Sweet Dreams by Constance

Sigh. So good. Too short. :-)
05/06/2010 11:38 am
Sweet Dreams         

11/18/2006 05:25 pm
Sweet Dreams         
I really like this. The interplay between Buffy and Spike is a lot less destructive. Can we have a season six do-over starting here?

08/31/2006 08:21 am
Sweet Dreams         
I can soooo picture that bit. Him trying to warn her and her little comment would just send him into the stratosphere. Awesome!!

08/22/2006 03:06 pm
Sweet Dreams         
What a lovely kind Buffy! We should see her more often.

08/17/2006 07:25 am
Sweet Dreams         
Now this is what I wish season six was more like, I loved that Buffy realized that she had been extremely bitchy and apologized for it. Thanks for such a fun read.

08/13/2006 12:47 pm
Sweet Dreams         
This was fabulous. These vignettes are so hard to do - nice job. Came over from Fang Fetish awards. Hope you win.Loves Purple too...

08/08/2006 09:37 am
Sweet Dreams         
Very cute sweet and sexy. Just the way we love our Spuffy! Fun read, thanks.

08/07/2006 09:33 pm
Sweet Dreams         
nice pwp

08/07/2006 03:58 pm
Sweet Dreams         
So hot. So sweet. So great. I wished it could have gone on longer.

08/07/2006 07:57 am
Sweet Dreams         
fantastic read, thank you. but it is only half the tale

08/07/2006 07:53 am
Sweet Dreams         
wow...that was incredibly hot... very intense and sensual...will there be more?

08/07/2006 02:55 am
Sweet Dreams         
I shouldn't be such a bitch. - I may be dreaming. Nice Buffy? Semi-sane Spike? Very sweet.

08/07/2006 01:00 am
Sweet Dreams         
That was a lovely fun little ficlet. So much nicer than season 6 and all its angst.
I loved this line... But the naked want on his face was doing twisty things to her insides and she didn't want to stop.

Thank you.

08/07/2006 12:45 am
Sweet Dreams         
THAT was freaking HOT!! Are you going to show us the return favor? Please?

08/06/2006 11:58 pm
Sweet Dreams         
loved this it appeals to the eternal spuffy optimist in me. also nice to read about Spike receiving instead of endlessly giving

08/06/2006 11:10 pm
Sweet Dreams         

"When you touch me," Buffy clarified, "You get the strangest look on your face. And I just wanted to see what you'd look like if I touched you."

Loved this line - not sure why, I guess because it followed what could so easily have been another one of their misunderstandings, but she told him the truth and that made all the difference.

Nice job.

08/06/2006 11:03 pm
Sweet Dreams         
Hot and sweet. I like it. I really, really like it.