God Bless St. Valentine by slaymesoftly

02/22/2012 08:40 pm
God Bless St. Valentine         
awww! that was sweet and hot

03/25/2008 07:08 pm
God Bless St. Valentine         
So,this is the way things could be between Spike and Buffy if Buffy treats Spike well.Loved it,and...whoa! What a Valentine's present!

02/16/2008 07:38 pm
God Bless St. Valentine         
*reads prequel first* Oh Anya sounds as if nobody is intend to see the article. *wonders* Oh that kind of article *gg* I should have thought of it because it came from Anya ;-)
Loved that Buffy could show her trust; that meant a lot for Spike.
It did. That was the real present - that she trusted him so much. Thanks for reading, the other one will make more sense to you now. :)

02/16/2008 05:04 am
God Bless St. Valentine         
Oh, nice story! And I'm pretty sure that's the sweetest banner of all time.
Thank you, and, yes, it is a lovely banner, isn't it? Selene is a goddess. ;)

02/02/2008 10:23 pm
God Bless St. Valentine         
The best ever!!.
LOL - Thanks!

09/22/2006 06:21 pm
God Bless St. Valentine         
Oh if only.....
We wish, huh?

03/15/2006 09:54 pm
God Bless St. Valentine         
Congratulations on this being the featured Challenge Response on the BSV this week. I remember when I read this the first time. It was pretty hilarious. Can you just imagine Anya and Buffy talking about how to give a good blow job? Oh man. Too funny. You answered this challenge with your usual flair, wonderfully.
Thanks - I'm glad you liked it.

02/21/2006 12:29 pm
God Bless St. Valentine         
Loved it. Specially the bit about the banana!
hee! Thanks.

02/19/2006 05:03 am
God Bless St. Valentine         
trust is everthing. beautiful valentine. thanks
Thank you. Glad you liked.

02/16/2006 02:46 pm
God Bless St. Valentine         
God I love it when they are sweetly tentative with each other like that - thnks a million.
thank you - I do too.

02/16/2006 01:23 am
God Bless St. Valentine         
That was simply amazing! wow!
thank you !

02/15/2006 12:23 am
God Bless St. Valentine         
OMG that was so freaking hot. Wonderful little smutty oeauce, *happy lustful sigh*

02/14/2006 09:13 pm
God Bless St. Valentine         
“I would never have been able to be that...open...with anyone else. You’re the only one I trust that much.”

And that meant more to Spike whan anything she could have said!

I love this....it's hot but also emotional. Very well done story and just right for Valentines Day (unless, of course Buffy jumped out of the Nile and told him she had the good sense to love him...). Excellent. Thanks for sharing.

Still giggling over Spike's threat to unsuspecting bananas!
Thanks - glad you liked it. Buffy's not ready to leave the river yet...but she took a step closer.

12/18/2005 12:44 am
God Bless St. Valentine         
AWWW! How sweet at the end! I really liked this little story. Sometimes it is nice to read a story that is only a chapter long. VERY good! I actually have that book, and have never read it, I think I will have to go check it out now!!!
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.