Wherever You Will Go by spuffylovingjess

05/18/2006 06:00 am
Chapter 8         
this story is awesome...very complex and well done and i'm totally intrigued now, can't wait for an update, but i understand if you can't for a while... :) thanx for writing ;)

04/17/2006 03:56 pm
Chapter 8         
this is really good. your spike/buffy interaction is spot on! Please update soon :)

03/23/2006 06:55 am
Chapter 8         
I know how RL things can get in the way. Never fear your readers will still be here whenever you can get back to us. I liked this chapter. Your ideas are very original.

02/21/2006 04:28 am
Chapter 8         
I enjoy reading your story and am looking forward to reading more.

02/20/2006 12:44 am
Chapter 8         
Don't knock yourself - you covered a lot of exposition, and complicated doesn't hurt!

05/18/2006 05:55 am
Chapter 7         
very intriguing, not confusing...liking this very much :)

10/04/2005 11:03 am
Chapter 7         
Look forward to more.

05/18/2006 05:53 am
Chapter 6         
so maybe the immortal's behind it all then i guess? and poor spike and buffy, keep jumping down each other's throats...when they should be....jumping down each other's throats...:P lol

05/18/2006 05:50 am
Chapter 5         
poor spike, how embarrassing and awkward...but he should see that she does still want him...on to the next chapter ;)

05/18/2006 05:48 am
Chapter 4         
yeah...that would be a good idea...wonder what's up with the wonky dreams....and i can feel all of their pain so well the way you write it...poor dawnie, finding out like that...and their awkwardness with each other...very well done...reading more now ;)

05/18/2006 05:46 am
Chapter 3         
such typical them...really, that last question is the one that needs answering...they just can't seem to get it right :( the conversation was perfect spuffy...wonder what's up with her dream? reading more now ;)

05/18/2006 04:41 am
Chapter 2         
perfect buffy reaction!! :) loved it :) and you write andrew very well...he was annoying but i always loved him...can't wait to read more :)

05/18/2006 04:39 am
Chapter 1         
very awesome start...i'm intrigued to see how buffy will react to finding out he's alive...and i like that you gave angel a hero's death while neatly getting him out of the way :) lol

10/18/2005 01:54 pm
Chapter 1         
Just thought you might want to know, on Chapters 1-5, there is only this... No other text there at all.