Caught Unaware by Fia

02/09/2010 08:42 pm
11. Presents at Bedtime         
hihi... Big Bad giving Buffy gifts      and aww.... so cute! a kitten!
i realy truly hope you'll be updating this one some time.. it's awesome how their relationship is slowly working out..   and perhaps he's giving her a puppy next time XD

08/23/2008 05:00 am
11. Presents at Bedtime         
Awww that is so sweet. I love Rocky, very cute! I love how he is trying to court Buffy it is just too adorable. You made truly laugh out loud when comparing her to Dru. "I don't think she's the torturing type" lol. Brilliant. I'd love to read the rest if your so inclined to write lol Please Update!

04/07/2008 09:10 am
11. Presents at Bedtime         
Love , Please update soon!

02/02/2008 07:17 am
11. Presents at Bedtime         
fun chapter, thank you.

02/01/2008 07:15 am
11. Presents at Bedtime         
Great story so far, I can't wait to see more of it.  Rocky sounds so cute and I love the tension between B and Spike.

01/31/2008 08:00 pm
11. Presents at Bedtime         
Oh I loved it.

01/31/2008 02:35 pm
11. Presents at Bedtime         
Anybody who gave me a kitten has me won over. And if it was Spike, I'd be even more... grateful

01/31/2008 05:07 am
11. Presents at Bedtime         
I just found this story and read all the way through.  I really love how their relationship is developing.  It feels like a natural progression and not too forced.  The kitten touch was great as well.  I'm very much looking forward to the next update

01/31/2008 05:02 am
11. Presents at Bedtime         
Ohhhh, Spike's so sweet! Tho ew at the kitty, it needs to be a puppy

01/31/2008 02:38 am
11. Presents at Bedtime         
 Wonderful update! Rocky was a stroke of genius on Spike's part. Looking forward to more.

11/05/2007 05:45 pm
10. Revalations         
hmmm....interesting indeed...can't wait to see what spike has planned to win her over, and i'm very glad that he at least understands what's holding her back...great job, love

11/03/2007 03:49 am
10. Revalations         
an actual attempt at communication, that is progress for those two. and it encourages spike, instead ending the situation. very good read, thank you. very glad you are back.

10/30/2007 06:36 pm
10. Revalations         
Will they give into their desires? I can't wait until the next chapter!
They will do soon! So glad you enjoyed it, so suprised people are still interested - it's been way too long! Thanks ever so much.

10/30/2007 03:07 am
10. Revalations         
Oh and he could not figure out till he read it that she thought he ment turning her.

I am glad it is back and sorry to hear about your accident.
Thanks so much for still reading smlcspike! Hopefully our couple will sort their differences very soon! And thanks for your kind words about the accident, I did not forsee falling off a boat! I see your stories are getting rave reviews, I will definatly have to check them out now I'm back! Hope you are well!

06/19/2007 08:13 am
9. My Pretty Kitty         
So that's why Elsie's so different. Wonder if she'd been a slayer and didn't know it. Killed before she understood or trained. Oh I can't wait for the next chapter. Wonder what he's going to do to her once he's got the door down. He didn't need a chainsaw, all he needed was to remove the pins in the hinges. That would have surprised her, but this sends fear to her very core. The anticipation as the door is slowly destroyed. Yup, much better. Looking forward to the next one, thanks.

06/11/2007 03:21 am
9. My Pretty Kitty         
really liking elise, hope buffy doesn't get her dusted. why do i believe this is not going to turn out the way spike expects when the door i opened? very good read, thank you.

06/10/2007 09:20 pm
9. My Pretty Kitty         
Reminds me of a vampire version of 'The Taming of the Shrew'.

06/10/2007 04:55 am
9. My Pretty Kitty         
*roars with laughter* ah, just what one of my RPG girls would do, heehee

06/10/2007 04:45 am
9. My Pretty Kitty         
oh spike just keeps making me madder and madder....grrr...poor buffy, i hope she teaches *him* a lesson before long...great chapter, and i love elise, pet, she's awesome

06/19/2007 08:00 am
8. Watching         
He sure has a dilemma on his hands that's for sure. Dru's going to be furious when she smells Buffy on him. So glad I'm getting caught up on my reading. I miss this, thanks for the chappie.

