Tell It To Someone Who Cares by slaymesoftly

02/19/2012 03:24 am
wonder what this could start? good job
Certainly would have changed things, wouldn't it?

07/18/2011 07:32 pm
Things might have been much easier for Bufy if Xander had found out at that point... sadly, none of them wanted to know.
Nope. Never crossed their minds that she may have been somewhere she wouldn't want to leave. 

03/26/2008 11:02 pm
Wonderful,I loved it:)
I'm glad you did. :)

05/30/2007 12:57 pm
I feel bad for Xander in this. He had argued with Willow against bringing Buffy back, mentioning that they had buried Buffy's body and that she must be in heaven. Willow then twisted his thoughts by saying that they didn't know if Buffy's essence and soul went to heaven. That portal opened doors for Hell dimension and Buffy's soul could be trapped there.

I think Willow should be the one hearing Buffy's admission to Spike.
Um, sorry? I picked Xander - he was part of it, too.

03/28/2007 12:50 pm
Huh. Interesting. Would Xander have been more accepting of the Buffy/Spike relationship if he had her confession in the alley? Thanks for this well done little piece.
Hard to say - he might, or he might be even less accepting due to guilt and jealousy. Might be fun to explore it, huh? Thanks for reading. :)

03/28/2007 12:57 am
Great one-shot. I loved how Spike gave Xander a piece of his mind.

03/27/2007 10:06 pm
Nice poke at the Scooby resurrectionists. I love it.

03/27/2007 07:31 pm
You know I never understood why they would have thought Buffy was in Hell. Like she would go there for being the slayer. What were they thinking? Great read, luv.
Thank you. Yeah, if you think about it, she didn't fall into the portal - she fell through it and to the ground. So why would they think she was in a hell dimension?

03/27/2007 07:21 pm
Great story.

03/27/2007 05:05 pm
one-shot that little twist on that episode...tell 'im, spike!!! great work, love :)
*G* thanks. Wish I could take credit for the idea...:)

03/27/2007 02:07 pm
Ooo, zing!! Love it...
*g* thank you.