The Chaos Factor by Schehrezade

03/19/2014 10:47 pm
Chapter 3         
OK, Oi!!! you can't stop there! 


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Chapter 3         

11/06/2006 08:01 am
Chapter 3         
“I did not mean to refer to your preference of women now, but I do want to know what you use to… urk!” This time it was a pale masculine hand that was slapped gently over her mouth.


Things are about to get REALLY interesting!!

11/06/2006 01:24 am
Chapter 3         
Forget Ethan and Giles, drag Buffy off somewhere to shag. LoL

11/06/2006 12:29 am
Chapter 3         
oh this should be an interesting road trip for the both of them! i hope that bit of guilt buffy felt when tara reproved her for beating on spike sticks with her while she's alone with him...hope they can help giles...though i have to say ripper's *far* more fun than giles!! great chpater

11/05/2006 07:27 pm
Chapter 3         
Absolutely hilarious. Anya's a real hoot - have Giles finance his own rescue because he was 'careless' - hysterical! Can't wait for the next update.

11/05/2006 06:57 pm
Chapter 3         
And they're off!

11/05/2006 06:00 pm
Chapter 3         
Hmm, think Angel would mind if I asked him what a feck was? I haven't heard that one before, which is not surprising considering one; I had a sheltered upbringing and two; I live in the US where swear words aren't quite as exciting. LOL

Lovely chappy!

11/05/2006 04:23 pm
Chapter 3         
his skin itched at the responsibility he had oozing from every pour ROFL I loved this line! So Spike!
(small voice - "pore")

Great new chapter, sweetie. I'm learning new swear words! LOL "feck"? 'splainy, please?

11/05/2006 04:17 pm
Chapter 3         
I just love your characterizations, you're doing an amazing job of capturing everyone's personality. Anya is so much fun, she really shined in this chapter. Fantastic update!

11/05/2006 03:26 pm
Chapter 3         
Nicely done. Anya was a hoot!!

11/05/2006 02:52 pm
Chapter 3         
Great fun - and Buffy is as confused as usual - batter Spike, smile at Spike! Heee. Love the repartee!

11/06/2006 12:59 am
Chapter Two         
well she *is* an ungrateful bint... pfft

11/05/2006 06:37 pm
Chapter Two         
You seem to be implying that our Buffy actually read a book. Not a chance. LOL

11/05/2006 10:11 am
Chapter Two         
LOL... I had to giggle at Ripper checking Buffy out.

Well, at least they've found the coin... hopefully now they can work out a way to reverse things.
Maybe Anya might know something?... You don't live that long and not pick up a thing or two.
Hee I had to do it the pervy old git LOL! Am glad you had a giggle I had so much fun writing that scene.

Hmm the coin and reversing be warned there is loads to come ^_^

Anya may know somethings buuut she may have some distractions - have I vagued that up a wee bit

11/04/2006 04:34 am
Chapter Two         
And the rest is....where?
LOL is coming am going to post another chapter in a sec!

demanding minx *g*

11/03/2006 07:33 pm
Chapter Two         
Okay....I cheated and ran over to the LJ for more...more....more (and still am dying for even more). Enjoying this like a rich dessert (without the pesky increase in thigh size).

Love the moving about. Love Anya and Ripper (Xander who?). Love the budding Spuffy.

Excellent stuff.

looking forward to more *G*
Ohh you naughty girl rushing off to LJ LOL! I have finished chapter 7 it's with my betas so coming soon I hope!

Oh hon you made my day enjoying it like a rich dessert you are awesome *hugs*

Xander who indeed LOL - more Ranya (or is it Ganya hmmm) coming soon!


11/03/2006 02:35 pm
Chapter Two         
great story, I'm hooked already.
Thank you! I have another chapter going up in a second hope you enjoys??

11/03/2006 10:09 am
Chapter Two         
LMAO!!! I'm really loving your portrayal of Ripper! Things should get real interesting with Anya in the mix. Wonderful chapter!
I am loving writing Ripper he is just so wicked and Anya well I had to do that didn't I??

Thank you I hope you enjoy the next chapter!

11/03/2006 09:47 am
Chapter Two         
Lovely thickening of plot. I particularly like perceptive Tara - but Buffy is so mean to Spike!! Heee! More soon, please.
Hmm is Buffy being mean to Spike or is it the whole tugging of hair and running away in the playground scenario I wonder ^_^

Tara is just always delish to write! I hope you like the next chapter!

