Use Me Up by Scarlet Ibis

09/11/2008 06:20 pm
Use Me Up         
Love Spike rejecting Buffy here, one of my favorite Spike moments in the season. And you've captured his thoughts during this time amazingly, loved the "burn" bit you included.
Thank you   Yeah, Spike tends to live in my brain--it's very easy for me to write him.

If you don't mind me asking, what are your other fave Spike moments?  I think I'm going to focus on one-shots for awhile.

06/18/2008 04:56 am
Use Me Up         
Ah the Spuffy pause that refreshes and just how did Xander get to be Sooooooo stupid. 

go up the latter, = ladder.  oops missed one.
I think Xander may have been in denial--nah, I take that back.  Just plain ol' oblivious.

Thanks for catching that

02/24/2008 10:02 pm
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Rejecting ssn-6-Buffy is one of my favorite thoughts,and you wrote it perfectly.Thanks
Aww shucks...glad we're on the same page and that you enjoyed it

09/18/2007 10:43 pm
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Oh I love it, now we need his good day.
lol, thanks smlc. I'm a workin' on that

09/18/2007 09:16 pm
Use Me Up         
Great story, made me shiver in all the right places.
Ooh- shivers? Excellent. Thanks Inzey

09/18/2007 06:44 pm
Use Me Up         
wow...that's so intensely sad... poor spike....but such an accurate depiction of the destructive force that was their relationship in season six is there going to be more of this fic?? i really like it so far, and it's great if it's complete, but i would love to read more
Thanks so much DoS Um, it was a one shot (though I could add more of what I interpret as "missing" from eppies in s6), but I can pretty much gurantee that none of it would be happy. But only Muse knows for sure, and the secretive bitch isn't sharing anything with me, lol.

09/18/2007 02:57 pm
Use Me Up         
Very NIce short story - you brought in some of the major components of the series, their tragic relationship, and final ending all in a short and emotionally strong piece - excellent work -
Thank you so much--it's been weighing me for quite some time, this piece. Gotta thank the BSV forums for interesting Muse into doing it

09/18/2007 12:09 pm
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Neat ficlet. I especially like the way you pulled the burn analogy together.
Thank you Joyce Spike actually brings up how great loves "burn and consumes," and Dru mentions it...Yeah, I so had to say it.

09/18/2007 09:12 am
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yup, burned him right up on the hellmouth. great ficcie, hon. loved it!
Thanks, GB. I just loved how Dru mentions it in s5, and then he really turns to ash, and I just couldn't let it lie there