It's All About the Blood by slaymesoftly

01/16/2014 01:17 pm
Chapters 1 - 10 1/2         
Another wonderful story from one of my favorite Buffyverse writers - 
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

07/15/2013 12:08 am
Chapters 1 - 10 1/2         
I've been reading season 4 Spuffy fics pretty obsessively for the last week or two, and I just wanted to let you know that this is pretty much my favorite. Perfect length - not so long that it's lots of drawn out drama with tons of external conflict, but not so short that eternal love happens out of nowhere. Beautiful characterization, and the timing of their feelings and relationship changing was perfect. Thanks for writing.
Thanks for reading. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. It was fun to write.

07/03/2011 06:50 pm
Chapters 1 - 10 1/2         
This is one of yours I've never read before.  Glad it turned up in the roster.   Yum, hot fluffy Spuffy!
I'm glad you found it and liked it.  It was a bit silly, but fun Spuffy to write.

10/17/2008 10:07 pm
Chapters 1 - 10 1/2         
fine tale, thank you. (thanks to the forum, too.)

12/01/2006 02:33 pm
Chapters 1 - 10 1/2         
I could kill Riley right now, beating up Spike like that.
Great chapters.
He'll get his - trust me.

10/16/2005 11:02 am
Chapters 1 - 10 1/2         
I love this fic, all I can say is, wonderful! I'm so glad the new non-bitey category was added so I have a whole new selection of your fic to love!
lol. Thanks!