Are We Friends? by slaymesoftly

01/25/2012 09:40 pm
Chapters 1 - 3         
Interesting reaction from Buffy. can't wait to see how she reacts to the claim.
I'll be interested to see how you feel about the sequel. :)

05/16/2011 05:01 pm
Chapters 1 - 3         
Meticulous timing to the romance!  I love reading the building process.
Thank you. I much prefer things to develop organically and realistically. :)

02/29/2008 07:09 am
Chapters 1 - 3         
wonderful read, thank you.  hope she asks in the sequel
LOL - read it and see. :)

01/12/2008 05:25 pm
Chapters 1 - 3         
I love it when Buffy secretly lusts after Spike,and this was wonderful.
Thanks. I hope you enjoy the sequel. :)

09/25/2005 01:25 pm
Chapters 1 - 3         
Great story. I thought I'd read all of yours. this change of site is a good thing, reposting older stories, I'm seeing ones I've missed :) Now, on to the sequel!!
Thank you - glad you liked it. I hope the sequel appeals to you as well. (BTW, unless you've been to my site, I doubt you've read all my stories. LOL Apparently I have waaay too much free time on my hands.)