Ring Around the Buffy by anaunthe

08/28/2007 05:14 am
Chapter 10: Plan D         
Hey Anaunthe! So glad to see you picked it up from here (and not from the 'official' continuation, which really grated my cheese, frankly.) I'm renovating my site right now and have added a link to your continuation. Thanks for taking this on, it's good to have closure!

01/20/2007 02:43 am
Chapter 10: Plan D         
i can't tell you how excited i was when i ran across your conclusion to this story. i stumbled across the round robin years ago and i loved it and was so disappointed to find that it was never going to be finished. bless you my child! awesome job of finishing this up. I do wish there could have been some sort of resolution with spike and buffy. and sad to see that you won't be continuing on with it after leaving it at that point! but......again - you did a fantastic job and i want to thank you for having the moxie to finally put a finish on the story.

09/24/2006 12:33 pm
Chapter 10: Plan D         
Oh I cannot wait until your conclusion! Does happy skippy dance that was hot!
I agree. There were some alternate chapters written before this one, but this is SO obvioulsy the way the story was meant to go.

09/24/2006 08:05 am
Chapter 10: Plan D         
i have always loved this fic! thank you guys sooooooo much!
can't wait for the next update!
Thanks, me too

09/22/2006 11:21 pm
Chapter 10: Plan D         
SQUEE!!! Thank you soo much for bringing this story back!! I've missed it terribly and can't wait to see what you've got in store for the rest of it.
Thanks Esther. Hope you enjoy what I've come up with.

09/22/2006 03:18 pm
Chapter 10: Plan D         
I read this so long ago and thought it was great! I'd like to thank the orginal authors for giving you the permission to continue it and I hope they give you the proper thanks for seeing it through.
Thanks, the original authors rock!

09/22/2006 12:25 pm
Chapter 10: Plan D         
Good onya Buffy!
Thanks for the review.

09/21/2006 03:55 pm
Chapter 10: Plan D         
I had given up all hope to see this story's conclusion... What a nice surprise!
Hope you like what I've done with the place.

09/21/2006 06:50 am
Chapter 10: Plan D         
very good set up, looking forward to what you do with it.
It really did seem to good to be left where the story ended.

09/20/2006 10:26 pm
Chapter 10: Plan D         
So glad you have picked this up again and I look forward to more updates soon.
Thanks. Lots of people remember this one - it was too good to just be forgotten. Especially since at the time it was written, it was a pretty original plot line.

09/20/2006 01:30 pm
Chapter 10: Plan D         
Wonderful story. I can't wait to see what you do with it!
Thursday. I promise.

09/20/2006 07:25 am
Chapter 10: Plan D         
I always thought someone should continue this story, glad you decided to push on with it. Any direction you feel like going is just fine; I want to have more Spuffy loving and kinky sex.

Thank you honestly for finishing this round robin.
Well, I suppose it depends on how you define "Spuffy Loving and kinky sex." I mean really, so far in this story there's been neither love nor sex...

09/20/2006 07:15 am
Chapter 10: Plan D         
This ending was the perfect one for your story. Can't wait to read it here. Good luck, LOL.
Thanks again, Verda.

09/20/2006 06:31 am
Chapter 10: Plan D         
oh this chapter was freaking wonderful!
Thanks. Wish I'd written it!

09/20/2006 05:41 am
Chapter 10: Plan D         
OMG! The suspense of waiting for your chapters is KILLING ME!!!!
Still in re-writes. Look for more Thursday.

Lindsay H
09/20/2006 03:04 am
Chapter 10: Plan D         
Spike said bloody hell,Buffy said bloody hell, I said bloody hell. Just when it was getting to the good part! I see this story as getting really kinky, but that could be because I just got the fanfic equivalent of blue balls. Keep writing. I love this story!
Really. What is Spike going to do with all that frustrated energy?

09/20/2006 02:19 am
Chapter 10: Plan D         
okay that was steaming hot...unbelievable, appealled to all my personal kinks...lol....spike is the slave here, not buffy, obviously...would love to see them continue this conversation...girl, if this is the way you're gonna write the rest of this fic, you've got me hooked
Well, I've got the plot figured out, and have tried to emulate the tone, but the style is harder. I think I've done better with some chapters than others. You'll have to let me know.