06/06/2007 10:15 pm
8. Watching         
Wonderful story, rather moving and.. omg I hate it when I can't even find the words to tell how much I loved it. Characterization is great and I'm usually a sucker for good written dark-romance fics. Can't wait for more =)

05/12/2007 03:28 pm
8. Watching         
yeah, but she's been making a lot of preparations, hasn't she? wonder what exactly she has planned? and something tells me when it comes, he wont be expecting it...great chapter, love, very sweet moments between them, very real emotions on both characters' parts...excellent job

05/11/2007 08:30 am
8. Watching         
Great chapter.
Good luck with your exams.

05/11/2007 02:57 am
8. Watching         
OH I was waiting for her to use her new power or to fight him to get what she wanted.

More please.

05/11/2007 01:13 am
8. Watching         
Awwww, sweet Spike ... but you know she's going to wake up and try to stake him, right? lol or at least hit him a few times

05/07/2007 02:23 am
7. A woman scorned.         
Oh my god, Buffy is going to be bad. Oh bring on the good (bad) times!! This looks great, keep writing more!!
Thanks so much - I know - I can't wait myself till the darkness part is explained! Another chapter on it's away asap!

05/06/2007 05:24 am
7. A woman scorned.         
love this prophecy. very good update. thank you.
A big thanks to your continued reviewing, I hope the prophecy part continues to entertain!

05/06/2007 04:04 am
7. A woman scorned.         
Wow, hope that part about Buffy not being good anymore, is a miss interpretation, I don't mind her being a bit dark but not evil. What's with Elsie and her sparing with a slayer? Very interesting, I like where this is going, thanks for the update.
Thanks so much! Elise and Buffy are bonding a little. It is very unusual, but she's drawn the young girl and wants to help her - after all - the end for Buffy seems to be filled with pain and darkness! Thanks so much for reading.

05/05/2007 11:26 pm
7. A woman scorned.         
OH this is not good, please say she won't turn bad.

I am sorry some how I seemed to forget to review on the last 2 chapters.

More please
No problem! It's just lovely to hear from you whenever! I know, I'm umming and arring about the outcome.. Buffy bad would be a bit pants. But I kinda want her to whoop some ass. Well we'll see! Thanks so much for reading

05/05/2007 02:24 pm
7. A woman scorned.         
Brill chapter as ever. question though - why is Elise being nice to Buffy? Her relenting, and eye softening, sound remarkably like liking her, rather than just following orders. also can't wait to have the prophecy resolved. Will Buffy go evil? Is the prophecy mistranslated? Will Spike manage to claim Buffy, or will she claim him? Ahh, the posibilities!
Loved your review! Haha, I know Elise is a bit soft with Buffy. She feels a bit bad for her, unique vampire that Elise is! Prophecy details will be up in the next chapter and will really get to grips with what is "prophezied" (is that a word?) Thank you for your lovely msg!

05/05/2007 08:47 am
7. A woman scorned.         
I know. Bit evil there wasn't I!?

05/05/2007 08:36 am
7. A woman scorned.         
Ooooh! A prophesy! We all know how well those tend to work out. I am absolutely enjoying this fic to itty bitty pieces!
So happy you like it! I hope you enjoy what comes next! Should be up next week (crosses fingers!)

05/05/2007 05:19 am
7. A woman scorned.         
Checked in and found three whole chapters waiting! I am really enjoying this story and can't wait to see how it moves along.
Despite appreciating the evil and darkness parts of the plot and characters, I kind of hope Buffy doesn't just turn over to the Dark Side or become a vampire. Shades of gray, after all, mean she could get her powers from the 'dark' or demon origin without becoming a stereotype. I trust Fia to do right by us!
Haha! I hope do I okay (worried now!) I'm not sure how the story pans out. I have the next five chapters written out, I'm just unsure of how it will end! So glad your enjoying the fic - thank you for your lovely messages - you've been great.

05/05/2007 04:07 am
7. A woman scorned.         
oh buffy's going to go bad??? is she going to get turned, or just get evil? or both? or neither? so many questions, but now i'm 10 times as hooked as i already was!!! more more more!!!!
Haha! Your review really made me giggle! I'm keeping quiet about that - only because I myself dnt know - tho if you have any ideas let me know! I'm torn between an evil and good Buffy myself!

