spike is so sweet, so loving and good to her..*sigh* lucky girl...but something tells me things are gonna get bad...
Oh, not too bad - sad, maybe, but survivable.

06/18/2006 05:38 pm
Chapters 7 - 13         
12: oh yes...very interesting indeed...cant wait to see how he takes *this*
LOL - welcome to the hellmouth, Spike!

06/18/2006 05:34 pm
Chapters 7 - 13         
11: another excellent chapter...i dont know if buffy's quite ready to face chipless spike yet...i hope so though...he should be honest with her because if she finds out another way then he's in trouble...
She might surprise you...

06/18/2006 05:31 pm
Chapters 7 - 13         
10: and of course someone will find them in that utterly compromising position...very hot chapter

06/18/2006 01:52 pm
Chapters 7 - 13         
9: i actually like dru..huh...go figure excellent chapter
Dru can be a very interesting character - you never know what she's going to do....

06/18/2006 01:46 pm
Chapters 7 - 13         
8: oh wow...this is getting scary...and i just remembered, they wont run into past!Spike because he was sent to the present! lol *blonde moment* another excellent chapter
Hee, NP - have them all the time myself (except now we call them "senior moments" LOL

06/18/2006 01:39 pm
Chapters 7 - 13         
7: awww...she is coming around, isn't she...slowly but surely...poor spike, wish she would be a bit more this new life of theirs, even if it is temporary
Yeah, she's getting the picture...but old habits are hard to break.

05/06/2006 10:14 pm
Chapters 7 - 13         
Oh and intense bloodplay with the sex.

Love the mental image of Angelus toppling off the roof (and Buffy telling him to get the hell off of her roof was a delight! I always wanted her to say that to him.)

Excellent.....just sorry I hadn't found this one sooner *G*

Hee! Glad you liked her little fit of temper.

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Chapters Prologue - 6         
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I think you sent this to the wrong person. Or, noted the wrong fic.

02/09/2009 02:13 am
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Congratulations!  You've been rec'd!

The Reader's Have Chosen is a new fanfiction recommendation community dedicated to finding the best of the best in fandoms across the boards, and sharing them with other authors and avid readers.  Your story, To Save a Lady, has been rec'd and is now being voted on in the Weekly Poll Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Fellow fandom-aficionados will vote for their favorites of all the recommendations, and the stories with the most votes will be posted on the front page.

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You can find the Buffy Weekly Poll at (without spaces): http : // thereadershavechosen . eternflame .com/ forum/ index. php? topic = 498.0
Thank you for letting me know. I'll certainly check it out.

07/11/2006 07:09 pm
Chapters Prologue - 6         
I'm really enjoying this story. Can't wait to see what happens next. I love the fact that Buffy is getting to see another side of Spike. I also love that they're having basically the same thoughts about each other but are afraid to share them. Great characterization.

Thanks - I hope you continue to enjoy it.

06/18/2006 04:43 am
Chapters Prologue - 6         
6: i love how she's slowly softening to him..another excellent chapter, i'm starting to get scared for them
Thanks for the reviews for these chapters - yep, WR&H, and things can get ugly before they get better...

06/18/2006 04:40 am
Chapters Prologue - 6         
5: another excellent chapter...let me guess..would the law firm be wolfram and hart by any chance? lol...loving this story, can't wait to see if they run into his old self

06/18/2006 04:37 am
Chapters Prologue - 6         
4: they're so hilarious when they're bickering as usual...excellent chapter

06/18/2006 04:34 am
Chapters Prologue - 6         
3: oh wow...doubt she'll find much she likes, excellent chapter
no mini-skirts, I'm sure! lol

06/18/2006 02:13 am
Chapters Prologue - 6         
2: spike automatically comforting her..but the moment she really wakes up, they're back to their usual snarky selves... lol
Yep - still living there in de land of de Nile...

06/18/2006 02:06 am
Chapters Prologue - 6         
1: take that, buffy! she's so irritating, all making assumptions and all cocky with him!! grrr!! interesting story so far, reading more now

06/18/2006 01:42 am
Chapters Prologue - 6         
oh what an excellent opening! this looks to be an awesome story! off to read more
Thanks. This is one of my favs, so I hope you enjoy it.

05/11/2006 06:53 pm
Chapters Prologue - 6         
This story is fantastic. I think you are a really good writer. The characters feel real, the plot is interesting and detailed and best of all the sexual tension between them really works.
Thank you. I hope you continue to like it.

