Tempus de Muto by Schehrezade

11/18/2014 07:49 pm
Chapter 27         
Love this story - hope you finish it someday

11/18/2014 07:49 pm
Chapter 27         
Love this story - hope you finish it someday

04/15/2013 12:42 pm
Chapter 27         
Hi, I totally love,this story. Please tell me your going to continue it ! It is awesome. Please finish it. Your an awesome writer. Cheers, khishane

04/04/2008 06:24 pm
Chapter 27         
i loveee it!!!
love love love love!!
continue pleaseeee

11/10/2007 02:32 pm
Chapter 27         
I love this story plz update soon

07/06/2007 02:04 pm
Chapter 27         
plz update!!! I love this story and I really want to know what will happen next! so update.

06/07/2007 07:27 am
Chapter 27         
cant wait to see what happens next

11/05/2006 06:57 pm
Chapter 27         
I really want to see more please....

11/01/2006 09:10 pm
Chapter 27         
Travers offering help and getting off his high chair long enough to admit he needs help? ... Not exactly something I ever pictured him being like or doing. A change of heart like Travers' is hard to explain believably, but you did it well

Great chapter!

10/01/2006 08:49 am
Chapter 27         
please put me out of my misery and update this soon, it is breath-taking and my excitement levels have reached peaks that I didn't know I had.

10/01/2006 03:16 am
Chapter 27         
very good read, thank you. you are among the very few authors who can sell a repent travers.

09/30/2006 12:23 am
Chapter 27         
Another excellent chapter. I'm so happy to see this story updated. Thanks!

09/29/2006 02:00 pm
Chapter 27         
Terrific chapter. Who'd have thought Travers could mellow? Surely Willow is lost to them after this.

09/29/2006 07:03 am
Chapter 27         
Wow, a repentant Travers, now that's twist. Humbled by Buffy, I love it. You weren't knding about poor Tara, she's got more to go through. Now they have to deal with Giles' disappearance. Fantastic chapter, thanks.

09/29/2006 06:07 am
Chapter 27         
Oh my---WHOA!! This was freaking fabulous!! Man, Willow just gets worse and worse...and now they've got Giles?!! Dude, he pissed me off, but to think of what they could do to him. *cries* Ooh, please---I beg you---more!!! Loved it!!

09/29/2006 12:48 am
Chapter 27         
oh poor giles!! how sickening..i honestly feel sick at that..can willow even come back from this? and i'm still a bit suspicious of the council, even though it seems they genuinely want to help...

09/28/2006 11:14 pm
Chapter 27         
dun, dun, dun, damn you are a cliffie queen

09/28/2006 04:56 pm
Chapter 27         
Wow. A reformed Travers. This could be very interesting.

09/28/2006 04:41 pm
Chapter 27         
oh wow. I love this story and the whole travers turn around was really unexpected. oh no poor giles. lol great chapter.

09/28/2006 04:37 pm
Chapter 27         
Nice. And to the revelation of Tara's theory and explanation, I say "Duh!" Of course there's free will...

The Willow and Rack part was ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! Piercings and touching and poor Giles? They really are demented. *shudder*

Loved Xander's realizations. Also neat to have Travers come around as a decent individual...certain isn't seen often!
Thanks for the reminder about Dawn being dispersed in them...I didn't remember that, since I haven't gone back and read the earlier chapters since you started updating again.

11/01/2006 08:47 pm
Chapter 26         
You have named the two demons found in the fireplace Dilbert and Matilda, but suddenly there is a Derek that, judging from the context, seems to be Dilbert to me. Very confusing...

An incident with a liner and an iceberg? Sound like the Titanic

Also, I like how you coupled off Wesley and Anya. I have never ever thought of them together like this, but you make it sound good, what's better - you make it sound natural.

Well done!

09/30/2006 12:00 am
Chapter 26         
I love your Anya! She is just perfect and I'm glad that she gets the respect she deserves. You wicked Willow makes my skin crawl - which is good. Thanks!

09/22/2006 09:29 am
Chapter 26         
Splendid, splendid chapters!! WOW!! Just got officially caught up---boy howdy I've missed this story!! Loved it and can't wait for more!!
Yay you liked? Sorry I was so bad with the writing but am on a roll now *g* will post another chapter in a sec


09/21/2006 08:54 pm
Chapter 26         
excellent update, thank you.anya was wonderful which made for a great read. thanks, again
*grins* I love writing Anya am so thrilled you liked her in this chapter


09/20/2006 09:39 pm
Chapter 26         
I miss Anya, she rocked.

Great chapter Schez, keep em comin'.
Me too she really does rock!

Another one is coming in a second


09/20/2006 03:27 pm
Chapter 26         
God I love Anya...

That woman cracks me up. I am so glad in fanfiction she can be not dead anymore... errr, if that sentence made any sense, yay me!

Dang, now I'm just itching for more chappies... and in another context, that would be so wrong... *LOL* But anyways; update soon, pretty please!!!!
LOL yup that would be a wee bit wrong itching for chappies HEEE!!

Yay you loved Anya *grins* shhh me too re fanfic and keeping Anya alive cos I adore writing her *g*

Another chappie coming in a second!

09/20/2006 03:08 pm
Chapter 26         
Very dramatic - so nice for Wes and Anya too! Top story.
*hugs you* Am thrilled you liked Wes and Anya combo


09/20/2006 02:38 pm
Chapter 26         
lol...i love anya...you have her dialogue down perfectly, a beautifully written chapter...and have i forgotten something from previous chapters, or am i not supposed to know who the poor thing is stuck in the box and hurting?? again, looking forward to your next update
*blushes* thank you I love writing Anya and wow thank you for the wonderful words am overwhelmed.

