As you want it by Inzey

04/06/2012 05:03 pm
Bittersweet!  Spike got some inkling but he needs to not take the excessive bitchiness.

Thanks. :-)
05/21/2010 02:43 am

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12/06/2006 10:00 pm
spike caves. tears do that. very good read, thank you.

12/05/2006 11:41 pm
awww...i am of two minds regarding this story...and both of them think it's very well written and moving...
on the one hand, i feel so bad for buffy and so glad that she realized what she was doing and he stayed...
on the other, i think she deserved to get left behind...she treated him so badly, and he was willing to up with it again, just for her...he caved immediately when faced with her tears....
oh well...excellent fic, love...loved it

12/05/2006 09:44 pm
This was lovely. I wish there was more but I do like it the way it is.
There might be more in the future, but just maybe.

12/05/2006 09:11 pm
Very good, but I still want that sequel
Thank you. We'll see about a sequel