11/03/2006 06:30 am
Chapter Two         
oh i bet anya can translate it, eh? love ripper ogling buffy, she deserved it after going off on spike like that without even knowing what was going on.....great chapter, looking forward to more
LOL Anya bless her I have something planned for her *g*
Ripper the pervy ogler I had to do that ^_^

More coming in a second!

Thank you for lovely commenting!

11/03/2006 06:09 am
Chapter Two         
Love it!
Thank you

11/03/2006 03:01 am
Chapter Two         
Ahh.. now they should get some answers.

Just started reading. Can't wait for more.

P.S. Buffy's ready Lolita? I guess it makes sense, given her Angel relationship. ::grin::
Heee Buffy has always had that Lolita vibe for me in the earlier seasons with Angel *grins* am right there with you on that!

More coming in a second I am thrilled you are enjoying it!

11/03/2006 02:27 am
Chapter Two         
okay, who's Humbert Humbert? Ahhh Spike's jealous... and protective...
Protective jealous Spike I just love him like that! *faints*

Humbert Humbert is the main character in Lolita (he is the older man who seduces Lolita) I've popped in a link I hope it shows up!

11/03/2006 01:05 am
Chapter Two         
Yeah, Buffy..a little less slut bomb with the outfits...

Funny stuff.
LOL! I was going back through DVDs of the season to see what she was wearing at that point and the wee floaty summer dress hence the pervy Giles ^_^

Glad you are enjoying it all!

11/03/2006 12:28 am
Chapter Two         
I'm loving this! The big bad doing his laundry; his sudden need to protect Buffy's virtue; Giles chained in his own bath tub....

And yes it is indeed gross that he's making like Humbert Humbert but who can resist Ripper?

Intriguing plot; fluid writing; I'm hooked.
Thank you so much for such an awesome review - am grinning like a loon *g*

Who indeed can resist Ripper LOL! And Spike suddenly protecting Buffy from Ripper ogling - I had to do it!

Thank you so much *hugs*

11/03/2006 12:14 am
Chapter Two         
great chapter
Thank you I am thrilled you enjoyed it!

11/06/2006 12:30 am
Ha Ha, Ripper.

11/05/2006 06:27 pm
OH YEAH - perfect revenge.

11/05/2006 09:34 am
Oh... Ethan has stolen part of Giles' soul? LOL... I LOVE Spike getting to chain Ripper up... should make for some very colourful language once he sobers up.
*nods* Ethan has pinched part of Giles' soul ^_^ and legged it LOL! Ahh revenge is sweet, I wanted Giles left in the tub but Lmbossy said that would not be fair

Ahhh when he sobers up weeell....

11/04/2006 04:26 am
Just now finding time to begin this - *sigh* Very, very intrigued! Can't wait to see how Buffy reacts to Ripper's reappearance. lol
Hiyah sweets! Poor thing are you snowed?

Ahhh Buffy and Ripperfied Giles I did have a wee bit of fun over that first meeting LOL


11/03/2006 06:19 am
One that he's gonna put him in the ripper, great job with this to read the next
Me too I am loving writing Ripper I may have to abandon Spuffy!! Kidding LO

Glad you enjoyed the chapter hope you likes the next one?!

11/02/2006 03:00 pm

U blow me away! This is gonna be a fun ride....more! more!
*Blushes* Wow! Thank you I'm so pleased you are enjoying the fic more in a second LOL!

11/02/2006 03:45 am
What a great chapter. Love all the wonderful snark and pithy observations! Looking foward to updates!
Thank you! I was chuffed to bits when I got this review - it has made my day! *hugs*

More coming in a second - am hoping you like the snark in this one ^_^


11/02/2006 01:59 am
shrinkage issues aside, that is.”

ROFL I really enjoyed this chapter. And that line omg! to funny. Can't wait for more.
LOL it was irresistable that line I just had to write it ^_^

More coming in a second!

11/01/2006 11:37 pm
Loved the interaction between Spike, Buffy and Ripper. Ripper is such a dirty old man... lol! Can't wait to find out what happens next. Fantastic chapter! ~ Pretty banner!
^_^ am thrilled to bits you liked the interaction! I was itching to have Ripper chained in the tub and Spike getting affronted at his perviness!

Isn't Lmbossy a clever girl with her art!!!

11/01/2006 11:19 pm
Wow!! Ripper and Spike - an even better combo! What a blast!!
Heee am improvement on Ethan and Lilah? LOL I have to agree - I could wait to write these two boys together and then Lmbossy made the pretty banner *faints*

11/01/2006 09:49 pm
Ooooooo Ripper! I always thought Spike was what Giles knew he was headed towards in his Ripper days (and thus the repugnance) just as Giles was the direction William was going pre Dru (ditto)......neat!