Ahhh the poor thing in the box all will be revealed in next chapter which I am posting in a second

09/20/2006 01:29 pm
Chapter 26         
What an exciting and fun chapter! Knew Kristen's family had it in for old Rack. Feel really bad for poor Tara, She doesn't deserve it to go through all this because of Willow. Someone typed Dilbert's name as Derek. Who's cramped in a confined area? Thanks for the laugh at poor Spike's expense, I forgot that met a nutcraker up close and personal while in that harness! Yup! the kitties know. If mine are staring at something I always check closer because nothing gets past them. How sweet, their first kiss and what a one it was for her to curl a leg around him! Wow! Lilah deserves a Howler demon for sending spys. I'm so happy that you've updated this great fic. Hope it won't be to long before you can again. I just love it. Thanks for the excellent read.
Ohh yup Kristen's family have a Blood Vendetta with him (there is a wee clue in one of the earlier chapters shhhh)

I know poor Tara and it will only get worse I have laid in a massive clue in the next chapter as to why Willow is behaving this way - am posting in a second *g*

Ohhh another one with kitties who do the creepy stare at the wall to freak their owners! LOL!

You liked Anya and Wes? I adore them both hence building up this combo and Anya's revenge on Lilah heeee!

Another chapter is coming in a second I am thrilled to bits you are enjoying it and thank you for all the awesome reviews!

09/20/2006 12:43 pm
Chapter 26         
Bloody excellent chappie, can we have another
LOL you are a demanding pup! Will post another in a sec!

09/20/2006 12:27 pm
Chapter 26         
Anya is hilarious...and I always love when she's given credit for her knowledge. And with Wes? An unusual pairing, but not hard to imagine.

I'm thinking Giles is not okay..

Poor Tara...she's really come up, though.

And it was a type of "key"...hope it's useful!
Grinning here cos Wes and Anya I had this in mind form the moment I started this fic and it was so exciting to finally get them to this point where they kiss! I adore Anya and love giving her kudos for her knowledge!

Poor Tara she is really going through the wringer... And Giles LOL nope he is not in a good way at all!

Yay you spotted it a Key to find The Key *grins*

11/01/2006 08:13 pm
Chapter 25         
Sorry about the lateness of this

I love the extra excitement that you have brought in with Kirstin.

Great chapter

09/13/2006 08:20 am
Chapter 25         
wonderful read, thank you, love. giles is an ass. kirsten? not sure what to think about her. the evil cliffie, not a clue. that is why it such a wonderful read. thanks, again.
Oh god I am the queen of Cliffys aren't I? Giles is a pure nit and he really will get his comeuppance *grins*

thank you so much for all the awesome reviews.

09/10/2006 11:37 am
Chapter 25         
This is still a WIP, I thought it was finish at ch.25. Rack probably stole magic from her family, killing them and she's after a way to get back at him. I want to know if that was planted by Travers or Rack? Throughly enjoying this fic. Very entertaining. Don't know how I missed that this was a WIP, anyway thanks for this wonerful story, thanks for the read.
It's a WIP - am off to check I didn't click finished fic - am worried now!

Hmm Rack and stolen magic you are close and yup with killing em and yup with revenge!*g*

The boom was planted by someone other than Travers.

I am so thrilled you are enjoying this fic and I promise more will arrive soon, am waiting for chapters from my beta!

Many thanks for all your awesome reviews I cannot tell you how much they thrilled me!

09/07/2006 12:59 pm
Chapter 25         
Good job I reread the whole thing - I was on the wrong track! Excellent update with complete continuity. I guess there's some history with Rack and Kirsten - mmm have to give it more thought. Giles is spectacularly weird! Can't wait for more.
You brave girl re-reading the whole thing! Shhh don't tell but I had to as well to make sure I didn't miss anything

Teeny hint re Rack have a read of an earlier chappie when he visits a fortune teller and does something really nasty!

Giles bless him has no clue about Dawn as he wasn't there and is really on the wrong tangent!

More coming as soon as my beta finishes the chapter


09/07/2006 05:21 am
Chapter 25         
great chapter
thank you!

09/06/2006 07:45 pm
Chapter 25         
*does the happy dance*

Look, Numfar! I'm dancing. . . . LOL An update. . . whoooooootttt

Now I need to go back and read (and review) all over again! Such a chore. . . . .
Ohh a happy dance now you know what I do when I see a new chapter of Origins appear

I know I am a shameful girl for such a long delay with the updating!

Hope you enjoys the reading hee


09/06/2006 08:56 am
Chapter 25         
oh well that's a surprise...giles in on the plot...hopefully hes in it to help spike and buffy...great chapter, love...
Bless Giles unfortunatly he is going to have to be rescued by the blondes!

*hugs you* for all the awesome reviews

09/06/2006 12:43 am
Chapter 25         
hmmm is Kristen possessed by something? Perhaps something Rack did to her? Interesting plot twist, Schez. But WHAT are you doing to Giles?? He's gone insane!!!

oh yeah, and .... MORE
Hmmm what am I doing to Giles Mwahahahahahaha - did I say who they were going after?!! Heee

BTW Mr Pointy really worked cos two chapters are being betaed!!!

Did you see I dedicated this to you on my LJ?


09/05/2006 11:42 pm
Chapter 25         
Delighted to see the new chapter and no, I haven't figured out Kristen. I'm re-reading the earlier sections to get refreshed.
Kristen is a tricky one to work out I was a wee bit wicked asking if anyone can tell who she really is...Oops did I let that slip hmmm I best keep quiet *g*

Hope you enjoy the earlier chappies!

