Check Mate by Xela

Diana (again)
08/21/2008 06:23 am
Epilogue/Prologue: The Next Time         
nvm you did- :]

08/21/2008 06:22 am
Epilogue/Prologue: The Next Time         
aweee omg i love this D: i know its been like over a year since you posted this but you should deffinitely make a sequel...

02/12/2008 10:50 pm
Epilogue/Prologue: The Next Time         
I'm literally sobbin' right now...Funny,sad and,it was good! I am gonna read the "Unchecked" right away

08/08/2007 04:43 am
Epilogue/Prologue: The Next Time         
Wow, that was fast! Liked that she used her epitaph to describe him. Since we know he's coming back, I won't be sad, at least. Glad you give them a son too. I like the thought of another William walking the earth again. Hope to get to the next one night. If not, I will tomorrow. Thanks Xela, I've really enjoyed this series.

Sandy D.
07/04/2007 01:03 am
Epilogue/Prologue: The Next Time         
Lovely little shivers and a few stray tears. This story was wonderful. I won't forget it any time soon.

06/11/2007 11:53 am
Epilogue/Prologue: The Next Time         
Oh, WOW. I am at loss for words...

08/08/2007 04:32 am
Part IX         
Nice to have remembered her fallen sister-slayer. They don't want her going up an only child, do they? One more to go, thanks.

06/04/2007 07:40 pm
Part IX         
Thanks for that - a great twist - lovely story!

06/01/2007 04:59 pm
Part IX         
Oh, now I get it Thank God for Slayer healing, it's gonna come in handy.

I LIKE itty-bitty-Buffies!!

06/01/2007 11:51 am
Part IX         
hehehe i think spikes planning on having some more lol! i liked this chapter it was the very best one!

06/01/2007 02:44 am
Part IX         
I loved the sentence: “A woman had to have written that Alien movie Xander loved to watch so much, because only a woman would understand what it felt like to have a living parasite trying to claw its way out of your belly.” It made me laugh with how apt the description is. I really like how this story ended with the sweetness of the family bonding time and Spike’s interaction with his daughter. And the last line was perfect. Thanks for such an enjoyable story.

08/08/2007 04:21 am
Part VIII         
So glad she gets to have this but what language. She's only been pregnant for a few seconds and she's already cussing him out! Poor Spike.

05/24/2007 03:11 pm
Part VIII         
Bastard?? Huh?? I'm not following Buffy on this one...

Beauuuuuutiful chapter
Oh, don't worry. You will Thanks for the review!

05/24/2007 03:03 pm
Part VIII         
im a new reader and why does the story always end on a cliff hanger are you going to add more to it or is it just finished? otherwise this story was great!
To keep you reading, and because those are actually good stopping places for new chapters; they end one section and start another one. And if you look at the story, you can see if the author has marked it complete, meaning it's over and done with, or incomplete, meaning there's more to come Thanks for reading and reviewing.

05/24/2007 07:25 am
Part VIII         
The description of them sharing the labor and the beauty of the transfer of the baby from Spike to Buffy as well as their reactions was really well done. I liked how everyone gathered round and the feeling of closeness that was expressed and the shocking effect it gave the final line. It also made me laugh as I realized where Buffy was coming from with that statement.
Why thank you I was surprised that so many people didn't realize what was going on. LOL.

08/08/2007 04:12 am
Part VII         
That was great! But Buffy won't be able to share in her part of the pregnancy. Buffy gets shafted again! Normal, just isn't her thing, even when it comes to having a baby!

05/17/2007 11:47 pm
Part VII         
I loved Giles’ and Willow’s reactions to angry Slayer Buffy and Anya’s reaction to vengeance swearing Buffy. Spike’s reaction to his stomach and lost abs was so cute and funny and the description of the demons who took him left me laughing as did Xander trying to pet one. I am really enjoying this story.
haha, I'm so glad you've been enjoying this.

05/16/2007 11:40 pm
Part VII         
*giggle* Spike in labour... wheeeee... wish all guys could know how that feels *smirk*

Mini-demons... make for great squishing...

Oh, I know. And minidemons are great foes; great for labor-inducing exercise.

08/08/2007 04:03 am
Part VI         
Oh, oh! Buffy's going against a Godslayer, Can't wait to see how she gets out of this! I'm sorry i didn't get back to this. Was in the hospital twice in May and got backed up on my stories and this one got away from me. Really enjoying it and looking forward to part three of this series.

05/17/2007 11:47 pm
Part VI         
I loved Spike's reaction to his baby bump and the whole scene with Buffy getting him to go to the doctor. And Buffy's reaction to Spike being taken, particularly the timing, was perfect.
ha, thanks. Spike can be a bit melodramatic, n'est pas? Thanks for the review!

08/08/2007 03:43 am
Part V         
Whew! Glad she gets at least some of the experience. It really is very funny, Spike wearing maternity pants, hope he can find black denim! That really did make Xander's millennium! Didn't it? Giles has to feel for his fellow gender and countryman. This should be fun, thanks for sharing Xela.

05/10/2007 02:50 pm
Part V         

05/10/2007 10:24 am
Part V         
Ohhh!! This is gonna be good!!
You have no idea

05/10/2007 09:08 am
Part V         
This is really quite enjoyable and I loved that it was Xander who realized what Buffy was trying to say. His reaction left me laughing.
I love making Xander the perceptive one for once in his whole life. And I love playing with the character's reactions; they're so much fun!

02/12/2008 08:46 pm
Part IV         

I hope I was clear up there...

08/08/2007 03:04 am
Part IV         
What???? That really came out of left field. Spike's pregnant! I have no words for that. This is going to be just weird. guess I'll be seeing how in the hell that's going to happen. It didn't happen with the other Spike, did it? Can't say "WOW" enough! Poor Buffy, she can't even have one of her own. That does kinda suck. Well, I need to finish this before I can start on the next one.

04/25/2007 08:40 pm
Part III         
OMG! Is he becoming human? If he does what will it mean for them? So many what if's, can't wait for the next chapter, thanks for posting here. Great job, really enjoying it.
haha, maybe. Maybe not. You'll just have to read and see...

04/25/2007 08:47 am
Part III         
ok, please tell me what is going on with spike. soon! just kidding . enjoying the tale, tell it your way.
You'll find out Promise!

04/24/2007 04:34 am
Part III         
I have no idea why more people aren't reviewing this story. Maybe they are into stories that aren't funny, romantic, and set more in family life. Their friggin' loss.

Ths is a wonderful story, one where yea, at times we can guess what is going to happen...but the fun is watching the charecters realize it!

Keep writing!
haha, why thank you. I wasn't really going for anything overly dramatic; it's just supposed to be a fun, easy read. I'm glad you've been enjoying it so much!

04/25/2007 08:22 pm
Part II         
Now what? Poor Spike and now Buffy's worried about the baby, if there is one to worry about. It must be weird for him to have body heat. One more to go, thanks for posting, just love this series.
Yeah, and it would be weird for Buffy to get used to it. I'm glad you like it!

04/16/2007 07:23 pm
Part II         
spike has morning sickness? fun read, thank you.

04/25/2007 08:11 pm
Part I         
Sooo glad they finally got to put that last vile to good use. I could have killed Giles myself. Now to get caught up. Thanks for this sequel, looking forward to more.
Thanks! And you know our favorite couple...always willing to get down and dirty

04/01/2007 04:31 am
Part I         
have to agree with buffy's thought, "This was not the romantic night of baby-makin’ love she’d envisioned." very good begining to the second part of this fun tale.
haha, thanks. And no, it wasn't. But that's the hell mouth for ya!