This is splendid. I really love your stories, hon, you tell a ripping tale.

Ohhh you're sharing my brain! I had exactly the same theory re the boys and their paths in life/unlife!

*hugs* for the awesome words am blushing thank you Kathleen

11/01/2006 06:33 pm
So, do they only have to break the bottle to give Giles back his soul? And was this Ethan's personal plan? Cuz he was supposed to stay away from Sunnydale.

Mojitos with Hemingway...nicking socks from Walmart...ah, the life of a vampire.
Hmmm I want to tell your re Muo-Ping but then I would have to hide from Lmbossy she'd throttle me! Nope not Ethan's plan - that is safe to spill LOL.

I know what a come down Mojitos to socks all because of a damned chip ^_^

Glad you are enjoying the fic!

11/01/2006 06:07 pm
The Ripper rides again. Watch out Sunnydale. LOL
*hugs* you okay I should've named the fic The Ripper Rides Again that is brill!


11/05/2006 11:34 pm
Interesting, will have to see where this goes.

11/05/2006 06:18 pm
universal cure for you know what - Viagra?

Great start. Love Ethan - he's such a jerk.

11/01/2006 10:11 pm
This is going to be great! Ethan and WH- what a combo! Instantly addictive
LOL instantly addictive - I am a terror for plots brace yourself Lou!!

11/01/2006 05:33 am
yes, i can imagine writing ethan would be a challenge...i always enjoyed him, but would hate to try and write him lol...great opening, you've got me hooked already
He is! I watched all the eppies Ethan crops up in and then freaked cos not much to watch LOL! But have to admit I am enjoying writing him (dear god I am addicted to bad boys!!!)

Ohhh hooked is good *rushes off to post next chapter*


11/01/2006 02:29 am
Excellent beginning. Looking forward to your upcoming chapters. Ethan is a devious character. Very intriguing.
Thank you - I really was worried people would read the first chappie and scratch their heads and run for the hills! Ethan is a slipper sod and well he is going to be a royal pain...

Thank you for reviewing

10/31/2006 11:04 pm
Ethan in the hands of Wolfram & Hart, that is a scary combination. I am looking forward to following this fic.
LOL it's a killer combo isn't it? More chappies in a second ^_~

10/31/2006 09:39 pm
Ohh...Ethan! I love Ethan. *squees excitedly*
Looking forward to more of this, my dear!
And thank you for getting him out of that awful place... although I'm not sure that being in Wolfram and Hart's custody is a great improvement.
Me too I have no idea how much fun Ethan can be and how many wicked things I errr he can get away with!!! See you read my mind out of the frying pan into the fire ^_^ Ethan has so much to juggle at the mo dun dun dun

Thank you so much for reviewing *hugs*

10/31/2006 09:20 pm
Wonderful start. Pretty strong villians right off.
Thank you!! I love having a real threat for our intrepid pair to face off against and Ethan plus Wolfram & Hart well how could I resist!!

10/31/2006 06:24 pm
yeah Ethan!! with Lila no less....shudder!

Really looking forward to this, had it bookmarked but now it'll pop in my e-mail (squee).

You know I love your stories. and can't wait for this one. Great start....hum, chipped Ethan?

LOL Ethan is kinda fun to play with I was so worried about him and Lilah has set him on a tricky path! *hugs* you for saying you love my scribbles am chuffed to bits!

Hmmm chipped Ethan how much fun will that be (be warned massive twisty at the end of the fic!)


10/31/2006 05:23 pm
Oo, can't wait for more. What is WR&H up to?
More is coming in a second! Hmmm W R & H well it can't be good can it!!

10/31/2006 04:48 pm
I already read it over at the seasonal spuffy and loved it!!
But I'm gonna read it again... and again.
I hope there will be more soon.
I had so much fun posting on Monday over on seasonal LJ - more is coming very soon I am just polishing the final bit of chapter seven ^_^

10/31/2006 04:46 pm
Great chapter. Love it, Schez.
HUGE HUG!!! You have been amazing spoiling me with reviews and support - thank you


10/31/2006 03:15 pm
great start looking forward to more
^_^ glad you liked the opening chapter more coming in a few mins!

Hope you enjoys

10/31/2006 11:56 am
Great start! I look forward to reading more.
Thank you! I'm going to post another chapter in a sec hope you enjoys ^_^