09/05/2006 08:06 pm
Chapter 25         
HOLY EFFIN'.... Errr... I just won't finish that thought... *giggles*

Yay, you updated!!! I was beginning to despair that you wouldn't! And such a good update too! Lots of intrigue... and Giles getting all high-and-mighty again cracks me up... hope he gets his comeuppance. Anyways, please update again, soon!
Am blushing I swear I am gonna update soon I have two chapters at my beta so as soon as they come back I will post! I cannot believe how long it took me!

Ohh boy does Giles get his comeuppance heee!

Am giggling over your review cos trust me when I finished writing the chapters I said Holy Effin... as well!

09/05/2006 04:52 pm
Chapter 25         
I think Kristen has a dead relative stuck under her skin or just a enchanted one. And Giles , Really, let her make her own decisions wheter you agree with them or not. Just because they aren't the ones you would make doesn't mena that she's wrong and you are right.
Ohh the temptation to spill about Kristen is killing me - it will turn up in the ficcage soon.

Giles needs a good smack and a wake up call, which I will deliver soon heee!

09/05/2006 12:00 pm
Chapter 25         
good update. been a very long time.
Hangs head in shame I am sorry it has been a tricky time trying to get the writers block gone but have written a few chappies so more to come when the betas have finished with them

Glad you liked the update!

09/05/2006 10:57 am
Chapter 25         
Well, I'm just starting to remember what I'd read before, so.....

Kristin reminds me of Vampire Hunter D talking to his hand (it was possessed).

Giles is a dummy...

Guessing the piece of metal is some kind of key...

The kittens obviously see or sense something that the humans aren't...animals are good for that.

And yeah, Angel, you did forget the mission, but at least you're figuring it out on your own now.....took me a sec to figure out that Cordy took the fame and fortune offer in "Birthday" instead of keeping the visions. Shame...but I suppose it prevents Jasmine coming into play...Angel is at his best when he keeps his friends close and listens.

Yipes it really was a long break from the fic wasn't it? Am glad you are remembering all the chappies I had to go back and re-read it!

Spot on with the piece of metal it's a key or sorts *g* Yup the kitties are seeing something (mine does this all the time) the something they are seeing was mentioned in an earlier chapter *winks*

Giles is a dummy of the first order LOL!

Cordy - she has dissappeared pretty much in the same way as she did in the show and Kristin eeks I want to tell you but it would spoil the surprise...Teeny clue this is not her real name and it is a character I created in another fic shhh


09/13/2006 07:39 am
Chapter 24         
very good read, thank you. hope kristin states aroun, she is very entertaining.
Ohhh she is defo staying around and has a major hand in the finale!

09/10/2006 11:04 am
Chapter 24         
Nice in for them. Connor's going to school and Angel's a seer. Guess Giles doesn't know that Willow is to be killed. Yup, guess there's a sequel somewhere. Thanks for this entertaining story.
Yup Connor gets all the right stuff happening without W & H interferance! And Angel's visions all will be explained in the Epilogue *g*

Gulps at thought of sequel I need to finish this bit first!


09/07/2006 04:55 am
Chapter 24         
great chapter
Thank you I hope you like the next one

09/06/2006 08:53 am
Chapter 24         
i'm quite worried about the council...adn willow's gonna be so far gone by the time they find her... *sigh*
The Council can be right sods be warned buuuut trust me haven't I flipped alot of canon characters on their heads *g*

Hmm I wonder if we can save Willow....

09/05/2006 10:30 pm
Chapter 24         
I think I'll re-read this before enjoying the new chapter. Top story, Schez!
Hugs you! I am so chuffed you like this fic!

06/07/2006 05:40 am
Chapter 24         
I really hope you continue this story! I love it!
After a very long struggle I have updated I do hope you enjoy?

04/22/2006 02:34 am
Chapter 24         
Neeed an update waaaaaaa ( lol

Question do you read Meredes Lackey?? Cause the way Rack uses Blood Magics sound like Falconsbane.
finally broke my writersblock and updated - I know shame on me *blushes*


03/24/2006 05:52 pm
Chapter 24         
This story is everything I ever wanted out of fanfic. I hope you have at least 50 more chapters in the pipeline. I want lots more of this AU.
Wow thank you - I am so thrilled you are enjoying and am sorry I have only just worked out you can reply to reviews *blushes*

I have just posted chapt 25 and am mid chapt 28 so a few to come!

02/07/2006 07:49 pm
Chapter 24         
So how will I know when this updated because you know I will have to read it all now. It is a great story and heads up on the fang fetish awards.
Thought I might give you a heads up on chapt 25 being posted *g* hope you enjoys it!

12/26/2005 10:34 pm
Chapter 24         
I'm hooked, gripped, and hoping there'll be more soon? I'd hoped Giles would have grown out of his hidebound thinking, but obviously not *sigh*. Wesley and Anya, huh? *grins* So much to love about this fic, I'll only babble if I keep typing.

10/11/2005 10:10 am
Chapter 24         
I'm so glad to see this story updated somwehere! I can't wait for the next part.
Have finally updated with Chapt 25 and I am writing chapt 28 so have a few to post soon! Hope you enjoys?

09/13/2006 07:11 am
Chapter 23         
what a way to put a damper on the high reached after the flight. very good read, thank you.
Eeps sorry was a wee bit much wasn't it *g*

09/10/2006 10:30 am
Chapter 23         
Damn, I hate that they know that they're there already. Travers is having Willow killed? I don't understand why he finds it necessary for it to be done. They're must be a sequel to this since there's only two chapters left. Great chappie, thanks.
Hmm spot on Travers is a very different kettle of fish in this fic! I wanted him to be a help rather than a hinderance *g*

Ohh lord! It's a WIP (about another ten chapters I think plus an epilogue - my beta has two chapters with her to work on and I am still writing!)