05/06/2006 09:17 pm
Chapters Prologue - 6         
Went on a search to fill a bit of time while dealing with writers block and came across this gem. OOo I LOVE this to continue reading.


10/07/2005 10:33 am
Chapters Prologue - 6         
Judy 09/10/2005 @ 07:40 am Email Really loved this story. Read the whole thing in one night. Oracleholly 08/22/2005 @ 11:38 pm Email Yay! I finally got a chance to read the final chaps.. .What a great story. The last bit with Drusilla and Giles -- whoa nelly (plot bunny)! I enjoyed discussing the time travel stuff with you before you started, and I enjoyed watching the story develop. Congrats on writing an excellent fic. Irissss 08/21/2005 @ 09:27 pm Just finished the story and wanted to say that I really enjoyed it. Thanks for writing. Irene 08/21/2005 @ 05:09 pm I really love this story and I love the ending, but I got to know are you planning a sequel? Manda 08/21/2005 @ 02:50 pm Thank you. This is a wonderful, well written story and I had a great time reading it (so glad it was complete by the time I found it ) Normally I'm not a fan of time travel fics but this one got me hooked and I couldn't stop reading it...definitely one of my favourites. margaret 08/21/2005 @ 02:51 am Email thank you for this great story and the lovely happy ending., i love the ripper/dru twist! margaret romero 08/21/2005 @ 02:21 am This is a great story. Thank you. Holly 08/21/2005 @ 12:43 am Email URL Wow. This is undoubtedly one of the best fics I've read in a long, long time. It took up my whole night, but DAMN, was it worth it. I loved absolutely everything about it. The gradual trust, the setting, the way you didn't stereotype the Scoobies, or really Riley all too much...the sweet, sensuous love scenes, claiming...jesus, it was all so, so gorgeous. Definitely one of the best I've read in a while. You, my dear, have outdone yourself. Bravo! Steph 08/20/2005 @ 02:41 am awesome that story just rocked....A fantastic job! Lynda 08/20/2005 @ 12:21 am Email Perfect & Wonderful story with glipse of forever happiness. Tamara 08/19/2005 @ 11:59 pm Email Great story! I loved every bit of it. One small error (or not you did say you tweaked) . Willow said that she would call Fred and Fred didn't show up until Buffy died in the gift so Willow would probably call Wesley or Cordelia. The greedy bastard was trying to build a harem wasn't he? Rhonda 08/19/2005 @ 11:11 pm Email Hate to see this end but it was a great ride. And what do you mean decades...??? I am just glad that Buffy and Spike had a long time together.. And what about Dru coming back for Giles. You left so many questions but it was great to see. Loved the story. Opal 08/19/2005 @ 09:46 pm Wonderful ending! vladt 08/19/2005 @ 09:25 pm Email great story. thanks for the work. would love to read what happens when Dru comes back for Giles. Kat 08/19/2005 @ 08:47 pm Email What an amazing story. now that it is done I might have to read it over again. I love it. I would love to see a sequel at some point but I love it as it is anyways. Iona 08/19/2005 @ 04:39 pm Email “You know if anything happened to you, I’d lie on your grave and wait for the sun to rise, don’t you?” That was so sweet... I'm a HUGE romantic. *sigh* If one only could get a boyfriend that loves you as much as Spike loves Buffy... Well, anyway, =) GREAT story! Absolutely wonderful! Keep up the good work! MarzBar 08/19/2005 @ 04:10 pm Email Nice ending! Captain Cardboard and Angelus done for! You certainly left us interested in a sequel. Thank you for sharing your talent. ~*~Tasha~*~ 08/19/2005 @ 02:01 pm Email URL {claps, cheers and stands} Wonderful ending to the story. I loved Dru's little bit of marking of Giles too. That was a nice touch. A wonderful story all around. Well written. You have such a great grasp on the characters. Bravo! I look forward to whatever your next writing project turns out to be. DK 08/19/2005 @ 12:41 pm What a wonderful ending! Thanks for ending the fearsome trio. Dru might come back, but we know that Spike and Buffy can handle it. It has been a great ride reading this story. MarzBar 08/04/2005 @ 03:19 am Yay!! Riley got offed! Will there be more of this story?
posted from old site

10/07/2005 10:31 am
Chapters Prologue - 6         
Deb 10/02/2005 @ 05:32 am Email Great story. Loved the William/Spike dynamic, allowing his victorian background to support and provide respite for Buffy. Glad your Buffy is strong without being hateful.
thank you - I'm glad you liked it. I prefer Buffy a little less judgemental than she became on the show