This Time Around by chlarkspuffy

02/23/2009 03:06 pm
Chapter 7: Spiral         
Considering how long it's been since you've updated I'm gonna guess that you don't plan on continuing this story. But I'm an optimist. I love this story, it's one of my favorites in fact. I hope that one day (soon) you decide to pick this up again because I'm dying to know what happens next!

09/22/2008 07:19 am
Chapter 7: Spiral         
This is a great story and I will be looking forward to your updates. It's ironic how now you're introducing Angel in your fanfic when u always used to ask why. lol. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I agree Angel is an alright guy. I actually don't mind the Angel bashing. I like Angel is as long as he stays away from Buffy (as in romantically). I love A/C and of course Spuffy.

08/16/2008 02:32 pm
Chapter 7: Spiral         
I'm going through the WIPs on this site at the moment, and I've decided it is not healthy, for I am constantly checking up on all the really good stories for updates. They are all so good, then it gets really exciting... and it suddenly stops... I love your story. Please, please, please update!

05/07/2008 02:48 pm
Chapter 7: Spiral         
It's now May and still no update? I hope RL isn't so messed up you can't finish this wonderful fic. I can't wait for Future Spike to arrive and put another spanner in the works.
I agree with you about AngelBashing. I like the guy most of the time too when he's away in LA on his own show. It's usually just when he gets involved with Buffy that he goes all manipulative and patronising.
In all honesty, it hasn't been a real life issue for a long time. Truth be told, my writing muse has been firmly planted in the fanart and video sections of my creativity. I had taken a hiatus because I had tons of work-related writing to do. However, the scientific writing pretty much killed any and all enthusiasm for fic writing. All I have written since is 3 chapters. My goal is to finish it this summer and only post it once it's complete.

My apologies for the wait.

01/19/2008 01:08 am
Chapter 7: Spiral         
I realy enjoy reding this fic and i hope you update it soon

11/15/2007 12:47 am
Chapter 7: Spiral         
This is such a good fic, and I really miss it. Look forward to when you're able to update again.

09/12/2007 07:40 pm
Chapter 7: Spiral         
enjoying story, looking forward to future Spikes arrival.
A good story is worth the wait.
Thank, you. I certainly do hope that the forthcoming chapters make the hiatus worthwhile.

09/11/2007 05:08 am
Chapter 7: Spiral         
Awesome fic
cant wait for more and future Spike to get there
Thanks. You'll have what you're waiting for in the next chapter.

09/04/2007 05:57 am
Chapter 7: Spiral         
angel or the military; angel. no angel bashing, now that is pushing it. well, you tell a fine tale, so i must accept that minor flaw. real life? not much that can be done about that, except survive it and read, finely written fanfic. looking forward to october.
Thanks, vladt. I'll do my best to make the flaw tolerable.

09/03/2007 02:20 pm
Chapter 7: Spiral         
It's great to see that Willow, Spike and Dawn have come up with a new plan. And wow! Angel certainly has great timing, his presence is definitely bound to shake things up even more than they already are. Loved the chapter!
Thank you, Irina. Angel is a man of impeccable timing. You'll see that happening more than once in this fic.

09/03/2007 08:48 am
Chapter 7: Spiral         
wonderful job, love, very much enjoyed the chapter...and like you, i like the character of angel a lot, too...glad you won't be bashing him
Thanks, DoS. It's a good thing my beta likes what I'm writing, else it would be bit problematic, lol.

09/03/2007 05:09 am
Chapter 7: Spiral         
loving it so far, take all the time you need. We all know how the real world can intrude
Thanks you.

09/02/2007 07:38 pm
Chapter 7: Spiral         
I always admire well written time travel stories. How do you keep the actions and consequences separate? Anyway, it will be interesting to see Angel's input in this very different scenario.
Thanks, Joyce.

Angel will play an important role as far as the situation with Glory.

He will also make an appearance in some flashbacks.

09/02/2007 04:44 pm
Chapter 7: Spiral         
Great chapter, I'm so looking forward to more.

09/02/2007 02:23 pm
Chapter 7: Spiral         
I love adding Angel to a fic, He just seems to stir things up, whether he trys to or not. I wish it was Spike coming and not Angel.