09/06/2006 08:51 am
Chapter 23         
oh no...the council's trying to kill them...again...*sigh*...and poor xander..hope all's okay
Ahhh but who are the Council after *winks*

Whoops poor Xander but I do have method in my maddness I promise!

09/10/2006 09:41 am
Chapter 22         
I'm so glad that Xander is growing up. Don't know if I want him back with Anya or not. Love that Connor is feeling more at home and loved by his family. It may not be good but Angel now knows that Cordy's not coming back, at least anytime soon. Now to find Willow and bring her back home. Great work, wonderful chapter.
It was a slow process getting Xander to where he is I hope the knock back doesn't do him too much damage!

Connor I think only wanted someone to care - and hence me creating a healthier dynamic in LA and no Cordy cos that whole shagging the son was just EWWWW!

Angel had to accept that something wouldn't work out and sadly it had to be Cordy!

Willow the menance she really has to be saved somewhow doesn't she?!!

09/06/2006 08:47 am
Chapter 22         
well i think they need to check out his chip
Hee I know! That chip is just so annoying isn't it!

09/10/2006 08:57 am
Chapter 21         
Thank you for getting the chip out. I feel safer for him with it out. Dark magicks change people and Willow wasn't a virgin anymore, so I'm not surprised that Rack would want to have her nor am I surprised that Willow is giving in to them and lost her inhibitions. Fabulous chapter, thanks.
My pleasure that chip always needed to be gone! Otherwise Spike is not Spike is he?

Ahh see you hit the nail on the head Rack wanted her no matter what. The writers on the show really skirted this issue with the whole strawberries motif but in Tempus Willow and her dark magicks combined with the power of the Key all leads to her losing control!

Thank you so much for all the fab reviws!

09/08/2006 07:59 am
Chapter 21         
excellent read, thanks. very glad the chip is gone and love that it was tara and fred who did it.
That darn chip had to go and getting Angel to suggest it goes and Fred and Tara being the ones well I had to really LOL!

09/06/2006 08:46 am
Chapter 21         
wow that last bit is pretty sick and disturbing...but then, willow's in a very bad place at the moment...glad spike got his chip out and made things right with angel...good chapter
Yikes I tried to warn everyone - it is a bit grim in that relationship and will not improve! Willow is seriously spiralling out of control (remeber she also has a bit of Dawn in her and will magnify some aspects of her power)

Spike and his chip - how about that one Angel got it sorted! I couldn't resist flipping that dynamic on it's head LOL


09/10/2006 08:05 am
Chapter 20         
Gosh, that was great! One of the funniest line's I've ever heard from Spike, was when he said "What's this, Bite Spike Night!" Don't feel sorry at all for Justine. She may have started out as a vampire hunter but when she hooked up with Holtz, she became the bad guy as well. Why did they through the shark overboard as well, Paddie could of sold the shark back at the dock. Good character, Paddie, nice homage to Dole. Great read, thanks.
Heeee! Bite Spike Night! I know he really always ends up on the wrong end of Aurelain fangs and other beasties!

Me either re Justine I think once she started up with Holtz and that macabre way of training she was lost!

Oh damn good point he could've made a fortune with the shark! Damn!

I wrote this when I discovered that poor Glenn had died hence the homage to Doyle.

So glad you are enjoying the fic!

09/08/2006 06:55 am
Chapter 20         
excellent read, thank you. love the banter wes-groo, buufy-spike, tara-spike. lightens the tale an adds a balance to the read. thanks, again
Wes and Groo were a surprising mix! And Spike and Tara I can't resist em after the eppie when she teases him over his groin strain it just was so obvious that if the Scoobs hadn't been there Tara and Spike would've been friends!

09/06/2006 08:41 am
Chapter 20         
poor spike's going through the wringer, isn't he? i feel so bad for them all...how painful for him, but hopefully talking it out will help
Talking is of the good and I know poor Spike he really does get it in the neck doesn't he - ohh bad punny!!!

09/10/2006 07:22 am
Chapter 19         
Wow, another amazing chapter!Nice that Wes and Anya talked things out, help her make some decisions. Yummm, Spike in latex! Love the rewrite. Good touch of exciement with the sharks, but why would the chip fire with the sharks? Naturally Angel's first response would be to take from his grandchilde, only blood better is slayer's blood. Great work on a fantastic chapter.
LOL Spike in latex exactly my thoughts! All yummy in drool....

Wes and Anya are taking nice baby steps in the right direction!

See now I wanted to write the shark attack without chip but my beta at the time was all wait no it would fire cos it's alive!

Angel and his biting - yup that was my idea too


09/08/2006 06:29 am
Chapter 19         
very good read, thank you. there never was much defference between angelus and angel. i know .... tortured ...blood lust....
*grins* I always thought that there was very little difference as well!

Cos well broody git is always close to breaking!

09/06/2006 08:36 am
Chapter 19         
it's probably okay...he's probably just in need of blood to live right now...wonder what's gonna happen next
LOL blood is needed too true!

Hmmm I really have become a cliffhanger Queen no wonder Wulfie smacks me all the time over this *g*

09/10/2006 05:57 am
Chapter 18         
A very entertaining chapter. I especially loved Spike's and Fred's humor when they gave Justine the truth powder but they have what they wanted. Of all the nicknames that everyone has Columba is one I don't like. It conjures up the image of an old TV detective named Columbo. That's just me though, love everything else about your fic. Thanks for the great read.
Argh! I forgot about Columbo oh no now I have mental image of Tara in a flashers mac! Crap I will avoid this un from now on good call sweets!

Am thrilled to bits you are loving the fic!

