Jungle Fever by Always_jbj

04/14/2008 05:53 pm
Jungle Fever         
Whoa! You really had your fun with Captain Cardboard and I...I'm in awe of you
And as clear as it is,I'll say it-I loved it!!!
LOL There were very specific requirements in the drabble request for Riley's...um, medical condition.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you.

02/17/2008 06:47 pm
Jungle Fever         
hahahaha oh man, that serves him, doesn't it? I remember when I used to think Riley was the greatest guy ever, now if I had my very own vengence demon, this is what I'd do to him. Thanks for the ideas lol
Thank you!

Hee!  I never liked the guy, in fact when he was fighting Angel is one of the only times I can ever remember actively cheering for Angel! lol

04/15/2007 04:48 am
Jungle Fever         
Love it. Seriously laughing so hard my cat fell off the bed because I startled her so bad. I think this should be made into a whole series fic. :p I mean, why are they in africa? And what will happen to Riley now that Sam has a hold of him? lmao. My mind is all a flutter with ideas. Thanks for the drabble. Very much enjoyed it.
LOL My apologies to your kitty! I'm glad you enjoyed the drabble, though. Hee... I guess it does have potential to be a longer fic... who knows, maybe one day if the muse is interested.

04/13/2007 11:07 pm
Jungle Fever         
Snort! Why is this too easy to believe??? LOL Love this.

LOL... Thank you. It is far too easy to believe, isn't it? *snort*

04/13/2007 10:13 pm
Jungle Fever         
seems riley has moved on again. fun read, thanks.
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

cassi can see
04/13/2007 09:35 pm
Jungle Fever         
Thanks for the review!

04/13/2007 08:45 pm
Jungle Fever         
Great drabble, I loved it, Riley finally got his
Thank you! Hee... Yup, couldn't have happened to a... nicer?... man! lol

04/13/2007 08:18 pm
Jungle Fever         
Now that was delicious!
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

04/13/2007 05:39 pm
Jungle Fever         
lol! That's just so mean.
Mean to Riley? Me? *snort* Surely not!

04/13/2007 05:24 pm
Jungle Fever         
ROFL - very clever!
*bows* Thank you!

04/13/2007 04:38 pm
Jungle Fever         
lololol...too funny, i actually feel a bit sorry for riley, but he brought it on himself demonic stds....lol...who'd a thunk it?
No, no, no... we do not feel sorry for Riley, it is forbidden! lol

04/13/2007 01:18 pm
Jungle Fever         
I always wondered if Sam knew about Riley's little hobby. Looks like she found out the hard way.
LOL...Yeah, now the question is how much is she gonna make him pay?

Thanks for reviewing.

04/13/2007 12:56 pm
Jungle Fever         
This was great! Thanks for writing it.
You're welcome, my dear... it was fun!

04/13/2007 12:54 pm
Jungle Fever         
EWWW! But funny, in a tacky sort of way.
Erm... thanks.