Man In Black II by DarkBloodyMistress

12/31/2012 09:06 am
Chapter One         
UPDATE! I want, nay need another chapter. PLLLLLLEEEEAAASSEEE! More more more, that's how I want it, that's how I want it! 

08/06/2010 10:23 am
Chapter One         
 you should really finish this, it's a wonderful story and I know of at least 10 people who would gladly read it again and again

07/22/2008 11:23 pm
Chapter One         

04/09/2007 06:47 pm
Chapter One         
oooh...i very much like this start...are you going to finish it, love? cause i haven't seen an update recently, but it looks fantastic!!! please update?

12/10/2006 02:15 am
Chapter One         
Ooh! I love it already. More please.
Thank you

12/09/2006 09:42 pm
Chapter One         
spike has it bad. i am reasonably sure you will make worse, at least for a while. fun read, thank you.
Awww, you want me to torture Spike? hehe

12/09/2006 06:09 pm
Chapter One         
awww, i always feel so bad for drunk spike... and heehee at the poetry
Yes, poor Spike. Hope he gets lucky *wink*

12/09/2006 03:50 am
Chapter One         
I loved Buffy’s reaction to finding out it was poetry books missing and the correlation that it was Spike that stole the books and is writing poetry for her. So glad you are doing a sequel and this sounds like it is going to be fun.
Thank you!