You Always Hurt the One You Love by slaymesoftly

05/05/2013 07:44 pm
Something HAD to happen to save Spike from the sun! I don't think he would have had the strength to pull himself into a dumpster as others have surmised.  In other words,  I like your explanation because of Buffy not being surprised when Spike showed up at the party.  
I seem to have an obsession with Dead Things and how Spike gets home safely. I've written 3 Spuffy fics and one Spike,Xander friendship.  lol  I'm glad you enjoyed this one. 

02/10/2012 12:59 am
all that cannot be /all/ . where's the rest? bah! anyway always a pleasure to read.
lol Thanks

01/06/2012 05:00 am
She just keeps on hurting him. I don't even think she realizes just how much. Why he stayed was beyond me. I understand loving someone, being completely in love with someone. But you can't stay when they treat you like that. Not when their every word and action make it clear that they don't love you. Hell they don't even respect you.
A huge number of my season six fics - especially those written earlier in my "career" - have Spike growing a pair and walking out on the non-relationship. Of course, Buffy always comes to her senses and goes running after him. :) In most of them, anyway.  But I think those may be a little OOC for the characters. :)

03/29/2008 02:15 pm
This was absolutely beautiful. Loved it.
Thank you. I'm so glad you did.

09/24/2006 02:48 pm
So much more satisfying than the real episode, but I'm still not completely happy with Spike's totally submissive attitude... I suppose I'd just prefer him to stick up for himself just a *little* bit more. You have however made Buffy think about her actions, which she never seemed to do on the show.
Most of my season 6 stories do have Spike growing a pair, but this one just went more in the direction of how the show depicted him.Loves Bitch.

07/30/2006 08:23 pm
I love that Buffy actually showed remorse for what she did to Spike and that she realized who the monster really was in their relationship. To bad that she can't quite stop the lying about their relationship. Thanks for posting this here.
Thanks - I had thought it was already up.

07/29/2006 12:29 am
Nice story Patti - i enjoyed it!

07/25/2006 02:13 am
For once, she realizes who's the real monster in that relationship and Spike's still taking the crap end of the stick. She so doesn't deserve him, but he loves her. Very insightful story.
Thank you. I'm glad you think so.

07/22/2006 11:42 pm
Excellently done. This would have been a heck of a lot better ending to that episode. Her at least giving him a chance and realizing the monster she really had become. Awesome job
Thanks - glad you liked my version.

07/22/2006 07:05 am
Never a question that Spike would forgive her, but Clem, I bet he's good at holding grudges. And really, there was a bit of a question why Spike was there, invited by Dawn and party crashing aside. Wonder if Clem will still come... Random and completely uneccessary questions aside, a wonderful story and a pretty interesting step in the path of their relationship. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for reading - actually, I think I addressed Clem's reaction in a sequel that probably isn't up here. I'll have to find it and put it up. thanks for the thoughtful review.

07/21/2006 11:40 pm
very fine read, thanks
thanks for reading

07/21/2006 03:49 pm
awww... poor spikey...
Aw, he'll be all right.

07/21/2006 12:32 pm
Spike was way too easy on her.
Love's bitch - what can I say?

07/21/2006 12:23 pm
Lovely and painful and hopeful. So very Spuffy
Praise from the master! :)

07/21/2006 06:44 am
that was heart-breaking, very sweet and tender and how i wish buffy would have reacted to what she had done...i always almost hated her worse for leaving him there like she did than for beating him in the first place...excellent little fic here... :)
Thanks - yeah, it needed fixing.