Forgiveness Drabble by Irishrose

07/18/2006 01:35 am
Forgiveness Drabble         
Nicely done.

07/04/2006 08:07 pm
Forgiveness Drabble         
So beautiful and sweet, thank you

07/04/2006 07:19 am
Forgiveness Drabble         
This little drabble really touched my heart. *wipes away a tear* I absolutely loved it! :)

07/04/2006 02:23 am
Forgiveness Drabble         
my heart is in my throat...that's so beautiful..very sweet, very true to the characters and showing a great insight into the situation...great job :)
Aww, shucks. *blushes*

To me, those words meant so much more than their superficial meaning. What had to happen in her heart, just to say those words, speaks though them. And I though it was probably the first (and possibly only) moment that he truly felt forgiveness.

07/04/2006 02:01 am
Forgiveness Drabble         
Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for reading.

07/04/2006 12:58 am
Forgiveness Drabble         
ahhhh wonderful drabble!
Thank you! My muse likes to tease me now and again.

07/04/2006 12:07 am
Forgiveness Drabble         
*sniff* Very nice! *busts out crying*
hehe..Thank you very much. Glad you enjoyed it!