A Reckoning by TalesofSpike

05/02/2012 09:23 am
A Reckoning         

Another story in the verse to enjoy.

04/01/2012 02:23 am
A Reckoning         
Hilarious!  Love how Spike maintained his cool too. 

03/05/2012 11:35 pm
A Reckoning         
This is awesome!!! And Drac nailed Darla! LOL

very funny
06/17/2008 07:08 am
A Reckoning         

11/13/2006 09:38 pm
A Reckoning         
never let a gambling debt go. fun read, thank you.
Thanks, honey! Glad you enjoyed it.

11/12/2006 05:53 am
A Reckoning         
LOL, I love this fic!
Thanks, honey! Glad you enjoyed my little bit of silliness.

11/09/2006 08:50 am
A Reckoning         

11/09/2006 06:45 am
A Reckoning         
I love the ending on this. I don't think Dracula will come at Spike ever again with a lawyer in tow.
Lol! I doubt it. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

11/09/2006 01:18 am
A Reckoning         
Oh that's delicious. Typical Spike, and Angel being jealous of him for once for knowing Dracula. Wonderful.
Thanks, honey! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

11/09/2006 01:05 am
A Reckoning         
i love it!!! love how spike managed to twist that around, love how you tied it all in....excellent little fic
Thanks, honey!

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

11/09/2006 12:59 am
A Reckoning         
*Squee* I LOVE this fic...so good to see it here!

It is just so much fun, and I LOVE snarky Spike and you always deliver such perfect Spike snark.

And the banner that Selene made is just fabulous. I LOVE the look on Spike's face there. *drools*
Rolls eyes at the mad woman... Well, I kinda got to roughly the point in posting AAD where it would have fitted in if it hadn't been for Caleb and all his bringer friends.

And Selene's banners are always fabulous.

Hugs for helping to inspire it in the first place, honey!

11/08/2006 11:43 pm
A Reckoning         
Hee! I'd forgotten how clever and how much fun this ficlet was.Great job, sweetie!
Thanks, honey! Glad you still enjoyed it second time around.

11/08/2006 10:37 pm
A Reckoning         
Very clever! *grin*
Glad you liked it, honey! Thanks!

11/08/2006 05:36 pm
A Reckoning         

11/08/2006 05:01 pm
A Reckoning         
A good short story,really good.It fitted the SWBD verse.I just wish the Spike will be done verse would continue
Thanks, honey! As for SWBD 'verse there's always the possibility of another ficlet or two for people's birthdays/Xmases etc... assuming my muse ever stops hiding.

11/08/2006 04:13 pm
A Reckoning         
great story
Thanks, Glad you liked it.

11/08/2006 03:16 pm
A Reckoning         
That's awesome!!!!
Thanks, honey! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

11/08/2006 02:14 pm
A Reckoning         
That was just sweet
Thanks, honey! Glad you liked it.

11/08/2006 02:01 pm
A Reckoning         
*snort* Is this one new or did I manage to miss it all this time? Cos if I missed it I need to go kick myself or something. This is so freaking funny. *rofl* ".. a rough figure will do." Oh, and Drac and the ac.. Wow, haven't laughted that hard in a while. Thanks for that!
Think it dates back to about last December. Good__Evil kicked off its character challenges in January, and this challenge was a fill in between them setting up the community and the monthly challenges starting. I actually did two fics for the same challenge, the other one being set in the summer Buffy was dead, but the reason I posted this one here now is that it would fit in roughly at the point in AAD that I have posted so far.