09/08/2006 05:50 am
Chapter 18         
very good chapter. moving the plot along with enogh humor to last for many chapters. enjoyed lorne and tara. buffy, spike and fred were hilarious. thanks for the fun read.
I always wondered what Lorne would've made of Tara somehow I can see them click instantly hence all the time I spent on them together in LA!

Hee you liked Buffy, Spike and Fred combo YAY!

09/06/2006 08:33 am
Chapter 18         
oh i hope angel's okay you've made me actually care about him in this fic ...not to mention poor dawnie...this is so riveting...
Gads I made you care about Angel...Spike will bite me for that one! Buuut then again Angel has to have some bits that work oh boy does that sound dodgy!

Poor Dawn...

I hope I can save her!

09/09/2006 11:35 am
Chapter 17         
What! Angel? not Angelus? Then what happened? Guess I'd better start on the next chapter. Wonderful chappie, thanks.
Heee I snuck that one past you! Angel it is LOL!


09/08/2006 05:07 am
Chapter 17         
very good read, thanks. all prepared for the wrong threat.
I'm so thrilled you are enjoying my Tempus - and all these awesome reviews wow!

09/06/2006 08:30 am
Chapter 17         
wow..this is getting more complicated by the moment...hope it all works out
Oh what a tangled web I weave right? I love them Gordian knots ohhh hey that's an idea I need to expand on!

Trust me I will work it out


09/09/2006 10:54 am
Chapter 16         
Geez! Before long poor Groo will be introduced to strip clubs! They'll all get salaries, Yes! How in the hell are they going to fight Rack and Willow? This should be good, can't wait to see how you pull this off. Great chapter, thanks.
OMG! I have a mental image of Groo in a strip joint now heee!

The money thing had to be sorted cos otherwise the trip would've been a short one!

Oh boy have they got their hands full with Willow and Rack!

Gulps me too re how I pull this off LOL

09/06/2006 08:27 am
Chapter 16         
poor xander..but i think willow deliberately made his hatred for spike worse...this could get super uglier before its all over
Umm yup super ugly with a side order of ewww will be coming up in the Willow Rack scenes be warned! And err Xander, I have a cunning plan *g*

06/02/2010 05:26 am
Chapter Fifteen         
Am I the only one who thinks it's a little strange for Buffy and Spike to have a sorta preoccupation with getting laid while Dawnie is..err, missing? Not trying to be rude cause the scenes were great, I just know if my kid was missing, sex would be the least of my worries lol.

09/09/2006 09:55 am
Chapter Fifteen         
How sad, know one ever said thank you to her! Wes and Anya would make a great couple. New York! He couldn't have takin' her to Vegas or LA. Great chapter, thanks.
LOL Vegas or LA would be too easy and I need to get em to Venice by the end of the ficcage for the showdown dun dun dun!

Wes and Anya would be excellent wouldn't they LOL!

09/06/2006 10:04 pm
Chapter Fifteen         
good update. a little comfort and tlc for buffy before things get worse. thanks for the fine read.
Hugs you for all the amazing reviews!

Buffy needs a wee bit of TLC cos well ack!

09/06/2006 08:20 am
Chapter Fifteen         
wow....why new york i wonder? poor amy and her family, i feel so bad for them...too bad they need willow back to get dawn back...at this point i'd be ready to write her off... great chapter love
*g* New York weeell I needed em across country to get them nearer to Europe!

I know poor Amy and her family but what was it Spike said magic has consequences?

Shhh me too re Willow I wanted to write her off as well but then the fic would end *g*


09/09/2006 08:51 am
Chapter Fourteen         
Thanks for the giggles here and there, it helped.Now they can't bring Dawn back without her. They could of gone anywhere. This is so very bad. Guess that means Buffy and Spike will have that romantic evening, he's been planning. Excellent read, thanks.
Had to have a wee bit to balance the drama - and whoops Willow is needed to save Dawn that might be a wee prob indeed!

Poor Spike when he plans stuff it always goes wrong *g*

09/06/2006 08:18 am
Chapter Fourteen         
at least she still cares enough not to let tara die...but she's profoundly stupid otherwise...i think wes and anya should end up together....xander's a decent person at heart but he has a *lot* of issues...and he's never gonna catch up with anya, maturity wise....great chpater, love
*nods* profoundly stupid is about right for Willow!

Hmmm Wes and Anya now that sounds just about right meep did I say that??!!

And yup that is exactly how I feel about Xander LOL


09/06/2006 07:50 am
Chapter Fourteen         
the chemistry of the group is so good, do we really want to save willow? it is late. i'm sure it is the lateness of the hour, rather than the amount of scotch i have consumed,that cause me to dwell on trivial points. love the update, love the tale. thank you

09/09/2006 07:44 am
Chapter Thirteen         
Poor flaccid Spike, thinks Dawn is watching. Xander just won't give up on trying to blame Spike for anything. What an amazing gift from Dawn! Rack is a very good con artist isn't he. Bringing this fantastic chapter all together. Thanks.
Bwahahahah Mr Floppy!!! Cos you know how freaked he would be thinking Dawn was in his mind *g*

Xander is sooo gonna learn the hard way!

Ohh Dawn's wee pressie will manifest in the others as well in different ways *g*

Rack isn't he just the perfect conman?! I soo agree and an ideal villain to play with


09/06/2006 08:06 am
Chapter Thirteen         
wow...she just made a huge mistake..that is so messed up...spike's little problem was a bit amusing...glad that whistler cleared it up, though.... good chapter
Yup big mess and now I have to fix it *g*

Hee Spike's wee prob was too irresitable to not use and Whistler is a ruddy handy plot device isn't he!

