Monkey's Revenge by slinkypsychokit

07/09/2010 08:12 am
Monkey's Revenge         

Excellent. thanks! :-)
06/03/2010 04:48 pm
Monkey's Revenge         

07/18/2007 07:18 am
Monkey's Revenge         
Hope wulfie enjoyed his little prezzie. It was great! Could read sooo much more, if you ever want to write it. You did an excellent job, I especially loved the last statment! Thanks for sharing!
Thank you! Guess spanking the muse worked, huh? Glad you enjoyed, hon! Thanks for reading.

07/17/2007 06:34 am
Monkey's Revenge         
revenge, sweet revenge. thank you.
Served with a tasty side of Vamp-lovin'.

07/17/2007 01:51 am
Monkey's Revenge         
Whoa! Mama!! Verra nice!
Think I got over my naughty-language hang-ups? Teehee! Glad ya liked it, Sweets! Think Jesse's recovered the power of speech, yet?