Out of Africa by ClawofCat

07/21/2015 02:51 am
that was different.

08/20/2007 09:46 pm
fine read, thank you. if this is sweet, how about hot?
My "hot" entry can be read at my LJ: http://clawofcat.livejournal.com/11704.html#cutid1. It's a spike/drusilla/angelus drabble. It's very naughty *wink*

08/18/2007 09:20 pm
I really like this. I wish there was more, it was to short, lol.
Yeah, it's definately a shorty, but that was part of the challenge. Maybe once I finish "All Wrong," I'll do a follow-up story and use that as part of a scene. Who knows. Thanks for reading!

08/17/2007 10:24 am
Nicely animal.
Yes, I do love my kitty Spike. *pets him*

08/16/2007 09:32 pm
Wow! That was great-and hot. I loved all the imagery. The entire thing flowed nicely.
Thanks very much! It was a lot of fun setting the scene. They're just like two lions.

08/16/2007 06:46 pm
wow...intense, hot, perfect for the challenge, too...very well done with vivid, gorgeous imagery...excellent, love ;)
Yeah, this one was really all about the words. I wanted to set a scene, which I don't tend to do usually. The characters are almost negligable here, and I like that. They're part of the landscape. Buffy and Spike are such elemental beings, they almost seem as though they're of the earth, animals. Thanks for the comment!