Death from Beneath You by slinkypsychokit

06/07/2007 02:11 pm
Death from Beneath You         
i know it's supposed 2 be a dark fic.. but i just can't stop laughing.. great work

11/28/2006 05:56 pm
Death from Beneath You         
That was just funny. I absolutly loved the way Buffy, Dru and Spike tortured Angel.

10/03/2006 10:10 pm
Death from Beneath You         
I usually don't like evil turned Buffy. BUT any story that combines Angel mutilation and humiliation is a winner in my book.
Very well written!
Who's next on the retribution train?
Great job!
Teehee! Thanks! What about Riley? I really, really hate him.

09/21/2006 08:36 am
Death from Beneath You         
Ha ha angel deserves it
He really, really does.

09/21/2006 02:35 am
Death from Beneath You         
This really cheered me up, I don’t usually go for evil vamp Buffy but in this case and because she is helping torture Angel it worked for me. Thanks.
Just wait til the fanged trio get hold of Riley...

09/20/2006 09:45 am
Death from Beneath You         
LMAO that was so evil - evil i say - i did so enjoy it!
You just think I'm all sweet and innocent...

09/19/2006 03:04 am
Death from Beneath You         
ahhh...good times!
ain't it just? :p

09/18/2006 10:02 am
Death from Beneath You         
Always like it when someone bashes on Angel but DAMN! girl, you were really industrial strength bitchy when you wrote that! I'm sure your furniture thanks you! I will never look at my mason jars the same way again. Not that he didn't finally deserve it but eeewwwww! Thanks for the read.
Wulfie made me! He did!....okay, fine, I admit it! I am a sick, sick woman. Betcha can't wait to see what I do to Riley, huh?

09/18/2006 02:58 am
Death from Beneath You         
this could be a dark, disturbing drabble. but it's happening to angel, that makes it a wonderful comedic read. thanks for the fun read.
Bwaaah-ha-ha...:p Glad you enjoyed it!

09/18/2006 02:03 am
Death from Beneath You         
wow...dark and disturbing..but angel deserves it...
I do love my Angel bashing...

09/17/2006 09:17 pm
Death from Beneath You         
LOL Awesome. That made my day
You're very welcome! I sooo miss writing comedy...

09/17/2006 05:44 pm
Death from Beneath You         
ROFL ohhh I love it! ANGEL TORTURE!
And just think. If I just sorta hate Angel, imagine what I'd do to Riley. My Riley hate knows no bounds...

09/17/2006 03:59 pm
Death from Beneath You         
Me likey uhhhhmmmm encore??
Who gets it next? Xander or Riley? Cuz, y'know, it could go either way...

09/17/2006 03:49 pm
Death from Beneath You         
LOL - OH, only the pup could have requested a scene like this! And, may I say, you definitely met the challenge!
There was gonna be torture. It was either Angel or my furniture. I like my furniture.