The Underground by yutamiyu

08/02/2007 11:39 pm
This is great. I wanted to read your other fic but saw at the beginning that I needed to read this one first. It's a very good prologue and only makes me want to read the other one more. Kudos.

08/02/2007 04:37 am
Interesting story and very nicely written. Can't believe you have time to write a thesis and Spuffy.

06/22/2007 01:08 am
I'm glad to see from the author's note that this is a 'prelude'. You may want to say that more prominently, because - although this is very well written! - the end was not so much with the sense-making. I'm looking forward to seeing how it continues.

06/19/2007 01:54 am
very good read, thank you. 'm sure spike will remember ethan.
You're very welcome! Glad you liked it!

06/18/2007 11:39 am
I like this view on Spike being the one to resurrect Buffy. I really wanna see what happens next
That makes two of us! I just have to write it.

06/18/2007 02:51 am
Look forward to seeing where this one goes. Ethan is always a wild card!

He is indeed! Glad you liked it!

06/17/2007 09:38 pm
Great start, I definetivly want more.
There will be! Look for it soon!

06/17/2007 03:09 pm
This is a very intriguing and attractive start. Anytime Ethan is around, things fall apart naturally. Waiting to see how the ravelling begins/
It's going to unravel pretty quickly, I think. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

06/17/2007 02:51 pm
An interesting idea -- I like the mystery of Spike's nightmare. And Ethan? It'd be a surprise if he did anything but a rip-off!
::grin:: Thanks so much!

06/17/2007 02:34 pm
wow....just wow...that was incredible, love, and beautifully you've aroused my interest and i absolutely can't wait to see the other fic great job, love
Yay! I'm glad this little fic has piqued interest in the follow-up...thanks for reading!

06/17/2007 08:53 am
Ethan....of course, he would run...stinkin' bastard. Spike dreaming Buffy was in hell is interesting, too.
It is interesting, isn't it? Wonder where I could run with that... Thanks for reading!

06/17/2007 07:35 am
Very intriguing start. I like the set up with Ethan and Spike in an unholy bargain. Really looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

Thank you very much!

06/17/2007 05:34 am
Poor Buffy, reserected and left there again. Poor Spike, not even knowing that it had actually happened. Can't help but wonder what consequences it would lead to for both. Well done little fic.
Consequences...that would be the other fic. Thanks for reading and reviewing!