I love it. and hope you get you RL sorted out soon.
Yes, I think I have finally come to recognise that Angel makes things interesting.

Spike will appear next chapter, as will Angel, and Glory.

Thanks for your continued interest.

09/02/2007 01:40 pm
Chapter 7: Spiral         
Good chapter.Update soon.I'm glad things are somewhat changing for the better.I hate Angel bashing too because I like him. I get tired of him getting bashed, along with Xander. I'm an Angel/Cordy shipper,so Buffy's usually getting bashed in those fics. You get it from both sides.
Thanks. Angel's not going to be over the moon, of course, but he will be one of the good guys.

09/02/2007 07:34 am
Chapter 7: Spiral         
Hey, I like Angel too- most of the time... Although you won't bash him personally, I have to wonder if you'll let Spike do it? Like s5 Ats bashing, not real "I hate him" Lover's Walk bashing. Anyway, look forward to the update
Thanks, Scarlet Ibis. To be precise, I don't care when Angel is portrayed OOC in fics. Every once in a while, it works, but most of the times...

Anyway, in answer to your question - s5Spike will react to Angel (and vice-versa) like he did back then. I think, what may be even more interesting, is how Angel interacts with Future Spike. He's not going to be thrilled that's for sure (at least not right away).

So, yes, there will be minor 'bashing,' but I plan to avoid any OOC Angel, and he will not be villainised.

09/02/2007 06:38 am
Chapter 7: Spiral         
I don't like Angel that much (except when he grows up about Buffy) but he's definitely a better choice than anything Riley could come up with. Especially if the people he contacts become interested in why they need protection and want to study said interdimensional Key.
Don't worry, the military won't be involved much, if at all.

We'll see different facets of Angel.

Thanks for commenting!

09/02/2007 05:07 am
Chapter 7: Spiral         
*applauds* I will wait and I completely understand, RL is what keeps me from writing my fanfiction.


09/02/2007 06:21 pm
Chapter 6: Man in Black         
Very unhelpful YBuffy. Can't wait for the two Spikes to square off.
YBuffy will come around eventually and she will be the one in the end to save the day.

The two Spikes....well there is yet time for them to 'square off,' because things are going to be happening that take precedence.

However, Future Spike will make his appearance in the next chapter.

08/31/2007 04:20 am
Chapter 6: Man in Black         
I love this flirty Buffy. Wait til they meet Spike and Xander finds out that not only he isn't dust but mated to the slayer. Boy will this give Spike a boost of confidence. So excited for this fic, thanks for the update.
Hi Verda. Your enthusiasm is so infectious, it makes me want to get back to writing!

I like this flirty Buffy too. There'll be more, for sure.

Yeah, Xander won't be too happy, but as per the challenge rules, Xander cannot be evil. So, the worst you'll see is the Xander of Season 6.

08/30/2007 09:54 pm
Chapter 6: Man in Black         
can't wait until future spike and buffy see each other again.
Lol, yes, that's certainly going to be a MAJOR reunion.

Thanks for reviewing, bunnyluv_pet.

08/30/2007 03:48 pm
Chapter 6: Man in Black         
This is getting more and more fascinating. Can't wait for the revelations regarding the mating and Riley's extra-curricular activities...
Thanks for reviewing, All4Spike. The mating revelations are a bit of a ways off. As for Riley....I'm undecided whether to reveal it when I have (referring to the drafts of chapters to come). Will have to play with it a bit and see.

08/27/2007 08:10 am
Chapter 6: Man in Black         
she might just be able to make things turn out better this time around...or in this dimension, rather...loving this fic, love, can't wait for more
That's why it's titled such - this time around!

DoS, you know you rock!

08/27/2007 07:02 am
Chapter 6: Man in Black         
should really set off ybuffy and xander to see the mated pair. very good read, thank you.
Yup, a number of people are not going to react well.

Thanks for reviewing.

08/27/2007 05:04 am
Chapter 6: Man in Black         
Woo hoo! A Spike is in the mix! And all pouty and flirty too... what a great first meeting between future Buffy and Spike. I especially enjoyed reading Buffy's inner thoughts, I wonder what her Spike would think of her musings? Loved the chapter!
Thanks Irina! Loads of Spike/Spuffy from here on out.