09/20/2006 01:43 am
Chapter 10: Plan D         
Yummy! And damn Willow for interrupting and those bad guys too... dammit! No interrupting happy boinky time! LoL
Yeah, would have loved to read Reann's take on the sex scene, if that's her writing of the non-sex scene.

09/24/2006 12:27 pm
Chapter 9: Naked         
Ohhh very intriguing! Really lovely
I love this chapter too.

09/21/2006 06:33 am
Chapter 9: Naked         
wonderful tale. they will be down to plans x,y and z, before long.
You peeked too!

09/19/2006 09:11 pm
Chapter 9: Naked         
dun dun dun....lol! I love the interaction between Buffy, Willow, and Spike while they are getting Buffy ready. It is funny, and smooth flowing. I can't wait to get to your chapters!
I tried to keep the tone of my chapters similar, (as well as resolve all plot issues). Once I start posting the new stuff, let me know whether or not I succeeded.

09/19/2006 04:37 pm
Chapter 9: Naked         
It's time for Plan 9 From Outer Space!
Did you peak?

Dee Bradfield
09/19/2006 08:22 am
Chapter 9: Naked         
I remember reading this way back when. I always wondered what happened to it. Good to see it's been revived. Can't wait to see where you take it.
Yeah, I don't really know how long it's been around, but it's been quite a while.

09/19/2006 07:06 am
Chapter 9: Naked         
And now the fun begins! Great beginning for your work. Fine read, thanks for bringing it here to finish.
Love ya, Verda.

09/19/2006 05:45 am
Chapter 9: Naked         
lol....wow that was an awesome chapter...poor spike, buffy and her mixed signals *rolls eyes* but he's holding his own pretty well...now i wonder if this is gonna be trouble, or if they can talk their way out of it...and is tara vampy?
Mixed signals abound - and get worse. And no, put your mind at rest, Tara is not vampy. I am assuming that she is just a tasty blood cow - cause that's a fate bad enough.

09/19/2006 05:44 am
Chapter 9: Naked         
can't wait for more. and wow, check out sex kitten tara, I mean I know it's a thrall, but meow.
kinda freaky I think

09/19/2006 04:38 am
Chapter 9: Naked         
*drools at Spike*

09/24/2006 11:59 am
Chapters 5- 8         
lovely chapters - can't wait to see what you guys come up with to go with it!
Thanks again

09/18/2006 07:27 am
Chapters 5- 8         
I'm sure I've read the original posting of this story half a dozen times. I've always wished there was more of it. Can't wait for the new bits!
Thanks, that's how I felt. I kept wanting more and it was never there - so I took matters into my own hands, so to speak.

09/18/2006 07:07 am
Chapters 5- 8         
This was one of my favorite parts when I read it the first time, and it still makes me laugh out loud!
I like the next two bits best. But all of it is funny.

09/18/2006 03:36 am
Chapters 5- 8         
hehehe. I like it.
Thanks Zoe. Hopefully you'll continue to feel the same way once we get to the parts I added. The round robin authors kinda leave Buffy in a bad situation.

09/18/2006 03:22 am
Chapters 5- 8         
Just having Willow there to make Buffy jealous, was worth it. Creepy little vamp, going around licking everyone's slaves! Really enjoying this story, thanks for bringing it here.
I agree, I like the way the authors have let Buffy begin to understand her own feelings a little more as the story progresses.

09/18/2006 02:28 am
Chapters 5- 8         
8 -- lol...she's so evil....gotta say i'm glad she didn't actually hurt him though....she does that far too often....can't wait to see what happens next
Yeah, I'd much rather see Buffy playful than vengeful or just downright mean.

09/18/2006 02:24 am
Chapters 5- 8         
7 -- oh wow..spike is so in for it...hope willow can help diffuse the situation a bit...
Yeah, Spike gets himself (and Buffy)into trouble a lot by sticking his er...foot...in his mouth quite often.

09/18/2006 02:18 am
Chapters 5- 8         
6 -- oooh! adding vamp villow to the mix is a great twist!!! love it!! this is getting better by the minute
Yeah, I can't resist vamp Willow either. And vamp Willow that is really Willow Willow, too funny.

