Taking the Initiative by TalesofSpike

03/16/2014 02:22 pm
Chapter 4         
Nice to have this additional adventure - I love the pairing of Spike and Wes as partners.  Great revisit to the Initiative.  

05/02/2012 04:02 pm
Chapter 4         

Great story, good action and they get to fight the Initiative.

10/25/2011 10:14 pm
Chapter 4         
i like a story with ethan...  especially when ethan is up to mischief.  Needed more mischief... but it promised mischief... 


04/25/2008 08:18 am
Chapter 4         
great to have these new story to the series - Hope that you will consider doing another story with this new witch character - I would love to have her in a story.

02/06/2008 08:05 am
Chapter 4         
have to love the way ethan's mind works. fun read, thank you.
Lol! Ethan is just such a fun bad guy.

Again, thank you! Glad you enjoyed you're visit to the SWBD 'verse.

02/01/2008 01:30 am
Chapter 4         
What fun! So nice to see something new from you! Hope you'll share more soon!
Thank you, honey! I'm glad you liked it. These days I mostly play in another fandom, but every so often a special someone will have a birthday or something and I'll dip my toe back in the BtVS/AtS water.

Just Sue
01/31/2008 08:37 pm
Chapter 4         
Absolutely delightful! I can't be at all sorry that Spike and Wes took out so many of the Initiative. Ethan was delicious, and I like the thought to him being in Giles' hair for a while. I think Spike got off easy. *grins* Thanks ever so for a smashig ride. *hugs* xxx
I can't help thinking that Ethan will make Giles all but wish that he'd left Ethan in there by the time all is said and done, but there's just something about those two together and I really couldn't see Giles abandoning him once he realised what the Initiative was capable of.

Spike did get off easy, but I didn't want to stretch things out too much further.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it all. Thank you for all you kind words, honey!

01/31/2008 06:19 pm
Chapter 4         
Really enjoyed this action-packed thriller.  Nice to see Ethan again.
Thank you, honey! Getting Ethan back into circulation was one of the most tempting things about writing this fic. I'm glad I'm not the only one who liked the idea.

01/31/2008 05:45 pm
Chapter 4         
Great fun. Very much in character (if you've been following along her "Spike's Will Be Done" series), good, consistent action, and nice touches of humor. I hope we'll see more like this.
Thank you! Takes bow.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I haven't been playing much in this playground lately, but when my beta asked for Spike and Wes for her birthday, I couldn't say no. I dare say there's a good chance that if she (or possibly one or two others) were to ask for them again next year...

01/31/2008 02:36 pm
Chapter 4         
LOL, will Ethan ever learn? Brilliant job with his voice.

Uh-oh, Spike forgot about the claim benefits..........looks like Wes didn't, though.

Hope those escapees have a chance.

So nice to have fic from you again. I was thinking about you recently.
Doing Ethan was one of the big challenges with this fic since I'd never done him before, so I'm glad you liked him.

Well, I figured Spike would never have been as far away from Buffy until then and he'd probably think he could get away with it with her at the opposite end of the country.

I hope the escapees have some good luck, too.

It's been a while, and I should really have posted this a few months ago but I put it off at the time I finished writing it because I was lazy and it was only when someone was reviewing the earlier fics that I remembered that I hadn't posted it here, yet.

Thanks, honey, good to know even though I'm mostly gone I'm not forgotten.

02/06/2008 07:50 am
Chapter 3         
spike was a given, but i expect wes to be more cautious. but what fun would that be?  our heroes are trapped by 'people' who chip other people, not just 'evil' demons. the initiative has evolved.  good read, thank you.
I figured that after five years or so, Wes would know that when it comes to Spike you either help him or get the hell out of the way...

I really couldn't see the Initiative going another way. They know the chips work and they're trying to control and suppress a population who are potentially powerful enough to tear apart any conventional security measures. Just look at Willow. We never caught a real glimpse of just how powerful she was until she was in extremis. The most innocent seeming magic user could potentially be a huge threat to them.

Glad you're enjoying the ride.

Thanks again!

Just Sue
01/31/2008 07:10 pm
Chapter 3         
Yikes! This is not good, this is not good at all! Am so enjoying this, hun, and need to finish now! *hugs* xxx
Yeah, things do not look good for our heroes at this particular point... but, hey, this is me, so you know it can't end up too bad.


01/31/2008 02:23 pm
Chapter 3         
Lol! Thanks, honey!

02/06/2008 07:31 am
Chapter 2         
dawn will make spike wish he was dust when she finds out this. good read, thank you.
Lol! I'm sure he'll manage to charm his way out of it... with a lot of grovelling.

Thanks again!

Just Sue
01/31/2008 06:52 pm
Chapter 2         
Loved the convo Wes and Spike had about the Initiative and the ethics of releasing all the inmates. And I've been humming 'The boys are back in town' as I read for some reason! LOL

So pleased to see Brandon again, even if he is being led astray by Spike. Am looking forward to any flack they get from teh Summers gals! Delicious!. *hugs* xxx
Lol! Yep, the boys are back! Yes, there are points for and against letting them all out.

Yeah, Brandon seemed the ideal victim when the guys realised they were going to need a getaway driver. I hope when Buffy makes an appearance it doesn't disappoint.

Hugs back!

01/31/2008 02:13 pm
Chapter 2         
I love their version of a boys' day out!
Thanks, honey! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

02/06/2008 06:54 am
Chapter 1         
a few days back, after a long and trying holiday period, i finally caught up to the first page of the update list. when i reached this story i followed my usual course. go back and skim through the previous tale.  did not work. reread the entire tale and possibly enjoyed  it even more than the first read.  now, because of your fine writing skills, i am far behind again. and i love it.   the beginning chapter promises another fine read, thank you.
I can identify with the skimming thing. I always seem to get caught like that when someone starts sending in reviews for something that's been posted for a while. You think you can just flick through to work out where in the story they are and what they're talking about, but somehow it never works and you get sucked in.

I'm really glad you enjoyed the story again second time round and that the new story meets your expectations so far.

Thank you!

02/01/2008 06:08 pm
Chapter 1         
Great to see that you are doing more work with this Mega Saga - have to finish book 4 and then I can start more happy reading on this one.
Actually, it's thanks to your reviews on the earlier part of the series that I got around to posting this. I finished writing it around November time (not good considering it was meant to be finished for the first of October) but didn't update any archives at the time because it took so much longer than I thought it would and I just wanted to post it on my own site and at LJ and think, "Thank goodness! It's finished!"

However, with your reviews I was reminded that when you got to the end of Angels and Demons and the various ficlets, then I hadn't posted this here, yet.

So, thank you!

Just Sue
01/31/2008 06:20 pm
Chapter 1         

Yay! I'm wriggling on your hook and about to go consume more. Mega happy to see you here and playing with your lovely characterisations in this pond again. *smooches*

Hee! I guess that means you missed it when it was on LJ a couple of months ago. I'm just really bad at doing the archive thing. My beta asked for Spike and Wes, so who am I say no...

Thanks, honey!

01/31/2008 02:00 pm
Chapter 1         
Uh-oh! The Initiative finally couldn't contain Ethan, huh?
Lol! Not quite, but I guess you'll find out.

Thanks, honey!