Knowing Spike, I don't think he'd mind her musings, do you?

08/27/2007 12:50 am
Chapter 6: Man in Black         
ooh I want her to tell them everything, but then I don't, because it might cause everything to go wrong...

and feel so sorry for Spike, seeing how they treated him through Older Buffy's eyes. Poor bloke.
All in good time, I promise! Thanks for leaving feedback.

08/26/2007 08:17 pm
Chapter 6: Man in Black         
Great chapter. So looking forward to Spike coming back in time.
Thanks, and yes, soon that will come to pass.

08/26/2007 07:33 pm
Chapter 6: Man in Black         
I sometimes get tired with time-travel fics, but I'm really enjoying this one.
Glad this one's caught your interest.

08/26/2007 05:41 pm
Chapter 6: Man in Black         
Poor Spike. The future Buffy is going to show him all that tenderness and playfulness and Spike will fall even harder for her. I'm glad someone can stick up for him next to the carelessly disgusted and casual cruelty of the Scoobies. I always thought that Buffy never thought about how often she hurt Spike. If she did, and thought of him as a person instead of telling herself he was a 'thing' that deserved it, the Slayer would be horrified at herself.

Looking forward to more and glad we're seeing character interaction and not getting hung up on the timeline troubles. Good chapter.
Thanks for your insightful comments, Izzy. I agree completely. I lost a lot of respect and love for the Scoobies upon their mistreatment of chippedSpike (and that was before I ever became a Spike fan).

Spike is finally getting some crumbs from the Slayer, even if it isn't 'his' Slayer. Those will go a long way.

Lol, I am trying my best to stay clear of the trials and tribulations inherent in time-traveling fics.

08/26/2007 03:23 pm
Chapter 6: Man in Black         
Good chapter.Update soon.Hee to Future Buffy hitting on Past!Spike.I like that some things have changed.

Many things have changed and will will continue to change. Some more flirting in the next chapter.

08/26/2007 12:47 pm
Chapter 6: Man in Black         
Oh I hope he gets to her soon, and I am surprized Spike didn't pick up on the mating bite.
He will.

I wondered about the mating bit - went back and forth on it. In the end I figured he wouldn't know since the claim is actually not functional.

08/24/2007 08:22 pm
Chapter 5: Mirror, Mirror         
very good read, thank you. just a short tease letting the bond be restored momentarily.
You're welcome. Just had to give poor Buffy and Spike a little something to hold on to.

08/24/2007 06:29 pm
Chapter 5: Mirror, Mirror         
very good story
looking forward to past Spike meeting future Buffy
hope your going to have some fun with Riley
Thanks. That's coming right up in the next chapter. Yes, there will be some Riley fun here and there.

08/19/2007 08:54 pm
Chapter 5: Mirror, Mirror         
oooh, the dumb little past scoobies have me worried, especially riley...i hope he doesn't do something bad to spike, because season 5 spike couldn't defend himself *sigh* great chapter, love, can't wait to read more
Hehe, well you shouldn't have too long to wait and find out now, should you?

08/19/2007 02:57 pm
Chapter 5: Mirror, Mirror         
Good chapter.Update soon.Poor Future Buffy and Future Spike. I hope Spike gets back to the past soon.
Thanks. No worries - there will be a Spuffy reunion fairly soon. In the meantime, I will keep you entertained by a different kind of Spuffy.

08/19/2007 02:48 pm
Chapter 5: Mirror, Mirror         
Great chapter. I'm looking forward to seeing Spike in the past.
Very soon, but first we'll see another kind of Spuffy.

Thanks for reviewing.

08/19/2007 02:21 pm
Chapter 5: Mirror, Mirror         
Oh I feel so sorry for Both Buffy and Spike right now, to reconnect only to have it lost.
Don't worry, soon they will be together.

Thanks for reading.

08/19/2007 01:13 pm
Chapter 5: Mirror, Mirror         
The Buffys interaction with each other was definitely interesting, it's really entertaining to see those two play off each other. Loved the Spuffy moment, that little second in time is just what Spike and Buffy both needed. Wonderful update!
If you loved that Spuffy moment, I think you will love what's coming up as well. Stay tuned!

