Eve of Destruction by slaymesoftly

09/23/2010 07:59 pm
Five and Six         
Well, the bad guys had the good strategy unfortunately.  But I love that there was a bit of Spuffy before it all went down.  Excellent writing as always! 
Thank you. I'm glad you thought so.

04/03/2008 04:02 am
Five and Six         
Oh god! Why didn't you just drive to my house and plunge a stake through my heart yourself?

Damn that was depressing....and good.
Um...sorry? And, thanks!

02/06/2007 03:16 am
Five and Six         
Wonderful story! I have to admit I want to read the epilogue. Imagining it simply isn't enough. :D (btw, beautiful ending. Wah.)
I'm glad you liked it. Sorry about the epilogue - can't afford to irritate my beta! LOL

02/04/2007 02:09 pm
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The shakespear line had me screaming in laughter, so 100% Buffy and Spikes ''for the love of'' reaction was perfect.I should have known what was coming after that, it was such a hollywood moment that I should have remembered the title of your fic and worried. Everyones actions and reactions at the end rang true, great fic but it hurt.
Thank you. Not a fluffy fic, I know, but it seemed the way to go. I'm glad you liked it.

02/04/2007 07:01 am
Five and Six         
That was a wonderfully written heart wrenching fic. I love it, even though to made me cry. Great job!
Crying is good-it cleans out the tear ducts...:) Thank you so much for commenting.

02/04/2007 05:40 am
Five and Six         
sad and beautiful end to the tale. thank you for the fine read.
I'm glad you liked it. :)

02/04/2007 12:27 am
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Beautiful. And finally a fic where Spike gets what he deserves for deserting Buffy.
Thank you.

02/03/2007 08:12 pm
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ok, it's kind of rare that I actually start tearing up, I think I've read so many stories that I've got jaded however, the ending was truly worthy. I read that your beta made you keep this ending, it's perfect, never change a word. I'd like to think he found her somewhere. GREAT STORY
Thank you so much. Yes, of course, she is totally right and I will not be adding the epilogue anywhere but in my Spuffy little heart. LOL

02/03/2007 07:14 pm
Five and Six         
I did like Eve's end. Smooshed by an SUV at an apocalypse. Kinda poetic in a pathetic loser sort of way.
LOL - thanks. I'm glad you liked her end.

02/03/2007 04:23 pm
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OMG, that's so sad! Lovely fic.
Thank you. :)

just sue
02/03/2007 12:42 pm
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Wow. I wasn't expecting that but it was a refreshing change to read a story where the happily ever after didn't come off, where they both got to die as warriors. Well done, Patti. *hugs*
Thanks. It is a bit of a departure for me, but it just seemed to be an apocalypse-worthy ending, you know? *hugs*

02/03/2007 08:35 am
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Wow, though I was hoping Angel died and Buffy and Spike lived to gight the good fight, this was excellent as well. Well done Patti.
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

02/03/2007 05:55 am
Five and Six         
That's it? *whimper* I'm depressed now......
LOL Sorry? I actually had begun a schmoopy "they're together in Heaven" kinda epilogue, but my beta (quite rightly) wouldn't let me add it.But feel free to picture them in a happy ever after sort of situation.:)

02/04/2007 05:33 am
that was a fun read, thank you.
You're welcome. Thank you for the regular commments.

02/03/2007 08:25 am
“Isn’t he like…dead? How can you introdu—oh my god! Shakespeare is a vampire?”

OMG, this had me rolling. I even snorted like four times, and couldn't stop laughing. ROFL
*grins happily* I'm glad it amused you.

02/04/2007 05:23 am
that is one of the very few times i have ever enjoyed angel sounding off. fun read, thank you.

02/03/2007 05:35 am
Go Angel!

02/04/2007 05:02 am
was a tad worried about buffy in the first chapter. the end of this chapter, definitely reflects a strong confident buffy. hope she sticks around. very good read, thank you.
Thank you for reading!

02/03/2007 03:55 am
Yay that Buffy's not giving up on Spike. At least she learned something. Looking forward to more updates.
It should be all up by now. Thanks for reading.

02/04/2007 06:38 pm
Spike's an idiot. Buffy should have popped him in the nose. He'd understand that. Hope Buffy left Kennedy at home, unless you're planning on killing her, of course. Good start.
Hee! Not a Kennedy fan, huh? No problem, she's nowhere to be found here.

02/04/2007 04:55 am
great beginning. thanks for the fine read.
Thanks, I hope you continue to like it.

02/03/2007 02:54 am
looks like another great beginning. I can't wait for an update.
Thanks. Hope you continue to like it

02/03/2007 01:16 am
Leaves him with a leading word, and runs off again. Typical buffy.

Geesh, she had a massive pole up her ass. She didn't have to be so hostile and bitchy about the whole thing. Always wanted to bang into that blonde's head that you'll catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar.
Well, in all fairness to Buffy, she was hurt and angry and afraid that he didn't love her anymore...And, you know, it's a slayer thing - get hurt, hurt back. Thanks for reading.