Dream Lover by slaymesoftly

02/09/2012 08:13 pm
That was short but really good.
Glad you enjoyed it. :)

09/24/2011 11:55 pm
So very romantic.  I love it!
Thank you.

09/09/2011 06:38 pm
That was touching, and kind of funny.  Especially the part where Dawn comes in. 

Of course Buffy was grieving... and of course, in a real world, Spike would have known this and at least put her out of her misery.

I have to say I never did understand the strategy of the writers in season five of Angel.  There's no way that an in character Spike would ever stay there and not go to see Buffy unless someone had told him she didn't care.  They could have finessed it by saying she was busy in England setting the new council up, and have them talk on the phone, and maybe even visit her (off screen)...  but they way they wrote it was totally out of character for Spike.  Of course, it's given some of us fodder for coming up with reasons for why he might stay away, but fan fic aside, it was a terrible choice if they weren't estranged...  and the way things ended with them was epic, not estranged.

Regarding the trip to Italy: There is no way he wouldn't make a scene with the Immortal... Even if he was in touch with his inner William, he'd at least 'test the waters' by going over and saying 'hi', especially with Angel in tow -- b/c they were competitors... Though what Angel thought he could offer her without the soul permanently intact never made sense... but that's just one more reason I hated that episode.  Oddly, I started out life liking Angel the series better, but once I bought the two series and I saw the whole arc, Buffy (and Spike) won hands down.

Ah, glad you liked it. Had to think for a minute to remember what it was about. :)  (there are drawbacks to being so prolific - sometimes you end up going ..."Oh? really? did I write that?" lol)  I'm not thrilled with Buffy's ongoing tears - why would the reader cry if the character is wailing all the time? - but I tried to injuect enough humor to make up for the OOC weeping.  I can see her imagining him every night - he'd been such a big part of her life for so long, especially that last year.

Yeah, I couldn't see Spike just calmly accepting that Buffy was right there in the room having a good time and not making some kind of a scene. The whole episode was pretty disappointing. IMHO 

03/29/2008 02:58 pm
It was so intense,so it made me cry.So,I loved it.:)
LOL Um, sorry? Didn't mean to make you cry. ;)

12/05/2006 08:46 am
I'm glad Spike survived, and I'm glad be went back to Buffy. Great story.
Thanks I think we're all glad he survived. :)

09/24/2006 01:39 pm
{sniff} more tissues please... {sniff} roflol
Sigh - *hands you another box* :)

07/20/2006 02:57 pm
oh my patti that was freaking amazing my eyes teared up when reading this, It was simply amazing.
Thanks - glad you liked it!

07/18/2006 02:11 am
ROFL!! I got a kick out of Dawn's rant at the end. I liked this reunion. Nice fiction.
Thanks -

07/12/2006 12:18 am
Awe, loved it :-D (And Dawn was fun, it did fit in here too) :-D

07/06/2006 12:02 am
beautiful read, thanks. dawn's was hilarious. thanks, again.
thank you. Glad you liked.

07/05/2006 07:11 pm
Thanks for answering all our prayers!
LOL we aim to please!

07/05/2006 06:39 pm
This was exceptional. I really enjoyed it.
Thank you. I'm glad you did.

07/05/2006 11:59 am
She's going to have a lovely alarm call tomorrow morning.
Yes, tomorrow is going to be a much happier day.

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07/05/2006 06:43 am
wow...that was so sweet..i loved dawn's little cameo appearance... great lines there :P...buffy's certainty that he was a hallucination was simply heartbreaking...lovely fic :)
Thank you,jl. A bit of happy angst for the night.

07/05/2006 06:20 am
I loved Dawn's reaction to finding Spike, it made me both laugh and cry. This was really a beautiful and sweet reunion.
Thank you - so glad you liked

07/05/2006 06:12 am
“Who would I talk to if I stop dreaming about you?”--Oh my god... I am in love with this story. So simple and sweet and clearly they have more issues to work through, but the innocence... talking like no one is listeneing or at the very least talking as though you wouldn't be judged. So simple and they were so marvelous. Wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing.
Thank you for the thoughtful review!*hugs*

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07/05/2006 06:02 am
Very beautiful and sweet.
Thank you.

07/05/2006 05:35 am
Wonderful and so perfect.
Thank you.

07/05/2006 03:29 am
I really liked that. It is a cool idea to have Buffy hallucinate about Spike. One thing, though, the statement of "until his last breath" doesn't really work b/c Spike is a vamp and doesn't breathe. Maybe you should use "until dust" or something.
LOL - doesn't need to, but does everytime he tries to scent something or speak. Regardless of the inconsistent (and physically impossible) canon treatment of vampires and breathing, air movement in and out is necessary both for inhaling scents and speech, so I think I'll leave it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though - in another circumstance it would, no doubt, have needed fixing. :)

07/05/2006 03:23 am
Absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

07/05/2006 03:12 am
What a lovely reunion story, I really enjoyed it! Thanks for the great read. :)
thanks for reading!

07/05/2006 03:08 am
lol loved dawn telling spike he had til morning to come up with a good excuse of she was gonna dust his ass
LOL - Kind of seemed like a Dawn thing to do, you know?