As always, thanks for the wonderful feedback.

08/19/2007 10:16 am
Chapter 5: Mirror, Mirror         
I do not like that Riley stayed because ybuffy was all needy, if she ruins Buffy's chances to have her Spike back I will stomp her head into the ground and allow Dawn to kick her in the shins! *growls at yBuffy and Riley* I hate him (Riley)...
Keep up the great work!
Lol, don't worry. Riley never wins in the Spuffyverse.

Thanks for reviewing.

08/19/2007 05:47 am
Chapter 5: Mirror, Mirror         
i love this story! you are an awesome author. cant wait to read more!
Thanks. You're too kind.

08/19/2007 04:28 am
Chapter 5: Mirror, Mirror         
Oh thanks, she got to feel him, that will help her a lot. It has to be so hard for her skin not to crawl with Riley around her. I know it does mine. *shutters* Glad to know Riley realizes what he's doing is wrong. Nice way for the two slayers to meet for the first time. Don't know how I could keep quite about this time. She can change things for the better, sooner. Keep Tara from Glory at least and her from dying. Kill Ben. Does she need her Spike with a soul? So many possibilites. Great chapter, really enjoying this.
Glad you are liking this fic, Verda. Thanks for your wonderful feedback.

I think Buffy is a little more tolerant of Riley than you For how long......only the author knows.

Things are getting hairy, that's for sure. Next chapter - Spuffy interaction!

08/27/2007 07:18 pm
Chapter 4: Best Laid Plans         
it doesn't seem to me that an already mentally unstable person would be that great of a feed for Glory. anyway, i'm loving this story, i'm addicted to time-travel fics.
You're probably correct. Then again, Glory might not have known that he wasn't quite right in the head.

Glad you're enjoying the fic.

08/14/2007 11:44 pm
Chapter 4: Best Laid Plans         
Boy oh boy! Time is of the essence, since Glory knows where the key is and who! Poor Dawn, no matter how old she is, she still has that worry in the back of her mind. Glad Spike's there to help her chase those thoughts away. Thanks for the update. Wonder how the older Buffy will take to seeing Spike, it will probably be hard for her, she's so used to relying on her mate. Great chapter, looking forward to more.
You can be sure Glory will be coming for Dawn sooner or later.

As for Dawn - she's a tough kid. Both the Dawns in this fic are.

A Buffy/Spike interaction will be coming up within the next couple of chapters. After that, there will be loads of Spuffy.

Thanks for reading and leaving feedback!

08/13/2007 02:29 pm
Chapter 4: Best Laid Plans         
Spike is on his way, Glory knows Dawn is the Key, Buffy knows about Future Buffy... things definitely are getting exciting in good ol' Sunnydale.
Loved the Spike/Dawn scene, the sweet little moment they shared was wonderful. Fantastic update!
Thank you, Irina. Things certainly are heating up. Soon a certain favourite vampire of ours will also be on the scene.

The Spike/Dawn scene is one of my favourites thus far. Glad you liked it.

08/13/2007 12:31 am
Chapter 4: Best Laid Plans         
Good chapter.Update soon.At least Jeffrey is somewhat out of the picture.I just got this weird image where Buffy and Spike find each other in the past and they start making out in front of everybody.
Lol, no comment on your image.

Thanks for reviewing.

08/12/2007 11:41 pm
Chapter 4: Best Laid Plans         
very exciting turn of events, very much enjoying this fic, love...looking forward to your next update
Thanks, DOS. I emailed you regarding the fic. Hopefully it won't go straight to your junk mail folder.

08/12/2007 10:40 pm
Chapter 4: Best Laid Plans         
oh that was good, more please I hope Spike gets her soon.
Thanks. There will be all kinds of Spuffy starting Chapter 6, that much I can tell ya.

08/12/2007 10:33 pm
Chapter 4: Best Laid Plans         
Jeffery certainly was stupid. He should've known Glory would have no use for a human other than as food especially once he gave away the one thing he had going for him.
Aah, yes, he should have known, poor chap, except that he wasn't quite all there, mentally that is.

