Unchained by Eowyn315

08/01/2008 03:57 pm
I hate that Buffy but hey I hated Buffy like hell after Crush too (and I still do hate her a little).
Er, okay... I don't actually hate Buffy, here or in the show. I was just exploring other possibilities for that scene.

11/06/2007 08:16 pm
haunting last line. very good read, thank you.
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

11/04/2007 10:43 am
Order of Taraka, Gem of Amara, Ford & a basement full of vampires. Fair fight?
Yeah, I mentioned that in response to one of the earlier reviews. Spike does get romanticized some - it's not always a noble warrior's battle; he fights dirty, too. But since it's Buffy's thought, I'm gonna say that she's projecting her own feelings onto Spike - what she really means is that she should've given him a fair fight. After their years of rivalry, the only really satisfying way for it to end - for either of them - would be for one of them to win in a fair fight. I think any of Spike's cheap shots, if they had worked, would have been just as dissatisfying as this.

11/04/2007 05:00 am
all i can do is laugh, i can see that happening, lol.
Thanks for the review - although I'm not sure if I should be disturbed that you found it funny. Morbid girl, you are!

11/04/2007 02:22 am
Eow - you devil - you tricked me. I thought for a tiny moment that Buffy was going to be nice to Spike. Should have known.
Yeah... I'm pretty evil, I know. These two drabbles both have the same sort of twist to them, where it looks like it's happy, and then the end hits you with the harsh reality.

11/04/2007 02:14 am
so - wait - Buffy didn't think this was Spike?
No... she knew it was Spike. Are you talking about the last line? She's reflecting on the fact that she didn't give *him* a fair fight - his death isn't really satisfying to her because it wasn't worthy of a warrior.

11/04/2007 12:27 am
Have to say I agree with Beth that this would be a wowzer of an opener for a longer fic. She should have remorse immediately for her rash reaction. It would be a great way for her to find out about Darla being back (and Angel's interest in his back from dust sire).

I don't like hating Buffy, that's why the urge to see more.

As I said, well written though. I can only see her doing this on an impulse though and regretting it at once.

I think she's already starting to show remorse - at least regretting not killing him in a fair fight, if not feeling sorry that he's gone - but like I said to Beth, I don't really see continuing this one. There's something about just leaving it in that uncomfortable place that appeals to me.

11/04/2007 12:24 am
He WOULD always have given her a fair fight even before his dream epiphany. This is painful but very well written.

Thanks for the review! You know, now that I think about it, there were a few times when it wasn't really a fair fight, but Buffy managed to get away (Halloween, Lie to Me), but I think, just like Buffy here, it wouldn't have been as satisfying to him if he'd ended up killing her that way.

11/03/2007 10:11 pm
i'm sorry, but i'm finding this very hard to believe. even though buffy was a bitch then, she still never would have staked spike like that, especially not after he just staked drusilla. she's not that cold-hearted. this may be the first time i actually prefer the episode.
I don't think it's cold-hearted so much as rash, but that's your opinion.

11/03/2007 09:17 pm
OMG Ouch! That bitch! *pauses to temporarily hate Buffy and search for mitigating circumstances* Nope, can't make an excuse for her. Definitely a cold-hearted bitch!
Well, it's sadly not the first time we've seen Buffy be a bitch. If you want mitigating circumstances, I'd say that it was a rash decision that she'll probably feel bad about later, but if you want to hate her, that's okay, too.

11/03/2007 06:03 pm
Sad but I liked it.

Hate to imagine dawn's reaction to hearing that buffy pretty much murdered her friend, can't see joyce approving of buffy's actions either.

This would be a good prologue for a story that features spike coming back somehow and buffy discovering that she needs his help for some reason, like maybe against glory.
Hmm... I never really intended to write more (this was more of an exercise to keep the juices flowing while I decide which long fic idea I want to tackle next). I could see maybe a follow-up with Dawn and Joyce reacting, but I wouldn't want to bring Spike back at all. Not all stories are meant to have a happy ending, and in this case, it's just something Buffy has to live with.