09/06/2006 06:34 am
Chapter Thirteen         
"Oh my God! We are so never having sex again!" even with so much going on developing the plot, that line had me lmao. love whistler clearing that up for poor spike. fantastic update, fantastic tale, thank you.
Heee I loved writing that one too! Can't you imagine them thinking that though?!

Ahh Whistler my own personal Deus ex Machina - he really is useful LOL!


09/09/2006 06:05 am
Chapter 12         
Even thou this is a tremendously painful chapter, I just wanted to tell you how much I loved how you've presented it. The dialogue, the emotions, everything. Thank you.
Thank you - I have to admit to having written that chapter over and over and fretted myself into a puddle of anxiety! I am so thrilled you liked it and you have hit on all the points I worred over dialogue and emotions especially so reading this has made my day!

Thank you!

09/06/2006 07:56 am
Chapter 12         
oh no, spike...don't blame yourself for this...i feel so bad for them all..but i have this feeling that willow's faking even her guilt...and i dont think she just meant to fix dawn's arm....weird....oh well..on to the next chappie
Hmmm I think you maybe right re Willow faking the guiltage *winks* by now the magicks have got a good hold on her so brace yourself!

I know poor Spike he will be feeling a bit depressed.

09/06/2006 06:00 am
Chapter 12         
excellent. covered a lot in this update. love the tale, thank you. willow still wants to fix everthing, rack is on his way back and dawn is scattered. fantastic read.
Willow always makes that one mistake doesn't she *winks* and ohhh boy is Rack coming brace yourself for the darkness!

Dawn is scattered to the four winds am gonna have a hell of a time getting her back LOL!

09/09/2006 04:11 am
Chapter 11         
OMG! she turned her back into the Key! Crap! she's so out of control, how are they going to get her back! Poor Buffy and Spike. This is awesome, fantastic fic, thanks.
Eeps Dawn got magicked! I am wicked aren't I!

Poor Spike and Buffy they really will be suffering...

Thank you for all the marvellous support and awesome reviews!

09/06/2006 07:31 am
Chapter 11         
oh no....what did she do?? this willow is darker and scarier even than in the show...how can they stop her? on to more
Hmmm can they stop her *g* I started writing this fic basically cos I got into a long chat with someone over how the whole Willow turning evil and suddenly becoming good never sat well with my Wiccan idealogy and hence this swirling descent into darkness for Willow the magic abuser err I mean user *g*

09/06/2006 04:56 am
Chapter 11         
amy has been a rat for a long time, otherwise she would know it was unnecessary to say "You're saying it wrong, it won't work!" great read thank you.
Thank you am glad you are enjoying the humongous chapters! Bless Amy she really is a mess and does get into some serious pickles in this fic!

09/07/2006 01:17 pm
Chapter Ten         
A lot of humor for the first of it but dealing with Janice's death is really hard for them all. Wes and Bit? She's a little young too young but I can see her point, he is a hottie now. Wonder what she's going to think about Groo. Well that's all for me this morning. I've so enjoyed this wonderful story with angst free Conner. Terrific fic, thanks.
Wes and Bit - weeeell maybe but I have other plans for him *g* and hell if I were a teen and he turned up at my house I would have gone a wee bit crushy I know nummy Groo with the muscles heeee!

Oh yes no angsty for Connor - I wanted to write him with a stronger character cos I hated the way they created him on the show there was so much potential and then at the end of season five the made a nice Connor and I thought see they could've done that!

Hugs you for saying it's a terrific fic! Thank you!

09/06/2006 07:22 am
Chapter Ten         
wow...that's so terribly sad...poor janice, poor dawnie...you brought me to tears, love
Eeks sorry for the tears! The whole impetus behind this chapter was the fact that Janice and Dawn were always walking around at night in Sunnyhell with no worries! Hence the vamping and not so nice ending for Janice!


09/06/2006 04:04 am
Chapter Ten         
wonderful read, thank you. love the new additions to the scoobies.
Don't you wish they had brought Wes back to Sunnydale!! And Groo cos well he does have a cute smile

03/24/2006 01:52 pm
Chapter Ten         
Super-fantastic! This is one of the most satisfying fics I've read in terms of giving the characters what they should have gotten. Love it love it love it! The idea of Wes and Groo in Sunnydale is genius.
Chapt 25 of Tempus is up now *g* I loved bringing Wes and Groo to Sunnyhell and they have settled in so well

Thank you for the awesome review! Am blushing

09/07/2006 12:32 pm
Chapter 9         
Conner? Nice way to end a claim. At least your Angel is helping his "family". With allthis finished I thought they'd be on their way but guess with Conner here everyone's staying. Very interested to see how you're going to handle all this. One more chapter then i'm going to bed, wonderful chapter, thanks.
Yup Connor - be warned I may surprise you with how Connor is in this fic!

Yeah Angel maybe is nit but sometimes he does right by the fam *g*

Ohh there will be more in LA but somehow I think I better move em back to Sunnyhell for a wee bit

Hope you had a nice snooze

09/06/2006 06:46 am
Chapter 9         
i wonder who it was? willow maybe? that was heart-rending, i actually felt so bad for angel...though it had to be done...on to more, pet
Hmmm nope not Willow

Ohh you did feel sorry for him I tried to inject a wee bit of pathos here cos I had been kinda harsh on him

Wow you are a brave soul reading all these chapts in succession!

09/07/2006 10:23 am
Chapter Eight         
Sorry Shadow's b-day is next week, today's is Spikeskat.
LOL - yup it was Kitty Kat's bday.