05/01/2007 07:42 pm
6. Angel Angst         
I bloody well love this story!!!!! Can't wait for the updates.
Ahh! Thanks so much! Update is tonight!!

05/01/2007 04:48 pm
6. Angel Angst         
Yup, one pissed off grandchilde. Wondering what he will do first, try to kill her or take her so Angelus can't have her first? Hoping the latter since we live for Spuffy lovin', even by force, at first. That was fantastic, thanks for both chapters.
Haha! No problem, I'm trying to make up for lost time and post quite a few chappies at once! Ahh spuffy lovin is soo coming your way!

05/01/2007 04:11 am
6. Angel Angst         
lovely read, thank you. both our heroes are all screwed up.
I know Tho, they shall bond a little bit soon enough! Thanks for reading, next update thursday! I look forward to reading your comments!

04/30/2007 10:08 am
6. Angel Angst         
Go kill Angel and you'll feeeeel better *nods with a big grin*
Hahaha! That works for me! Thank you so much for reading!

04/30/2007 09:44 am
6. Angel Angst         
I like bad Spike - seems very in line with a canon S2 Spike. Also, glad Spike's already tiring of Dru! Good story.
Thank you very much! I know, bad ass Spike is hotter! Hope you continue to enjoy it, thanks for reading!

04/30/2007 02:28 am
6. Angel Angst         
it'd be funny if buffy actually could talk her little vampire maid into bringing her weapons; spike is making me mad in this one, though i realize he's still evil spike, it's quite in character and very well written can't wait to see what you do next, love
Your reviews always make me giggle. "little vampire maid" haha! Yeah, Buffy gets her weapons in the end. Of the plastic variety. Suffice to say, she feels like a bit of an idiot! Thanks for your lovely comments, we shall see a marked improvement in Spike's character!

05/01/2007 04:35 pm
5. New Power, New Master         
Oops, I almost missed this one. Two chapters, what a treat! Spike really does know how to push all of her buttons now, doesn't he? Can't wait to see how he's going to react when he finds out about Angel, probably please that hes going to get at someone before Angel did at long last! Love this and thanks for clearing up his relationship with Dru, it was a bit confusing, given their past.
Haha! No thank you for pointing it out - it was a vital part, as Spike would have never contemplated liking Buffy unless the nature of their relationship had changed. Thank you for your comments, they are insightful and lovely to read as always!

05/01/2007 04:03 am
5. New Power, New Master         
buffy has taken the spike role of saying the wrong thing. excellent read, thank you.
So happy your enjoying it! Big thanks for reading it! Your spot on - I wanted Buffy to be quite hot-tempered, so that she didn't become too much of a victim. Hope you like the next part!

04/30/2007 02:25 am
5. New Power, New Master         
oh man...this is a bit disturbing, though i can't exactly talk, can i? lol...and it's very intriguing, very emotionally involving...can't wait to see what happens next, can't wait for buffy to eventually get back at him (she will, won't she?) thanx for another excellent chapter, love
Haha! Your review really made me laugh! Yeah she'll get her own back - tho it may be a little longer before she does! Thanks for reading

04/30/2007 09:35 am
4. Was that really necessary?         
She has telekinesis?? wha??
Haha! Thanks for all your loooovely messages btw. Yup, seems Buffy is going to be turning the tables on Spike soon!

04/21/2007 01:56 pm
4. Was that really necessary?         
Heh heh a bit dangerous to tell a vampire bite me Both are very bullheads.
Oh what was that? A hole? Just as Buffy wished to see the sky again the roof is disintegrating? I wonder if that's because of a rescue team? *cough Giles 'Ripper'*. That isn't a power a slayer normally does have.
Dru knows what is about to come. Too late for Spike to change it now.
Looking forward to more; love it so far. I hope I won't miss the updates again. I haven't tried yet if I get an email when your story is updated again but we'll see.
I love reading your reviews, they always make me smile, it's like your one step ahead me in the plot! I may sneakily post a few updates in a row! I'm a bit of a novice to these email-ey updates, but I shall try and establish a routine like Tuesdays and Thursday soon, once a chunk of work gets beta'd. Thank you for reading!

cassi can see
04/20/2007 07:29 am
4. Was that really necessary?         
good story so far, more please
Thank you! I promise more will be coming, and hopefully two chapters in a row!

