Another One Bites the Dust by slaymesoftly

02/23/2014 03:29 pm

Very good!    I hope there is a sequel sometime soon!     I would love to read a story showing what COULD have happened if the Scooby gang knew about Riley and the Initiative sooner than they did.    What might happen to Willow?   How would that affect the others in their thinking regarding Spike and Demons in general?    What if the Initiative took Anya and/or Buffy to experiment on?   Would Giles and the others understand that anyone the Initiative deems is different is fair game?    Just like Willow would defend Native Americans or argue against animal vivisections, would the others see that anyone (demons, etc.)subjected to experiments and/or vivisections was wrong??    I do hope you will be able to continue this idea through another story sometime.

Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the rest of us.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for telling me so. I do have a sequel sitting in my wip folder, but it hasn't gone very far. I have so very many fics written in Season IV that it's hard to come up with new ideas for how things could have gone differently. But it could happen, I guess.  (Already done Buffy being captured several times - and the idea that the Initiative would consider them all suspect is a pretty common theme in my season 4 fics, so....)

02/10/2012 08:03 pm
that was really good but kinda abrupt. i hope there's more
*nods* It was just to meet a prompt somewhere, so didn't need to be long. I think I have a continuation started somewhere in my wip folder, but it's not a priority.

01/13/2008 02:40 am
Oh I loved it, I would love to find out what happened next, did you ever do a sequel.
I sort of started one the other day, but didn't get very far. Someday, maybe...

09/24/2006 03:24 pm
The end? The end? That can't be the end woman, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!!!!!! roflmao

08/02/2006 08:19 pm
In response to your response - oh please please epilogue addressing those issues - I just have to know! LOL
ROFL - But..but...that means I have to think something up! *whines*

08/02/2006 10:30 am
Nah-ah. That CAN'T be the end. Oh but kudos on the accurate voices you gave Buffy & Spike. Soooo...when's the sequel comin'? *Leans across the desk and rests her chin in her hand while smiling in what she hopes is a beguiling fashion in order to encourage the very talented author to continue* LOL!
LOL - the sequel is a figment of my imagination at the moment, but we'll see. Thanks for reading.

07/30/2006 09:50 pm
I loved Spike's plan to get Buffy to admit that something more then kissing went on between them. This Spike was a whole lot of fun. Thanks for the story.
Thanks - I'm glad you liked him. Fun and evil- that's our Spike!

07/30/2006 08:25 pm
ahhhh is there more - please tell me there is more - I want to know how eeverything else plays out - if they kidnap willow, does ox come back and get captured, how does buffy intergrate herself with riley and walsh - oh please please can I have more - if not a sequal an epilouge? Just so I know? *bats eyelashes*
LOL - sequel is not happening ATM, but an epilogue could...that's a good idea - thanks, Stephi

07/30/2006 06:34 am
The end? That doesn't seem quite like the end, but I loved the way Spike worked so hard at baiting Buffy to admit to things. A very fun topic for a story. Thanks for sharing.
Well, the assignment was to write evil Spike, and clearly if I'd kept going he was going to become less evil...thinking about a sequel.

07/29/2006 11:53 am
That was great! Too bad it wasn't longer.
Thanks - glad you liked it.

07/29/2006 05:04 am
oh please tell me that's not the end!! i was so just getting into this and there are so many ways you could go with this! is there at least a sequel? ;) please let me know if there's more, i love it!!! thanx for this great fic! :)
If I do a sequel, it will go up here.

07/29/2006 04:55 am
4: so buffys finally starting to come to the point of admitting that she does at least care if he gets hurt or's touching that she wants to take on the initiative for him...can't wait to see where you go from here :)
Yes, she doesn't care for the Initiative's methods

07/29/2006 04:49 am
3: i'm scared for willow...and poor anya...riley's just evil the way you write him in could they ever have thought the initiative was a good thing in the show? i hope buffy shows spike a little compassion soon :)
well, if there was a sequel, I guess we would have to worry for them, wouldn't we? LOL

07/29/2006 04:44 am
chapter 2: oh poor spike...i just wanna hug him...mean evil old riley!! maybe buffy will wise up about some things once she learns the truth about him...great chapter by the way :)
I think once he finishes running his mouth, he'll be pretty much a non-starter.

07/29/2006 03:33 am
chapter one: very excellent start...i'm very interested in seeing how he makes this the only-sort-of-unresolved sexual tension between the two of them, too...great start :)
Thanks - I think he'll make it work. lol

07/29/2006 01:47 am
fantastic read. it was a lot of fun, right up to those evil words, 'The end.: thanks for the fine read.
*grins* Thanks for reading.

07/28/2006 11:32 pm
Ha ha, joke's on Buffy...

07/28/2006 09:31 pm
Very sweet,funny and totally believable. Now how about a sequel?
Thanks. We'll see...

07/28/2006 09:22 pm
Shame, there is a 'The End' at the end, I'd love to see more of this story. Great Buffy/Spike, they feel spot on. More Please? *big puppy eyes** :)
Thanks - glad you like them. Really have no plans to do more - I have so many post SB fics already!

07/28/2006 09:01 pm
great story

07/28/2006 08:31 pm
Very Interesting. More, please.

07/28/2006 04:32 pm
This was great, and the characterization spot on. Any plans to continue? What? I can pull the "begging for sequel" card too. :P
There are more chapters. Will that do? LOL