09/18/2006 02:15 am
Chapters 5- 8         
5 -- lol...it was just a dream, buffy...no need to get violent
jl - you are a doll. Glad this amuses you. Just wait, it gets better (and I don't mean the part that I wrote).

09/18/2006 01:35 am
Chapters 5- 8         
"Sometimes I think you've all forgotten that he's tried to kill us like a dozen times."

Willow smiled. "True. But he's not very good at it."

I agree. Funny line. What great writers...

09/17/2006 11:40 pm
Chapters 5- 8         
Bad Willow! And lol at the dream and kicking his shin
This is probably the chapter that seems most out of sync to me - but I think it works.

09/24/2006 11:51 am
Chapters 1-4         
Lovely beginning of the story! I can't wait to see what you did with it!

09/18/2006 03:29 am
Chapters 1-4         
hehehe nice.
Thanks, even though its not mine...yet

09/18/2006 01:23 am
Chapters 1-4         
Fun story, A. Glad you decided to resurrect it.
Thanks. I really liked it too.

09/17/2006 10:47 pm
Chapters 1-4         
Very... intriguing. Like the originality of this little tale, not to mention the wicked humor. Would definitely love to see it continued. More, please!
Yeah, that's one of the things I really like about the story - not only does it have an interesting plot, a some good smut, but it really is hilarious. I tried to keep to the same tone - but the action does get heavier as the plot thickens.

09/17/2006 08:00 pm
Chapters 1-4         
YAY!! MY CHALLENGE!! I am SO happy that you decided to do this. I always wanted to see this story finished.....can't wait to see what you add to it!!
Told you it was coming! I hope you like what I have done to it.

09/17/2006 07:03 pm
Chapters 1-4         
I so remember reading this when it came out. I've checked back over the years, but wow as me it has never been updated.
I am beyound extatic that your going to finish it!
Surprizingly, I like the story as much every time I read it - it's not one of those where once through is enough. And you have Nikkolequade to thank for the idea, and Nautibitz to thank for the permission to do it. I started writing it in my spare time years ago, but never really thought I could post it anywhere. Bikkole's the one got permission to do it. I never would have thought of asking!

09/17/2006 10:36 am
Chapters 1-4         
Good luck, Cas. This was a great beginning for your fantasic story. LOL.
Hey Verda - thanks for leaving a review. You'll be hearing more from me sweetie.

09/17/2006 08:15 am
Chapters 1-4         
LoL, poor Spike
Poor Spike, not poor Buffy? Well, things do get worse before they get better for him. Being with Buffy like this has got to be the ultimate tease.

09/17/2006 01:17 am
Chapters 1-4         
Heee!!! That'll work 'Yes Master Spike' Laughs ahoy.
Yeah, Buffy's really gonna have to struggle with this one - its far too far against type.

09/16/2006 11:29 pm
Chapters 1-4         
great start, can't wait to see more
Thanks, I am glad that you are enjoying. These posts will go up quickly, cause they are actually re-posts of something that's been around quite a while. Probably one a day until we get to the parts that I wrote.

09/16/2006 11:15 pm
Chapters 1-4         
well, *that's* a way to get your nose bashed in, spikey...lol...i think spike's actually gonna have a lot more fun with this than buffy will...at first anyway...can't wait for more of this excellent fic
Oh yeah, Spike thinks this will be great fun. Glad that you like it (even though I didn't write it) - and thanks for the terrific reviews - one for each chapter! Wow!

09/16/2006 11:11 pm
Chapters 1-4         
Three -- buffy's acting like *he's* the slave, sending him off to get her fast food and such...she's not gonna like what happens when they get there...
Very true, on both counts. But maybe she'll find that her inner Buffy likes submission...nah.

09/16/2006 11:00 pm
Chapters 1-4         
Two -- whoa!!! that's some major mind control they've got going there....wonder what's up with that? on to more...
The thrall is not really explained much in the story - although I go into it a little bit more depth in some of the parts I wrote. My theory was to just go with what I had been given and see where it took me.

09/16/2006 10:58 pm
Chapters 1-4         
One -- oh this is *very* intriguing..can't wait to see where this one goes!
I agree. I really loved this story - so many possibilities, and many of them fulfilled!