Faded Hope by bitchee

11/09/2007 11:11 pm
Good start Bitchee - I'm asking myself - does Giles know about Spike and I'm thinking the answer is Yes and I'm thinkiing Buffy needs to kick his ass.

11/09/2007 02:43 am
very good beginning, thank you.

11/06/2007 03:48 am
Boy, we're off with a bang with this fic. You've definitely got my attention. More, Please!

11/06/2007 02:09 am
I always check the updates page, and though I usually prefer canon stories, this caught my attention and I'm so glad it did. Just one chapter, and no hint of Spike yet, but the Buffy characterization and that slip of Dawn growing up and realizing things was great. Especially, now we know the sisters are together and I bet they'll be on the same side even if Willow and Giles and the others do cut Buffy out 'for her own good'.
I am really looking forward to seeing Spike get involved again, and the three of them miscommunicating and going through all the explanations they usually mess up before facing the Scoobies. I have to admit that I hope Angel lives just so he can get yelled at and see Buffy and Spike and Dawn together, with Spike happy! I admit I love Spike as a vampire and I think he'd be miserable as a human, so if Angel gets the Shanshu it won't be a huge loss. There are so many different options, though, especially with the hint of betrayals.
Hope to read more, and good luck!