08/12/2007 10:23 pm
Chapter 4: Best Laid Plans         
very good update. love the so optimistic "After all, it’s not as though they had any other option." thanks for the read.
Lol, yeah they were optimistic, alright. Thanks for reviewing.

08/12/2007 08:04 pm
Chapter 4: Best Laid Plans         
Great chapter.

08/08/2007 05:21 am
Chapter 3: Meet McFly         
of all the people to find her. mr. worhtless. riley was trying hard to break the the tie between xander and andrew, for being the most pathetic, misconceived characters on the show. actually very good read, thank you.
Lol, yes, Riley is part of the challenge requirement. I figured since he was lurking around in places he shouldn't be, he was the best bet for running into Buffy. I like Riley, though - always have, always will. Yeah, he got a little annoying towards the end, but at the end of the day he was nice and harmless, IMO. Anyway, thanks for reviewing.

08/06/2007 10:44 pm
Chapter 3: Meet McFly         
I'm really liking this story so far. Still, gotta say, I never liked Riley. Early on I was okay with that relationship just because he was there the next morning when he and Buffy slept together. I think saying everything he did was caused by Buffy and oh, poor Riley is overdoing it. Especially after the plastic stake on Spike.
Other than that, I can't wait to see more about the claim. I wonder how that would affect this time-line's Spike, who is in love with Buffy and very sensitive to things like claims?
There is no way Buffy is just going to let every awful event she lived through and put people through, though, right? Please? For one thing, if she dies and is brought back the abusive, awful relationship with Spike will take place. The problem is, will this older Buffy believe it will be worth Spike not needing to get his soul over? Spike loved her before the soul when she wasn't even there anymore, after all. Oh, there are so many options but everyone's so scared of causing a paradox that will destroy the universe. Take the chance!
Looking forward to more!

08/06/2007 10:43 pm
Chapter 3: Meet McFly         
I'm really liking this story so far. Still, gotta say, I never liked Riley. Early on I was okay with that relationship just because he was there the next morning when he and Buffy slept together. I think saying everything he did was caused by Buffy and oh, poor Riley is overdoing it. Especially after the plastic stake on Spike.
Other than that, I can't wait to see more about the claim. I wonder how that would affect this time-line's Spike, who is in love with Buffy and very sensitive to things like claims?
There is no way Buffy is just going to let every awful event she lived through and put people through, though, right? Please? For one thing, if she dies and is brought back the abusive, awful relationship with Spike will take place. The problem is, will this older Buffy believe it will be worth Spike not needing to get his soul over? Spike loved her before the soul when she wasn't even there anymore, after all. Oh, there are so many options but everyone's so scared of causing a paradox that will destroy the universe. Take the chance!
Looking forward to more!
Aye, Izzy, I hear you.

About Riley - I agree to an extent. I don't for a second believe that Buffy was responsible for his actions. Sure, the way in which she treated him occasionally may have aroused certain feelings in him, but he's accountable for his own actions. Now, in this fic, the S5 events and timeline are obviously going to change. That's worth bearing in mind when considering Riley (for the purposes of this fic). Lol, that's all I'm going to say on that front for now.

As for S5Spike and futureBuffy - some fun stuff coming up, I think. The claim bit won't be addressed for a while, though. All in good time.

Now, about what futureBuffy will and will not let reoccur - well,let's just say, this is going to be very AU in a few chapters. Good thing too, because Giles isn't the only one with a headache from all this paradox stuff!

Thank you, Izzy, for reading and leaving such wonderful feedback.

08/06/2007 06:01 pm
Chapter 3: Meet McFly         
there were a couple lines in there that made me go..."wait...huh?" but that's just the wonkiness of the time travel bit.. this chapter was great, i'm glad she brought the scoobies in on it...but how will they feel about where she's at with spike right now??? hmmm...great chapter, love
Lol, DOS, let me just say, it gets worse! Really no way around it except meet it head on, I think. If something's confusing though, please point it out. I may well overlook something. It's a nightmare to keep track of what's the same and what's different because of futureBuffy's arrival.

How will the Scoobies feel about her and Spike? Well, it's not going to be smooth sailing, that's for sure.

