On the Verge of Ruin by Nemo

06/27/2009 02:11 pm
On the Verge of Ruin         
so that was... intense. *thumbs up*

10/24/2008 06:47 am
On the Verge of Ruin         

09/07/2006 10:06 am
On the Verge of Ruin         
This was really great, I loved it. Very emotional. Do a sequel? Pretty please?
Thank you so much! I can't say I've seriously considered a sequel, but I'm very flattered you want one.

09/03/2006 05:14 pm
On the Verge of Ruin         
Excellent!!!!Ever considered a sequel???
Thank you!! Thought about it? Yes. Considered seriously? Not really. But it's really flattering that you want one.

08/13/2006 01:52 am
On the Verge of Ruin         
Nice. Loved it, it was so believable and well written. Thanks for the read!
Thank you so much!

08/01/2006 10:13 am
On the Verge of Ruin         
This is just lovely with a huge emotional impact; I could feel Buffy’s pain and sorrow and then relief.
Wow, thanks for the great review! I'm glad I made you feel with Buffy

07/30/2006 07:04 pm
On the Verge of Ruin         
nice ficlet
Thank you!

07/28/2006 02:23 pm
On the Verge of Ruin         
That was just lovely. You really captured the panic that she felt as she ran and ran and ran, not knowing where she was going. I even liked the ending; part of me wanted to have it all "I love you" in front of the Scoobies - but no, this was perfect. Wonderful. I'd be very interested in seeing more of this or if you write other little snippets of moments this way. Thank you
Thank you so much Spikedeb! I'm glad you enjoyed my ficlet! I would've loved to have Buffy saying that she loves Spike in front of her friends, but I never saw that as a possibility, too unbuffy-like. I'm glad you agree with me

07/28/2006 01:37 am
On the Verge of Ruin         
very strong and powerful read. thank you.
Thank *you* for reading!

07/27/2006 02:52 pm
On the Verge of Ruin         
awwww... that nearly made me cry.. she was so upset.
I nearly made you cry? Oh.. I think I'm going to take that as an compliment Thanks for the review!

07/27/2006 09:50 am
On the Verge of Ruin         
This was not at all what I expected from your note. I thought I would be reading something way overdone and a tad cheesy. I was wrong and I'm very glad I was. It was a great story and I loved it. =)
Expected fluff and got angst, huh? I'm glad you liked it!

07/27/2006 09:27 am
On the Verge of Ruin         
I really enjoyed that -- and there's nothing wrong with a bit of purple prose now and then.
Thank you Lou!

07/27/2006 07:34 am
On the Verge of Ruin         
I LOVED IT! That touched me more than most storied for some reason. I was really tense while reading it. GREAT JOB!
Thank you!! I really appreciate your kind words

07/27/2006 03:07 am
On the Verge of Ruin         
Perfect, just perfect. I've always wanted to see someone do a take like this on the episode, and you gave me everything I could have asked for. Thanks so much.
Wow, thank you paxton! I loved the ep LMPTM, but I wanted more too. I'm glad I could give you what you wished for.

07/27/2006 02:43 am
On the Verge of Ruin         
Awwww! You really got to me with this one. Fantastic!
Thank you!

07/27/2006 01:36 am
On the Verge of Ruin         
Did Buffy figure out what happened to Spike and how cruel Wood and Giles were?
Umm.. the fic starts when Buffy leaves Giles at the cemetary, so yeah, I think she's got a clue. And she sees how beaten up Spike is. Did that answer you question?

07/27/2006 12:41 am
On the Verge of Ruin         
That was amazing! Very powerful and emotional. Nice twist on the epi. What a way to get your muse revvin'. Thanks for the wonderful fic.
Thank you Verda for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed it

07/26/2006 11:53 pm
On the Verge of Ruin         
that was incredible...i just realized how tense i'd gotten through the whole thing...beautifully done and very touching...i could feel the panic, the confusion, the betrayal, every single emotion you put into this, and i loved it!! great job! i'd love to see more actually, but this is a great one shot
Wow, jl. *Thank you!* To hear the words coming from you is amazing, I love your writing! (someday I'll finish reading Belonging, promise )

07/26/2006 10:24 pm
On the Verge of Ruin         
i thought that this was very believable and not unrealistic at all. i really liked it, but is there more????
Thnak you, Carol! For now at least this is a stand alone piece.

07/26/2006 10:20 pm
On the Verge of Ruin         
Excellent, emotional piece. I believe it's very realistic for her to have this sort of reaction.
Thank you! That is very reassuring

07/26/2006 09:33 pm
On the Verge of Ruin         
Wow! Can't believe I'm the first to review. But - let me be the first to say that this is a great piece.
Its emotionally riveting. You called it unrealistic but I think its totally possible. The way that she took off from the cemetary to find him, I can believe that she would have reacted like this...given the circumstances.
Great job.
Wow. Thank you *so* much for your kind words! I so love you now. Heh. Thank you for reading and reviewing!