The Moonlight Gamblers by TalesofSpike

05/02/2012 09:05 am
The Moonlight Gamblers         

This was so enjoyable.

10/25/2011 10:12 pm
The Moonlight Gamblers         
How Buffy got a black eye....


09/06/2007 08:53 pm
The Moonlight Gamblers         
Oh that was interesting.
Thanks, honey. Glad you liked it.

11/14/2006 11:49 pm
The Moonlight Gamblers         
what a great birthday present. thanks for sharing the fine read.
Lol! I may be biased but I probably prefer, A Better Reality, the one for the year after that, where I managed to bring Joyce back and then this year's was a lot darker and didn't even have Spike in it (Wes & Faith) but I'm really pleased with how it came out.

For some reason Chris's birthday seems to bring out the best in me. Glad you liked it and thanks as always for taking the time to comment.

11/10/2006 10:31 am
The Moonlight Gamblers         
Recall the fic from some prior positng. It's ah, memorable. Esp. the scene in the demon bar with Angel trying to go into hero mode.
Lol! Memorable is good (I hope). The fic has been around for just over two years now. As far as I know it's at The Crypt and my own site, He's No Angel, but as I just finished posting the Spike's Will Be Done series here, it only seemed appropriate to add the ficlets in the 'verse as well.

11/10/2006 12:40 am
The Moonlight Gamblers         
Hysterically funny and sweet at the same time! I've been so looking forward to Wes and Marie's wedding and this is really lovely. The bar is just as over-the-top as one could possibly hope to see and I love Angel being so out of his depth. The kitten poker game and Spike's manipulations - pure fantastic inspiration! A great addition to this universe. THanks!
Thank you, honey!

Yeah, my beta gave me this list of what she liked. By the time I worked through her list of possibilities there were a lot of nice little moments in there.

11/10/2006 12:16 am
The Moonlight Gamblers         
This was hilarious, and yay for Wes and Marie!!!!!
Thanks, honey! I'm glad you enjoyed it and definitely yay for the happy couple and their new family.

11/09/2006 06:57 pm
The Moonlight Gamblers         
This fic had me laughing hard. I loved Spike setting up Angel to win the kittens and the fun he took in pointing out the flaws in what Angel was going to do with them. I also loved how he paid off Connor to help with the set-up and Connor teasing him about how all the women in his life had him wrapped around their little finger. I also laughed that it was Buffy that ended up with a black eye, that it was Anya that gave it to her, that it only happened because she was drunk, and the whole idea of Xander being a stripper. This was really a lot of fun to read, thanks.
Thank you, honey! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. I tried to fit in as many of those little moments as I could.

11/09/2006 06:43 pm
The Moonlight Gamblers very funny and absolutely adorable...and love that wes and marie got married...excellent job, pet
Lol! I suspect Wes's fate was pretty much sealed from the first time he kissed Marie, but it definitely gave me a happy to actually write the moment, especially as I wrote this nearly a year and a half before I finally got to write Spike & Buffy's wedding day.