As always, I appreciate your comments.

08/06/2007 12:35 pm
Chapter 3: Meet McFly         
The Scoobies certainly handled everything really well, should be interesting to see what happens when Spike enters the scene. Good update!
Thank you, Irina. Yes, Spike will enter the scene in a couple of chapters and after that things really start to get interesting in terms of group dynamics. Can you imagine the position futureBuffy will be in?

08/06/2007 05:21 am
Chapter 3: Meet McFly         
Giles rubbed his forehead and frowned. He was already experiencing the beginning of what promised to be a painful headache.

LOL... I can understand that! Time paradoxes are enough to give anyone a headache.

Another fabulous update. Thank you.
Tell me about it! The last time I wrote a fic that involved time paradoxes, I promised myself I would stay away from them. A year later, here I am. What can I say? I love time-travel fics.

It gets worse, btw - the paradox part. No way around it really,lol.

08/06/2007 03:37 am
Chapter 3: Meet McFly         
She doesn't want to change this Buffy's relationship with Riley. His leaving made it easier for her to turn to Spike. Really liking this, it's really coming along, thanks.
Yes, Buffy is wary of messing up things, although it's already too late.

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

08/06/2007 02:09 am
Chapter 3: Meet McFly         
Definitely an interesting and entirely plausible take on the events. I'm enjoying.
Thanks, Joyce!

08/06/2007 01:58 am
Chapter 3: Meet McFly         
I hope Riley doesn't try getting afffectionate with Future Buffy any more than he already has.
Hehe. I feel bad for Riley, I really do. What's a guy like him to do in face of someone in like Spike, eh?

08/06/2007 01:57 am
Chapter 3: Meet McFly         
Oh that is good, I wonder when Spike will come in.
Very soon! There will be Spike in the next chapter and Spuffy not long after that.

08/06/2007 01:52 am
Chapter 3: Meet McFly         
Good chapter.Update soon.That's pretty cool that S5!Buffy didn't know about Future!Buffy.
Aah, but for how long? Thanks for reviewing.

08/06/2007 01:19 am
Chapter 3: Meet McFly         
Hey, even if there's no Spike, it was a good setup for what's to come. Plus, I love the idea that this story is future and also right in the middle of the canon, like if 5th season Buffy walks around the corner, future Buffy is hiding in the training room. Very cool.
Thanks, LindsayH. I don't know how much hiding Buffy is going to be able to do.

08/02/2007 06:24 am
Chapter 2: Searching         
hmmm...the whole time travel think kind of throws me sometimes...but this story is fascinating so far...i'm still loving it and looking forward to more
The whole time-travel think throws me too. I'm trying not to get too tied up in it. It's only important in that it's instrumental in getting past and future Spuffy to interact.

Thank you for reviewing.

07/31/2007 07:17 am
Chapter 2: Searching         
well red seems confident at the end of the chapter. good read, thank you.
Yup, this Red's got a lot of experience behind her. Thanks for reviewing.

07/30/2007 01:39 pm
Chapter 2: Searching         
Poor Spike, you really made me feel his frustation, but on the plus side at least Willow has a plan. Loved the update!
Well, the poor bugger gets frustrated so easily. Yes, Willow has a plan, for whatever that's worth. Hehe. No, this Willow will come through as I've indicated in one of my other responses.


07/30/2007 03:21 am
Chapter 2: Searching         
Good ol' Willow. Will she take out Warren before he can kill Tara and Willow turns to the dark magics? So tempting to do it! Can't wait for more, thanks.
Hey Verda. No Warren in this fic, I'm afraid. The events I describe will be restricted to season 5 and post-NFA. However, certain conclusions may be drawn over the course of the fic.

07/30/2007 02:58 am
Chapter 2: Searching         
*puzzled* Willow's rambling even got to _me_ - and I understand paradox theory!
Lol, well, suffice it to say that no one really understands yet what's going on. Also, Willow is no expert on time-travel theories and paradoxes.

07/30/2007 12:10 am
Chapter 2: Searching         
Nice update!