04/18/2007 09:25 pm
4. Was that really necessary?         
intriguing twist. dru understands, spike and, probably, buffy don't. fun read, thank you.
*Big smile* Thank you! The twist should be revealed soon. However, for the time being, Spike is mightily angry that Buffy has wrecked his mansion!

04/18/2007 08:37 pm
4. Was that really necessary?         
Surprised that Dru hasn't gone after her already, no matter what Spike says. He's her childe and he should obey her. What's with the whole in the ceiling? Can she get out of it? Looks like Spike's got to find her a new room. Thanks for getting this to us, we really appreciate it. Update when you can.
I hope to update soon! I'm just getting my work re-read for a second time (my poor beta!) so it doesn't fail in standard. Ohh thank you for the comment about Dru, I will have to explain that whole thing! Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy!

04/18/2007 04:40 pm
4. Was that really necessary?         
oh wow...i can't wait to see what happens next, i love the anticipation you've built up, with buffy training and dru, too...very much looking forward to seeing where you take this next
Thanks very much! I hope it matches up to ur expectations! :s

04/18/2007 01:19 pm
4. Was that really necessary?         
Why do I have a feeling that Buffy did that. What does Dru mean by she begins at the end, More please love it.
Glad you are enjoying it! Dru, with her crazy visions see's Buffy as a problem. Buffy is going to change life at the mansion - in a bad way for Drusilla. Thus, the mini earthquake Buffy inadvertedly caused, is Buffy beginning! Sorry if that didn't make sense, hopefully the next chapters will explain all! Thanks for reading!

04/18/2007 04:52 am
4. Was that really necessary?         
Looks like Spike may have inadvertantly made Buffy more powerful.
Haha! Buffy has chanelled her anger and now new powers are arising! Thanks for reading, more will be explained in the next chapter!

04/30/2007 08:49 am
3. Honey Trap         
Hey, no, break Xander bones! LoL
I know Apologies for that one - tho lets be honest, Xander wouldn't be able to take such torture! Wimp.

04/21/2007 01:43 pm
3. Honey Trap         
Ah almost, almost Buffy got her friends and mother free. If it hadn't been for Ben *sigh*.
Mmm Spike wants to win against Buffy in a fair fight. In order to keep her as her slave? Could be, he sees her as his already. Indeed, even Buffy is attracted to him. But I guess in the moment she would rather die than acknowledge this.
Thanks for ur review! You got it in one! She does think he's hot, yet how can one like their kidnapper! I really appreciate your continued reading. I hope you enjoy the rest!

04/18/2007 09:16 pm
3. Honey Trap         
really enjoying spike in this tale. thanks for the fun read.
Thank you! I'm really enjoying writing it

03/23/2007 04:18 pm
3. Honey Trap         
Wow, really nice story so far. I really do like dark Spike and I think that you have written his character really well. There's something about dark Spike that makes you want Buffy to tame him a little but still retain some darkness. Haha, not really making any sense here. But hopefully you know what I mean. Please update soon!!
Thank you! No, your making total sense, I want him to be caring towards buffy but in a bad ass way! Tho I'm afraid that's not happening just yet!

03/20/2007 06:03 pm
3. Honey Trap         
So deliciously evil Spike is! Hated that he hurt Willow, but Buffy's been a right bitch. Her mom and friends are in danger and she's got to run her smart mouth. How is Spike going to keep her from Dru? This is so good, thanks.
Thank you for reading! I know, I didn't really like Spike doing that, but I really wanted him to be just how he was portrayed in the books as William the Bloody! But don't worry, Buffy will get her own back!

03/20/2007 01:20 pm
3. Honey Trap         

03/20/2007 07:37 am
3. Honey Trap         
Great Story so far. Can't wait to read more.
Thank you for your lovely review, I hope you enjoy the next installments!

03/20/2007 05:37 am
3. Honey Trap         
hmmm..this is about to get very interesting, eh? poor buffy, and spike is making me mad with the threats to her mom, and hurting will like that...i cant wait to see how buffy reacts to that when she gets a chance...looking forward to seeing what happens next, love
Ohh yes! So happy you like it, I can't wait to post the next two chapters, as Buffy is NOT happy with the situation!

