Drive it Home by ClawofCat

01/25/2008 10:06 am
and this is what I call sex with meaning - NICE
I'm glad you think so. It was a bit of a struggle on this story to mesh the type of content DoS likes (torture) with sexuality, and find the right motivations for it. This is not the sort of Buffy I write usually, and I had to go to a somewhat dark part of her brain to understand that place of hurt that drove her to do so many destructive and abusive things. Except, of course, this fic is in S5 and not S6. Spike's really asking for it here, in many ways, and goads her until she just snaps. I like my Spike with a bit of bastard in him, and my is he a bad, kinky dog in this.

Thanks for reading!

10/31/2007 11:44 pm
Like, woah.

That was hot and wrong and smutty and heart-achey all at the same time. NOT an easy task, and you did it well.

Thanks! This fic was really difficult for me to write because I don't really do torture fics, and I struggled with a way to make it seem plausible. It went through more revisions than most, but ultimately I'm pretty happy with it. I like experimenting and writing things outside of my comfort zone, so I can chalk this one up to personal growth. Thanks for taking a peek.

07/11/2007 03:40 am
A New Kids on the Block shrine. I had one of those, and I'm not ashamed to admit it :-)

Your writing has a very raw sexuality to it, but it's not entirely about the sex. There's always a deeper meaning, a new insight revealed. It's almost as if, through the sexual acts, the characters discover things about themselves, have new realizations. It's a great way for Buffy and Spike to interact because both of them are such primal, physical beings. I cannot say that I've seen another writer use sex as a vehicle in that way, but you make it believable.

Oh, and I love the "S" carve into Spike's side :-) Very Zorro.
You've heard it already, but I'll say it again: You rock my world, IB and I heart you. You really get what I do as a writer 100%. Buffy and Spike lie to each other with their words. It's only when they use their bodies to communicate that they really begin to understand each other and truths are revealed. I like exploring that device in all of my sexual stories b/c it feels very true to them. It's at the heart of who they are. Though Buffy denies it, she is an animal, and both of them are heavily wired in to that base aspect of themselves. *hugs* You're brilliant.

07/11/2007 02:38 am
Hmmm... You're such a wonderful writer. You should use your powers for good.
*pouts* Aw, who left the comment? I'm glad you like my writing, and generally I do use my powers for good. But, even I occasionally slip up =) You can blame DoS for that. No worries though, dear. This was just a break. I'm very dedicated to my angsty, sex-ridden fics!

07/10/2007 05:05 pm
A good job for something that wasn't in your comfort zone. LOL Maybe you've discovered a new kink?
I think the only kink that might come out of this is Spike's bum. But that's more of a given than a kink =)

07/10/2007 04:46 pm
That was so HOT, and so awsomely heartbreaking at the same time
Sweet! I'm not really known for torture (nor should I be), so I'm glad that the hot shone through. Mm, yes, hot and heartbreaking. Pretty much my middle name, eh? Thank you for commenting, sweetie!

07/10/2007 02:58 pm
reviewed over at lj, but this is amazing, love, just wanted to say again how much i enjoyed it :) i'm going to make this the first rec on my recs page on my website, too :) hehe....great job :)
*cuddles DoS* Thanks for the rec. You are so sweet.

07/10/2007 11:49 am
oh that was good.
Hee! Thanks!