Let Me Sleep by LadyYashka

04/25/2007 01:48 am
Chapter 1: Grind         
He is dead, nooooooooooooooo, you killed him, never EVER kill MY Spike....arghhhhhhhhh
Still love it, hehe, great work, now Buffy hears the clock,hehehe
Well this story wants meant to be sweet.

Glad you still liked it though.

09/19/2006 09:01 am
Chapter 1: Grind         
Heartbreaking and very unsettling and Buffy finally hearing the ticking at the end really added to that.
Thank you!

09/06/2006 12:51 pm
Chapter 1: Grind         
ohhh poor buffy i liked!
I'm gla you liked it! Thank You! =)

09/04/2006 03:33 am
Chapter 1: Grind         
wow that was heartbreaking, so very intense and real and just devastatingly beautiful...great job
Thank you! =)

09/03/2006 11:38 pm
Chapter 1: Grind         
Oh, wow.  So sad.  The ending got me.
I'm glad you liked it. =)

09/03/2006 10:27 pm
Chapter 1: Grind         
Wow ... how sad. Thanks for the explanation in the summary though. That helped to be able to piece things together better.
I'm glad the summary helped. Glad you liked it. =)

09/03/2006 07:20 pm
Chapter 1: Grind         
Eerie, and deeply disturbing. Very original. I won't forget this little fic anytime soon.
Eerie and disturbing was what I was going for. I hope this means you liked it.

09/03/2006 05:20 pm
Chapter 1: Grind         
Spooky and very sad. Spike staking himself is good, better than waiting for the sun which would be too easy.
I'm glad you liked it! I really stressed about this one. It has been awhile since I've tried writing something like this.