03/20/2007 05:34 am
3. Honey Trap         
Very very nice. The last line was great! I love the mixture of the two of them acting like they hate each other only to be leaning into each other's touch and all. Great job!! Can't wait to read more!
I'm so happy your enjoying it! The love/hate will play out for a bit more with some interesting developments, so I hope you continue to like it! Thank you!

03/20/2007 02:45 am
3. Honey Trap         
Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Execellent story. Looking forward to more.
So glad your enjoying it, more coming your way!

04/30/2007 07:44 am
2. Buffy = Prey         
Shagging, when will there be shagging?? hehe
Hahaha! I'm a bit unsure atm I'm afraid (but once they start, it shall never end!) I have two plots running alongside.. at a bit of a loss really, but no worries the next couple of chapters are sorted!

04/21/2007 01:33 pm
2. Buffy = Prey         
*grumble* I missed all the updates! Added you story to 'favorites' now not to forget to read.
Spike is very insisted that nobody hurts the slayer. All for himself, huh? And now we'll see how good that will function.
Buffy likes what she sees too (Spike). But she knows very well how dangerous he is. And Spike knowing Buffy's weak point it makes him even more dangerous.
Haha! I know! I wanted Spike to know how Buffy works via the help of Ben so before any relationship they knew bits and pieces about each other. Sorry about the late updates !

03/20/2007 05:52 pm
2. Buffy = Prey         
So good and there's a second chappie too! I like this dialogue between them, no time for it in canon. Now to see if he captures her tonight, thanks.
Thanks! Hope you like the next one..!

03/20/2007 12:52 pm
2. Buffy = Prey         
Oh I love it, I wonder what will happen next.
Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy the next couple of chapters, Spike and Buffy will definatly be at loggerheads!

03/20/2007 05:33 am
2. Buffy = Prey         
that's it, buffy....fight back...this spike is very scary, love...and the concept is fascinating...looking forward to seeing what happens next
Thanks so much! Don't worry Buffy will be getting her own back in ways u can't imagine!

04/30/2007 04:12 am
1. From First Sight         
Oooooo sexy growly spike! I wish I could pull that off for more than a chapter... he always turns into a damned poofter in my fics! *huffs*
Haha oh yeah in Blood of My Blood - Spike is a right pansy!! You do it amazingly!

03/14/2007 09:30 pm
1. From First Sight         
I don't read dark fics.. except sometimes I do even if it is hard for me. But I was curious and checked it out.
When it gets too dark I may wait some chapters or till the end until I read on. I let you know when I do that because I'm sometimes behind reading.
I definitely like the start of this one
Till more!
Thank you for reading Cordykitten, I appreciate you having a look, especially when it features dark undertones. Hopefully nothing will be too graphic, but will put a summary which will warn any scenes which discretion is advised. I hope tho, you enjoy the early bickering between the two! Thanks again.

03/14/2007 07:11 pm
1. From First Sight         
great starting point, thanks for the read.
Thank you for reading! It's so lovely to feel someone is truely enjoying having a look at my fic. Hope you continue to enjoy.

03/14/2007 10:21 am
1. From First Sight         
Love fics that begin this way. She should of been his from the beginning. Very interested to see where you take this. Don't usually see how he recruits minons, just that he gets them. Looking forward to reading more. Lovely banner, great work BTOL, thanks.
Ahh! Thank you for your lovely comment. I too wanted to show Spike kind of taking charge, and being the Boss in this fic...! oh and isn't the banner gorgeous! I'm very lucky!

03/14/2007 06:16 am
1. From First Sight         
Nice beginning. Can't wait for more.
Glad you liked it! I'm going to try and post every day, luckily for me my lovely beta has already helped on the next couple, so should be speedy! Thank you!

03/14/2007 02:14 am
1. From First Sight         
Oh this is a good start.
Thanks! I hope you continue to enjoy it, I really appreciate your comments!

03/14/2007 12:03 am
1. From First Sight         
good start, would love to read more of this.
Thank you very much - I hope you enjoy the next chapters which will hopefully take the plot up a notch!

03/13/2007 10:58 pm
1. From First Sight         
oooh...this is a scary, evil spike, and i love it!! can't wait to see how this "battle of wills" plays out...and in my opinion, it'd be kind of sexy to see a little give-and-take in the realm of the power dynamic
Haha, glad you like it! You will definatly see Buffy not taking Spike's badass ways too lightly!