Tartarus by yutamiyu

04/03/2010 10:14 pm
 this is a promising and intriguing beginning.  are you planning on continuing?  I hope so!

01/24/2008 01:31 am
This is a great chapter and covers things so well without overstating anything or becoming unrealistic. Buffy's reaction from hell, while similar to being dragged out of Heaven, is very real and shown well, and realistic in how she thinks and worries and what it would make her feel. I love when Buffy accepts that Spike would not have left Dawn, acknowledging his devotion and love if not in so many words. Now I am desperate to know what's happened to him, what's changed, and how this story can go on! And the reaction of the Scoobies, which varies so widely in season six fics.
Great job and I hope you return to this. It's already too interesting to leave unfinished.

08/20/2007 02:41 am
interesting start
looking forward to more
Thank you!

08/06/2007 04:43 am
Interesting beginning. Neat, different take on Buffy's return from the dead. Am looking forward to reading more. Hope you can update soon.

08/03/2007 06:05 am
Excellent. I'm really enjoying this so far. I think it's nice to see what would have happened if Buffy really was stuck in a hell dimension instead of heaven. Can't wait for more.

08/02/2007 06:13 am
hmmm....very intriguing...this is an excellent start, i'm very much looking forward to seeing where you go with this, love

08/02/2007 04:30 am
Okay - so I didn't follow the rules and read the Underground first, cause I couldn't wait. Very nicely written and I'm looking forward to finding out what you've done with Spike.

08/01/2007 03:14 am
well, spike should have an interesting tale. good read, thank you.

dark amia
07/31/2007 11:08 pm
Great start!
Thank you!

07/31/2007 10:16 pm
looking forward to more!

07/31/2007 08:29 pm
great chapter. I like the start of this one, and can tell that this will be a different, but still bad ass fic.
Thank you, Daniel. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

07/31/2007 03:04 pm
More soon please -- where has Spike been all this time? Poor Buffy really needs him.
You'll have to wait and see!

07/31/2007 01:27 pm
Nice beginning. I wonder what will happen now that Spike is back.
You'll have to wait and see! Thanks for reading and reviewing.

07/31/2007 05:43 am
What a cool concept! I never even thought about what might happen f she'd actually been in Hell. Wow - something to think about! Thanks! I love stories that make me think.
I'm flattered! Glad you're enjoying it.

07/31/2007 03:36 am
Nice follow up to The Underground. Now to find out where Spike's been and how he's going to take finding Buffy alive...
::grin:: I'm a bit evil with that cliffhanger, aren't I? I hope to get chapter two up soon before this thesis buries me alive under a mountain of paperwork.

07/31/2007 03:14 am
1st chapter, and already a nasty cliffie! Please update soon, I'm waiting very impatiently for Spike's reasons. Excellent start, and very pretty banner! I like the clouds.
The banner was the reason I started writing the fic; it's part of the Art Before Fic challenge. Credit to gillo for that one...glad you're liking the story!

07/31/2007 02:56 am
Interesting start.I thought Spike was dead until the end part. I'm looking forward to chapter 2.
A lot of people have thought that, sadly; I keep telling everyone that The Underground preempts the story and explains why Spike is gone! :/ Thank you for reading and reviewing!