Poor Spike, all the extra information is just getting him more and more frustrated. Willow's thought of something! Which, knowing Willow, could either be really good, or really disasterous. LOL

Don't stress about the Spuffy--you're laying good groundwork, which makes for a better story in the long run!

Thank you, Always_jbj. Poor Spike indeed. He seems to get worked up awfully easy, eh? Nah, he's just worried about his girl.

As for 2009 Willow - don't be surprised if she's grown up a bit.

07/29/2007 11:58 pm
Chapter 2: Searching         
Great chapter.
Thank you!

07/29/2007 11:26 pm
Chapter 2: Searching         
Good chapter.Update soon.I love that Spike's so worried about Buffy, but he stops to take the time to ask how Dawn is feeling.

07/29/2007 11:26 pm
Chapter 2: Searching         
Good chapter.Update soon.I love that Spike's so worried about Buffy, but he stops to take the time to ask how Dawn is feeling.
Thanks. Yup, Spike's quite considerate.

07/29/2007 08:04 pm
Chapter 1: What's going on?         
Great chapter.

07/26/2007 10:16 pm
Chapter 1: What's going on?         
very good chapter, thank you.

07/26/2007 05:22 am
Chapter 1: What's going on?         
hmmm...wonder why they can't feel their bond...very interesting turn of, is this a sequel to something? because it sort of feels like we're picking up in the middle of the story....just thought i'd ask...either way, it's fascinating...looking forward to more
Thanks, DOS. No, this isn't a sequel. I will be explaining the bond bit and there will be flashbacks to the events leading to Spuffy mating. Feel bad that I've given the impression that I'm picking up in a middle/end of something. *Smacks self* I hope that when all is said and done, your questions will be answered.

07/26/2007 04:23 am
Chapter 1: What's going on?         
She knew him well enough to recognise that his stance lacked threat - Poor Spike - no respect.
None whatsoever! J/K. This is a future, more mature and level-headed version of Spike that Willow's come to know.

07/25/2007 02:12 am
Chapter 1: What's going on?         
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Thanks, Verda. I am going to give nothing away one way or another, although you could check out the challenge criteria, for an answer to your question.

Yup, in my mind it plays out perfectly - how young Buffy sees things that could be. Let's hope I can put that down in writing, lol.

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Chapter 1: What's going on?         
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Yikes, indeed. That scene is always painful for me to watch. So, yeah, I projected a little, lol. Glad you like Spike and Dawn's interaction. It's important to me that I do it justice.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Chapter 1: What's going on?         
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Thanks, kim Adams, I certainly do hope you return to it.

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Chapter 1: What's going on?         
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Me too.

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Chapter 1: What's going on?         
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Chapter 1: What's going on?         
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It was my pleasure, Always_jbj. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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Chapter 1: What's going on?         
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Thanks, DeanSamWinchesterfan. It will be a couple of chapters at least before there is any Spuffy interaction. I hope it is worth the wait. I will check out your challenges for sure once I am done with this fic. However, I don't imagine that will be any time soon. I plan to finish an SV fic after I'm done with this one.

Once again, thank you for reading and commenting. Feedback is of the good.

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You're welcome, and thank you for reading and commenting.

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You definitely have a good start. All the questions are buzzing around in my head, and I'm really looking forward to all the possibilities of what may happen! The claim is another thing I like, as people can come up with the greatest mystical rules or loopholes or abilities with them, and as Buffy being claimed in 2009 is totally new, we don't even know which vampire did it!
Looking forward to your next chapter. Thank you for writing Spuffy!
Why, thank you Izzy. I am actually a bit nervous about the claim part. I hope I can do it justice. As for which vampire claimed her.....which do you think? Hehe.

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DreamsofSpike, thank you! It's flattering to have caught the interest of an accomplished storyteller such as yourself. In answer to your question - no this is not my first fic, although it is my first in the Buffyverse. I've written a handful of others for Smallville.

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Aah, there is the challenger! I'm glad you don't mind me setting it in season 5. I kinda figured you chose 4 by mistake. Thanks for reviewing.

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Thanks, DeanSamWinchesterfan. Time-travel is my favourite genre as well. Can't wait for Harry Potter either, although I am going to have to wait until next week to read it. So, I guess I'll have more time to do some writing of me own.