Make My Day. by slaymesoftly

12/10/2016 06:47 am
Chapters 7 - 15         
Really liked your treatment for the characters and how you used the events in the series for your Spuffy alternative - Always enjoy reading your works in all their explorations of the Spuffy relationship and the series.  
Thank you.

03/14/2013 04:53 am
Chapters 7 - 15         
Very well done, loved it. Wish there were more. You could easily write sagas
LOL Thank you.   I think I've probably written a saga or two.... Depends on what your definition is, I guess.

02/27/2013 11:14 am
Chapters 7 - 15         
Thoroughly enjoyed it!
Left me hungry for more, though. I'd love to see how others react and what's with Dawn glowing?
Hope you continue to write it.
Wow. This one is so old I can't remember what it was about! LOL  But I'll go take a look and see if I can remember why Dawn is glowing.

07/20/2010 08:50 pm
Chapters 7 - 15         
That was great! You're a fantastic writer. bravo!
Thank you.

04/05/2008 02:22 am
Chapters 7 - 15         
Do you really have to be this talented? I have no idea just how I read it  all. One minute I was sitting down to read this fic,the next minute I was finishing it. And hours were passed between those  two minutes!
So,I think I might've loved it
LOL  I guess you did. Thanks for reading.

09/30/2006 09:13 am
Chapters 7 - 15         
Love this story! Hope you write more on this one.
thanks - glad you liked it.

09/23/2006 04:27 am
Chapters 7 - 15         
Oh yeah... I always love it when Riley gets what's coming to him... thank you so much!
It's coming!

03/22/2006 09:20 pm
Chapters 7 - 15         
Whoo Hooo! I loved it! The bantering back and forth in this story was great! I felt like Buffy acted differently when she was with Spike alone - the growing friendship was evident and so well written! Of course, the friendship grows into love! .......Satisfying! *sigh* Thanks!! ~ Kelly
I'm glad you like it. It's actually one of my favorites too.

04/04/2008 11:55 pm
Chapters 1 - 6         
This fic is taking me away.Lovin' it
I hope you continue to like it.

04/14/2007 12:01 am
Chapters 1 - 6         
6 -- he should have told her, because she did say she would probably let riley in, and he could be turned for all they know great chapter, love
Ah, it'll be all right. And she'll find out.

04/13/2007 11:56 pm
Chapters 1 - 6         
5 -- oh i so dont want her to actually spend the night with riley!!! he's such a to read more, love
But, Riley is where she was at this time in her life...

04/13/2007 11:52 pm
Chapters 1 - 6         
4 -- awwww, spike is really proving himself to her i love what a good friend he's being to her, even though it's obviously not easy for him...great chapter, love
Thanks - he's trying to be a good friend. Not always easy with her...

04/13/2007 11:44 pm
Chapters 1 - 6         
3 -- grrr, i wanted to smack buffy during that little scene, when she knew he couldn't fight back and she did that to him anyway...grrr....great chapter, though, i very much enjoyed it, looking forward to finding the time to read more
Well, that's Buffy - it's all about her feelings, not his.

04/01/2007 12:20 am
Chapters 1 - 6         
2 -- well, now i'm a bit worried about evil riley and what he might try, since buffy put him off like that...i like that she's so concerned about spike, now, too...great job on this chapter, love
Riley is a doofus - but a mean doofus...

03/31/2007 11:47 pm
Chapters 1 - 6         
1 -- awww, spike can be a gentleman...when he has to be... lol...great first chapter, love, looking forward to reading the rest
Thanks - Hope you like it!

10/15/2005 03:35 pm
Chapters 1 - 6         
Another wonderful tale from you, dear--love to read your musings. beautiful ending.
Thank you, pet. I'm glad you like my version of season V