When She's on Top by hellbound

04/05/2007 07:20 am
When She's on Top         
You did a wonderful job on this! I like the way you really captured Spike's voice, and what lovely thoughts float through his head. Well done! And well titled~ I've got to say that is what drew me in first.
Thank you. Glad you like the title-it was meant to do that.

grave tidings
04/05/2007 05:34 am
When She's on Top         
oh, this is a lovely thing, sad and intimate at the same time inside of Spike's mind.
Thanks for reviewing.

04/05/2007 12:59 am
When She's on Top         
This was good. I read the other reviews, but I have to say this just pisses me off even more, lol. At Buffy and at her treatment of Spike. It makes me so mad that he stuck around for it, let her use him like that then ran off to get a soul to show her that he could be what she needed. She never deserved him, but she does need him. Great peice. Don't get me wrong I still love my Spuffy, lol. Just wish it turned out different for them.
I'm laughing right now because you sound like exactly the inner rant I had going while I wrote this. I hate that he put up with it too, but I love him all the more for it. Now if only she had. Thanks for the review.

04/04/2007 05:18 pm
When She's on Top         
Lovely ... poor Spike - always wanting "that crumb". Thank you for letting him dream
Thanks for the review.

04/04/2007 03:21 pm
When She's on Top         
awww...that's so very sweet and sad, and very realistic portrayal of poor spike's emotions during that time...just about brought me to tears, love...
great little ficlet here
Thank you. I'm glad you see it as sweet and sad and not just sad. It's what I wanted and I wasn't sure I'd pulled it off.

04/04/2007 02:02 pm
When She's on Top         
Oh, nicely done. Makes the heart ache for Spike and his understanding acceptance.
Thank you so much. It means a lot coming from an author like you.

04/04/2007 01:12 pm
When She's on Top         
Awww, poor Spike. really accurate, for a short piece. Says everything about them.
Thankyou for reviewing. Accurate? Terrific! I started having doubts once it was finished but I feel better now. Thanks.