How Can Something So Cold, Make Me So Hot? by slaymesoftly

11/06/2012 11:18 pm
Loved this. Very hot and very canon.
Thank you!

05/20/2012 06:12 pm
It's such a good thing I know there's a sequel.  Ahhh Buffy, buffy, buffy!

Buffy loves swimming in that Eygptian river....

02/24/2012 08:51 am

Buffy - she could be such a bitch and a user in the series, well that is how I see her anyway.  NICE piece.

Thanks - well, this whole thing was pretty OOC (that'll happen when you write early-season pRon) so she had to do something when she realized what she'd done. :)

03/10/2010 02:59 am
Love the story, loved the reviews.   LOL  also loved the sequel and am hoping for another one, particularly if it goes to the NC17 rating LOL.
Awesome job.  
Hee! Thanks.   Pretty hard to top ice cube sex, though, don't you think? :)

03/28/2008 10:38 pm
Such naughy  sunburns and dreams:D I didn't like the end where Buffy chanted that bollockses and Spike got hurt,but it was fine anyway.
I'm sorry the ending didn't please you. But, hey, there was Spuffy loving, right?  I prefer to stay as close to canon as I can when writing really OOC stuff, so I had to end it the way Buffy probably would have.  Who knows? There could a sequel someday that looks into how and if it changed their relationship. :)  *runs off to jot down plot bunny*

03/27/2007 12:47 pm
Generally I dont like to review on Smut, because it just seems a little awkward.
Me: "That was great"
Writer: "Thanks. But why are you reading it, pervert?"
Me: ".... I'll just... um... sorry."
But I just have to say;
Best Porn Ever.
ROFL - and probably one of my most amusing reviews! Thanks - I'm glad you liked it. If you think it's awkward to admit you read it -imagine how it feels to have written it! *G*

12/25/2006 02:43 am
She is a dummy, I would be telling about his virtues to everyone, especially Anya. He was a gentleman and took care of her, he loves her and all she can do is bash him? She never deserved him or his love. Great story!
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

12/15/2006 03:26 pm
'COOL' story...very 'Hot'...but with a sad ending. I loved it, thanks.
Thanks.Glad you liked it.

12/05/2006 05:13 am
wonderful read, thank you. buffy so enjoys cruising down the nile.
She does, doesn't she? :) Thanks for reading.

12/04/2006 12:43 pm
Extremely PWP fun and the traditional Buffy reaction at the end - I could almost pity her for being such a dumbass!
yes, sigh. She has no sense at all sometimes... :) Thanks for reading.

12/04/2006 07:49 am
Loved the smut, wanted to slap Buffy at the end. Which pretty much makes it excellent characterization.
LOL - alas, it does, doesn't it? But that's the way Joss made her... Thanks for reading.

12/04/2006 03:50 am
great story

12/04/2006 03:17 am
the ending was so sad, but so typical buffy...i feel so bad for spike, she was so unappreciative and mean to him...but then, wasn't she always? a very hot little fic here, very much enjoyed :)
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. Yeah, it was pretty typical bitch-Buffy, I guess. Maybe I can do a sequel and Spuffy it up. lol

12/04/2006 02:57 am
LOL at the Spuffy Ice Capades. I don't think I like that ending. It's too meany Joss like.

Sigh - sometimes Buffy just has to be Buffy, you know? :)

12/04/2006 01:27 am
Ah Patti, no one writes smut like you, I am in awe! I hope this isn't a one shot, I would love to read more, so I hope you keep going with this
*blush* thank you. I hadn't actually thought about doing anything else with it until reviewers started mentioning it - now I'm going "hmmmmmm..." LOL

12/03/2006 11:45 pm
What a fantastic way to get rid of sunburn... lol! Loved the story! :)
Hee - makes it almost worth the pain and freckles, doesn't it? :D

12/03/2006 11:19 pm
Awww,that was HOT. And it figures Buffy goes off and acts like a totally b*tch after. Grrrr. Was this a oneshot or will there be more?
Hee! I'm kinda pleased with how it turned out. It was meant as a one-shot for Chelle, but I can see where I could revisit this particular season V anytime I'm in the mood for more pwp. :p

12/03/2006 06:38 pm
It says 'the end' at the bottom of the story but the description says 'not complete'. I am going for the 'not complete'. I definitely think Buffy needs to get another sunburn ASAP!! And this time...she needs to get out of Egypt and thoroughly enjoy the cooling cure. **rolls eyes**
ROFL - alas, that's just me forgetting to mark it as complete. Maybe she needs to find a new excuse, or two or three - until she's willing to get away from that river?

12/03/2006 05:26 pm
Whee, some dream! A fun hot little tale.
Hee - thanks!

12/03/2006 05:18 pm
All that nice attention, and then she ends the night like that? It's not like he forced her to do anything. Bitch.
Well, it is Buffy, after all..