09/07/2006 10:19 am
Chapter Eight         
Groo going to SunnyD as well! I do feel sorry for him but it's for the best. Wow testosterone comes to town! Two more handsome foreigners to make SunnyD they're home, oh how nice! So Angel claimed Buffy when he was poisoned? and he never told her, what an arrogant ass. Oooo that was fun watching Spike beat him down. That was funny Spike's thinking about Angel's weight gain and wondering if he had piles. Wonderful story. Going to wish Shadow a Happy Birthday. Thanks.
Heee Testosterone comes to town I LOVE THAT!!! And yuppers two cuties to drool over in SunnyD LOL!

My Angel bashing is always simmering under the surface (hence the thrashing he gets in Dark Gift!) and I had to let Spike do it *g*

Angel claiming Buffy - was too tempting to play with hence the who unclaiming I hope you enjoyed!

09/06/2006 06:02 am
Chapter Eight         
i wasn't watching "angel" at this time...but was cordy really that bad, or is there something majorly up with her in this fic? she's really being evil...i hope that they can get angel to go along with the ritual..great chapter, pet
I took on the idea that Cordy was badly affected by the demonic infusion that Skip gave her to survive the visions. I always felt Cordy's inherent meanness from school would have been magnigfied by the demon aspect she got.

Also I have to admit to writing this after I saw her come back from her so-called stint in heaven and decided that there were inheriantly evil bits to Cordy all the way through.

Hugs you!

09/06/2006 03:13 am
Chapter Eight         
no need for an explantion, cordy and angel were being cordy and angel. very good read, thanks
Yay thank you - I got a load of flack for writing Cordy and Angel like this when I was first posting and was soo worried I was to OTT but yay you agreed with how felt about them! I really think that they were cut from the same cloth and hence the attraction!

09/07/2006 09:32 am
Chapter Seven         
So happy that Buffy trully is over Angel and she knows it. With Wesley coming to SunnyD and Anh and Xander relationship more than a little shaky, Wes and Anya? Maybe? So great that Wes is feeling better about himself but I'm worried about Lilah and what W&H is capable of doing. Loved the idea of a girls night out, they could all use it. Wonderful moment when after making love Buffy cried, finally realizing that this is the way that a relationship should feel like. Marvelous chappie Schez. Thanks.
*nods* yup well and truely over the forehead *g*

I had to snag Wes co sooo much fun will be had err Wes and Anya hmmm I'm not saying LOL!

Lilah hee don't worry she will be well and truely sorted by the end of this fic!

Am so thrilled you are enjoying this and the reviews are awesome!

09/06/2006 05:50 am
Chapter Seven         
wow...that was so sweet...but..willow's tweaking again...so not a good thing... great chapter, love
God when will Willow ever stop tweaking at things she shouldn't touch!! She really is a nightmare sometimes!

Glad you liked the chapter


09/06/2006 02:18 am
Chapter Seven         
excellent read, thank you. red going to fix everything. the only things broken are her and xander and the should be tossed not repaired. i should have added angel to that last comment.
Oh yes right there with you on the only things broken I have always felt that about those two characters and hmmm yup we will have to add Angel to that list *g*

09/07/2006 08:34 am
Chapter Six         
That was so sweet having Tara encourging Anya. She was right about everything but one, in my opinion, and that's Xander. I think he will always be in love with Buffy, some part of him anyway, till the day he dies. This is your first fic? yes? I wouldn't have thought so, because it' so fantastic, guess you were brilliant from the beginning. Many times it's been inferred but that bit with Spike licking him and being turned on was fantastic. Boy, is Xander carrying around alot of baggage. Know wonder he's so screwed up. Spike hasn't gotten a fiddler's chance in hell to win Xander over. Too many strikes against him, 1)he's a vampire 2)Angel 3)He loves Buffy 4)Buffy loves him 5)saw Xander during a moment of weakness 6)saved his life and the last straw he turned him on, which apparently he's thought about more than once. Wes, Spike and Buffy do work well as a team don't they. Just love it, thanks for your wonderful words.
Yay Tara with the Anya support *g* I agree Xander has always been a lost cause with his Buffy love/fixation and I always ached for Anya trying so hard to fit in!

Yup this was the first fic I wrote and am blushing so much thank you! Your compliements are just wow - they have made my day! Me brill from beginning WOW *blushes*

The Spike lick - I had to pop it in my evil self couldn't resist it! I remeber my beta at the time was horrified and that made me even more determined to post the chapter And all those strikes you mentioned too true!

Ohh you likes the Wes Spike and Buffy dynamic - shhh me too!

Thank you much this review is just WOW!

09/06/2006 01:23 am
Chapter Six         
lol...no, wes wont be bought that easy... great chapter, pet, very much enjoyed it
Bless Wes - he really is a not so secret fav of mine *g* Am thrilled to bits you are enjoying my epic baby!

09/06/2006 01:04 am
Chapter Six         
love the tale. i know a have read part of this, but this is a great excuse reread a wonderful tale. only a minor grumbling over tara wasting time and effort on xander. thanks for the fine read.
Hee but Tara has to try and help em all doesn't she and even Xander! I am so thrilled you are enjoying Tempus and all these awesome reviews have just blown me away!

Thank you

09/25/2005 07:55 am
Chapter Six         
This is such a good AU story. I hope you will continue it and give us more soon.
Meep it's been a while but I did update today - Chapt 25 is posted and I am mid write on chapt 28 so I have a few to post I hope you enjoys!

09/25/2005 02:50 am
Chapter Six         
You definetely have to continue, this is a great story and it would be a shame if you didn't write more soon.
Andrea - am blushing for the long wait! But I have updated chapt 25 today and have a couple with my beta so a few to come! I hope you enjoys!

09/06/2006 12:43 am
Chapter 5         
awww...poor wes... i'm glad they went to help him...but willow still doesn't have a clue how muchdanger she's in, stupid girl...*sigh* great chapter, love
I know poor Wes but I do fix it to quote a certain vamp ^-~

Hmmm Willow really has no idea what is te become of her dun dun dun!

