Death and Destiny by Mefiant

09/15/2012 06:52 am
Chapter 1         
I'm really interested in what happens next. (Though this story is shattering the rose colored glasses I used while looking into Spike's past) Please continue! 

07/15/2012 06:01 pm
Chapter 1         
A gory start but necessary when you tied it all up at the end.  Brilliant!

02/15/2009 09:25 am
Chapter 1         
OOoooh nice turn. Didn't see that one comeing. Very dark, captured early William well. For a short piece, I'm very impressed.

08/31/2006 08:16 am
Chapter 1         
Nice one. It would be nice to see a follow up involving Eve and maybe Spike later of if you have anything happen later about his promise or his memory being jogged.

08/18/2006 03:09 pm
Chapter 1         
This was so interesting and dark. I loved the surprise at the end when I found out who exactly the little girl was. Thanks for posting this.

08/15/2006 07:25 am
Chapter 1         
Interesting. I really like this. So will William remember. I hope he does one day. Write more asap.

08/08/2006 09:01 am
Chapter 1         
OMG! Evil, wicked and vicious. Simply superb.

08/08/2006 05:10 am
Chapter 1         
That was great! Very interesting way that you brought Eve to W&H. Great twist too. It's a shame that Dru read this thoughts and erased his memories, He would have enjoyed seeing her when he got to LA. Thank you for the read.

08/08/2006 03:23 am
Chapter 1         
oh, very nice. Love the twist at the end. Such a wicked way to fill in several blanks.

08/08/2006 02:41 am
Chapter 1         
OMG. This was frightful and great and I loved it.

08/07/2006 11:57 pm
Chapter 1         
Hee! I still love this version of evil Spike/William.

08/07/2006 11:46 pm
Chapter 1         
OHHHH now that is a delicious and evil twist! Lovely story sweetie!

08/07/2006 09:45 pm
Chapter 1         
wonderfully wicked beginning, thanks for the fine read.

08/07/2006 08:20 pm
Chapter 1         
I suspected...and then you delivered the punchline! What a thoroughly wicked idea...

08/07/2006 04:03 pm
Chapter 1         
Wickedly wonderful!!!! This is so original and what a twist at the end. I was expecting her to be in the hand of a Watcher or somesuch...but Eve ....BRILLIANT!


08/07/2006 02:57 pm
Chapter 1         
LOL i.. that.. well.. hmm.. that is.. is perfectly fitting the right term? oh well that story was "perfectly fitting" for our ms eve..

08/07/2006 02:54 pm
Chapter 1         
lol...great surprising way to tie it in...this fic sent chills down my spine, very dark and disturbing and yet i couldn't stop reading...very well-written, moving story...explains quite a bit later on, too...great job
Thanks for the review. It was written for evil Spike month and no matter how hard I try I can't make Spike evil. William however I don't have a problem with.