09/06/2006 12:34 am
Chapter 5         
good read read, very good glinda. thanks for the fine read.
She is a good Glinda BTW I hope you like Spike's new nickname for her

09/05/2006 03:36 pm
Chapter 5         
Yes! Wes in SunnyD. To bad Tara's gay, I'd love to see them together. Both made to feel less about themselves by the people around them, till Buffy and Spike. Oh boy, what kind of trouble is Willow getting into? Rarely is it for the good. Great chapter, thanks.
Trouble + Willow = badness so true very rarely of the good!

Yup Spike and Buffy are collecting all the waifs and strays and saving them *g* I adore Wes hence all my Wes fics I have to keep writing. I have plans for Wes but sadly not with Tara Shhh


09/05/2006 11:37 pm
Chapter Four         
love a powerful tara, and an annoyed whelp. very good read, thanks
Hee an annoyed Whelp is always of the good! And Tara really does get her mojo going doesn't she?!

09/05/2006 03:00 pm
Chapter Four         
wow...so they're gonna be facing something a lot worse than rack, then, eh? great chapter, pet
ohhh yes something a lot worse than Rack will be causing probs and it's someone close to home *winks*

Am thrilled to bits you are enjoying the fic!


09/05/2006 02:52 pm
Chapter Four         
Love it when Spike rattles Xander's chain. Anya smelled them? that's weird. She's still human right? Dawn's so protective of the kittens, it's so sweet. Tara does have really strong powers and a good thing too. How sweet that they got to sleep together, tight in each others arms. I thought that Rack was a warlock, guess he isn't if he can lose his physical body and disappear. Fantastic story, thanks for the read.
Ohh there is a lot more to Rack in this fic - I made him the uber baddie

Shhh me too I love it when Spike winds up the whelp! Hmmm Anya and the smelling guess it must be a residual demoney thing?

Ohh Tara yup she is a very empower wiccan in this fic

Hugs you for the review

09/05/2006 11:14 pm
Chapter Three         
fine read, thank you. hilarious that xander wants to deny what he sees and hears, and then wants to hear it tomorrow.
LOL bless Xander he really does have an Ostrich mentality!

09/05/2006 02:32 pm
Chapter Three         
oh no...i hope he doesnt hurt amy, she's actually trying to do the right thing this time around...love that buffy's being honest with everybody about spike
Eeps he does kinda hurt Amy but don't worry I'll fix it *g* Poor Amy really is trying to do the right thing!

Yay Buffy - I had to write it I was so fed up with the horrendous Buffy in the show at the time hence the healthy relationship!

Thank you so much for the reviews they have made my day!

09/05/2006 02:17 pm
Chapter Three         
So this Rack is pro-active Rack. Not a good thing by the looks of it. That Xander stay in Egypt as long as he wants as long as Buffy's happy, which makes Spike happy as well. I've always felt that there was more to Tara then she let on, or was aware of. Yup, Anya going to have a fit. Very satisfying chapter! Buffy told Spike she loved him! Thanks for the read.
*nods* oh yes this is a very pro-active Rack and he is bad to the bone

We'll have to get Xander a ticket for the flight to Egypt LOL! Bless Anya she is such a favorite of mine I can't resist her

Hmmm Tara defo has depths which I have loved writing

Thank you for the FAB review

09/05/2006 10:11 pm
Chapter 2         
very good read, thank you. tara always should have been friend and ally. she and oz were the only selfless members of the egocentric scoobies.
Hear hear I totally agree on Oz and Tara being the only selfless ones in the bunch! I adore Tara and love writing her in this fic I hope you like what she becomes!

09/05/2006 02:25 pm
Chapter 2         
man...willow's in trouble but at least this time dawn's not with her...another great chapter, love
thank you am glad you liked the chappie and yup Willow is in serious trouble! This was my first fic and I really wrote it because I felt the show's writers had let Willow off too easily.

Errr be warned Dawn might suffer at Willow's hands *ducks and hides*

09/05/2006 01:48 pm
Chapter 2         
Willow's very scary and poor Amy she wants out and can't find a way to do it alone. I just love Tara, since this is going so much better then the original maybe they can move her in and Willow out! So glad that Tara's accepting of their relationship. She's a true friend. Just a wonderful fic, thanks.
*g* Hmmm move Tara in and Willow out weeell if you read on I may just have done that! I am so thrilled you think it's wonderful I sometimes worry about Tempus


PS Willow really does get worse be warned!

09/05/2006 09:48 pm
Chapter One         
great beginning, thank you
Thank you - I am about to reply to all your wonderful reviews so brace yourself *g*

09/05/2006 02:20 pm
Chapter One         
this chapter was excellent, a wonderful beginning....i'm scared for willow, but so happy that buffy and spike are getting off on a better foot
Be warned this is a very rocky ride for Willow *g* I hope you enjoy the fic!

Spike and Buffy yup I have a nice healthy relationship in this fic despite everything else that happens!

Thank you for reviewing it has made me a very happy bunny!

09/05/2006 01:12 pm
Chapter One         
What a wonderful rewrite of S6. This is going to be good. Spike and Buffy together as we all wanted them to be, in a mutual relationship. It doesn't look all that great for Willow though does it. It's been a while since I've read anything of your's, I really looking forward to it. Great beginning, great read, thanks.
*g* thank you so much! I have to admit this is a secret fav fic of mine and I love writing it! I do hope you enjoy the rest of the chappies! I wanted to have a healthy Spuffy relationship and Tempus was born!

PS this was the very first fic I ever wrote!

09/24/2005 02:09 pm
Chapter One         
One of my favorite season 6 stories!!!!!